Angry Birds Red Polimer Kil Çalışması 🐦 | Angry Birds Red Polymer Clay Tutorial 🐦

Hello guys! In this video we create together Red, from Angry Birds Movie. He is soo cute, isn’t he? Ok, It’s not soo cute :)) Come on let’s do it!! [Hililiiiyiii!!!] [ Clay Him ] [ ♪ Music ♪ ] Red, do you like to go inside the oven? [ Heeeee! :((( ] Come on! Go to the oven! [ Oven Voice ] Red, which color do you want me to paint you? I think red is very suit to you. Come and I’ll paint you. [ ♪ Music ♪ ] Thank you very much for watching my video. See you in a new video! Goodbye! [ ♪ Music ♪ ]

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