Angry Barrels! (Angry Birds real life)

[Music] I’m going to Home Depot what the heck is this [Music] all right for the red ones I feel that’s what [Music] Juliet Black was an extra-special fill it with gasoline [Music] yeah thousand points yeah Niko there’s people in that building

100 thoughts on “Angry Barrels! (Angry Birds real life)

  1. I have just now found at least 3 PewDieKids in the comments section…
    Is there any Cliff I can jump off to?
    Also, does anybody have any spare Flame shields I can borrow? I want to fall off the cliff, not fall off the cliff while being insulted by Butthurt people… (I believe "PewDieKids" would be a rather hurtful insult against those… Things…)

  2. "Nico! There were people in that building!"
    The next but would be:
    "Well doesn't that just show you my value for human life." (sadisctically)

  3. "Niko! There's people in that building!"
    Niko stares off into the distance feeling accomplished, "Not anymore."

  4. They goofed "the red ones are filled with water" then "the red ones are extra special they are filled with gasoline" then he fires a blue one.

  5. If you think about how much force it actually takes to get that barrel over the distance it traveled, it's about a ton of force, a literal ton

  6. When a bird hits your window, it could be the bird's brain… or God is playing Angry Birds with actual birds.

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