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Angry Birds, is it as good as the game? Hey, Thanks for coming back. Today I have my review on the Angry Birds movie, this is kid’s movie obviously, but you’ll
be surprised their stuff in here for the adults as well, this is a movie that I
heard of being developed a while ago, in fact This was back probably when they were doing Rio 2. The game was getting so popular and toys, sheets toothbrushes, You know what I am saying, they have a lot of products. Anyways The Angry Birds movie. I liked it, I thought it was a good movie. There’s definitely a lot in there for adults and kids obviously because the adults have to take the kids
so they should entertain them too. but overall I think you are going to like the movie the kids are going to love it obviously, based on the famous game app that you play on your phone, I know I played it many times they have all these different apps now for this game in and they’ve broken into like
Star Wars and stuff like that so obviously it’s become very popular the
movie is centered around three main characters. We have red, whose the Angry Bird, bomb bird and then we have Chuck now chuck is the yellow bird one that you can
slingshot really fast and he like, will break stuff he’s the one that travels fast.
His character is that really ADD, wirey kind of guy so. One of the things that they did good with the movie was definitely portrayed what the bird is or what they do, those three
birds played by Jason Sudeikis who’s angry bird, we have Danny McBride whose bomb bird and then Josh Gad whose Chuck. and I gotta say. I haven’t really seen much with Josh Gad in before. But, the things that I have started to see of him I’m actually
liking him he’s a pretty funny guy he fits this this role as Chuck, so you’ll
see what I mean when you watch it but it was well done there but huge voice cast
we have Maya Rudolph, Bill Hader, Peter Dinklage, plays the big soaring
Eagle, if you have played the game you know which one I’m talking about, big, big cast, the voice
cast they do an awesome job, but again this is centered around the three main ones.
Bomb bird, Angry Bird and Chuck who all meet at anger management class because of anger issues. that obviously angry bird has anyways, they meet there, then these pigs show up to their island, you know they want to be their friend and so forth ,but Red who’s not trusting to
begin with feels like there’s something wrong going on here everybody else is
like “yeah”, come here Welcome and Red it’s just like, I don’t know about this. but we get everybody takes as you are an angry bird. You’re never happy, but turns out
that these things are up to no good in we see that in the trailer, I think the trailer does a good job giving you enough information on what the movie is about but they don’t give you everything, but
there is a lot in there that will give you the gist of the movie there are a
lot of jokes in there that kids are not gonna get, but the adults will and then there are a lot of jokes in there that kids are going to laughing their heads off but the adults will be like.
anyways you get my point right? and there’s some jokes are just dragged out for a long time it’s like the kids when they are “are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? That’s what they do. That’s what they do they drag out the jokes, the kids are going to love it, while the adults will be like, come on let’s move on, we get that its funny but that’s not really, I mean that doesn’t make the movie bad. Just prepare yourself for some of that stuff. So like I said the movie starts off with introducing the characters and their happy life, and then these pigs come. Steal their eggs and its up to these three main characters to get the pigs back for what they did. so they are trying to retrieve this and the way to do it is basically where we get to the game part of things you know where you
slingshot the bird over and destroy stuff you see a lot of this in the movie
there’s a lot of great music in the movie I thought the music was fun, I love when they do that in cartoons, popular music. gonna recognize a lot of stuff from the
game itself even your recognize the music from there. One are the things that
I like about the movie too is the graphics and just the use of color that
they had just made it a fun movie to watch pleasing to the eyes if you’re
looking for that it doesn’t reach like the levels of Dream Works or Disney or
you know the companies that have already been doing animated, movies it’s
still up there, so you gonna have fun I think you should take your kids, I don’t want to give you too much cuz I think you should enjoy it, its not a long movie but if again if
you play the game you’re familiar with what you do there. They managed to make a movie out of this, not much of the story in the game itself other than just knocking stuff over you know
the pigs are doing something but here they give them a reason to attack the
pigs with why they are destroying some flinging themselves, so my grade if I wanted to give one. I give it a seven and a half I could, eight out of 10 I mean, I can’t give 10 out of 10 because there were things in there where I was, OK I get it. but I still had fun.I honestly think you will have fun too. I love for you to leave me comments I love the other comments that I have been getting in my previous reviews if you have any movies that you like me to review.
Leave them in the comments below too. I love to watch them and tell you what I think always subscribe if you are new. I love to get more people to give me their thoughts. I will try to get another video ot next week.

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  1. alright mate, I saw the movie the other day and couldn't agree more, any chance you can spare time and talk to me mate? just @ me on twitter, need to DM you, think you might be interested in it, @thebiginterest

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