Angry Bat  Birds 2

Alright pigs, the drugs are going to arrive
in five approximately in five minutes. I want Charlie Pig up on that wooden plank. You, I want directly below between those two stone walls. I’ll be just below this teetering box if anyone needs me. Now move! Did anyone else hear that? Commissioner Gordon, crime in the
streets of Gotham is getting out of hand. Maybe it’s about time we pay the ninety-nine
cents. Who’s there? Getting rusty bird brain. Who’s there? Getting rusty bird brain. Getting rusty bird brain. Don’t you think it’s a little creepy that
you hang around a child all night? A child? I’m forty-six years old. Yea he’s forty… wait really? I was thinking mid-twenties tops. Did you guys forget about me or what? Huh look at these two bird scouts. Hey Cat Pig, how are you? Take it down a notch Robin I’m not into older men okay? But I wasn’t… But I wasn’t… Yea he’s gross like that. Robin wait in the
car. Just a heads up the Scarecrow Pig is planning a heist on Gotham’s largest seed
bank. Is that all? Mmm yup. You sure? I’ll You sure? I’ll be honest with you, I sort of thought this
was a date… ah yea. Sorry Bat Bird this is one Cat Pig that will not be domesticated, okay? Wait! Ill take anything. Damn! You know that Cat Pig is into me right? Sure. I know it’s a bit weird because you have a boyish crush on her, even though you are not a boy at all. Were here. So are you robbing this bank or what? I just wanted to see you Bat Bird. Great, this is a trap or something. So when are you going to drug me? Let’s get it over with! I already have. Slipped it into your drink earlier at the bar. But I put a coaster
on it when I went to the bathroom! Come on! But I put a coaster on it when I went to the bathroom! Come on! It’s not as fool proof as everyone thinks. So much good solo. I’ll help you Bat Bird. Did that just happen? Hey! Let me play that guitar. I know Wonderwall. No! Get away! Give me! I broke it. I broke all the guitars. I’d say Robin went before his time. But as we all know he was getting up there and really death from natural causes couldn’t of been far behind. So old.
(background) I know right?
(background) So… he was pretty solid or something got to go. Cat Pig! You’ve got to give me a chance. You still want to date me even after I lef you into the Scarecrow’s trap? Everyone expresses love in their own
way. Is this because of Robin? I can assure Everyone expresses love in their own
way. Is this because of Robin? I can assure you he is out of the picture. He’s literally dead. I just gave a moving eulogy and… So that’s how that feels. I guess I am the Bat Bird she deserves, but not the one she needs right… Non of that is true!
(background) Yes! The one she deserves. Hey, hey what’s up what’s going on? Yea, if you could just do me a real solid
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