*angry mumbling* – Whoa, hey man, what’s wrong? – I’m mad because I… I really want to watch anime. – Oh *pssh* I got you man. Just go to for a 14-day free trial of premium and watch all the anime you’d like. – This sounds like a sponsorship. – It is! *Intro* Anger management has always been one of those things that I constantly try to work on. Not that I have a serious issue with anger, but as much as I like to believe I portray this Chill.. Persona. I have to admit I sometimes have a short temper, especially when people turn on their hazard lights and think they can just stop and text ANY WHERE THEY WANT – Wait a minute, Dom. Half your videos are rants. You’re always angry. – Yea… I guess you have a point. But maybe if people weren’t so DUM- So, I try to play this little game with myself to try and minimize the anger frequency. The rules are simple. If I get mad, I lose. That’s it. If I depend on anger to get through a situation, I lose. If I raise my voice a few decibels higher than it needs to be, I lose. If I’m about to reply to a dumb comment, I lose. Because I already let them get to me. Their comment was rhetorical and I have to realize that I don’t have to defend myself with everyone. Sometimes to win is to walk away. What I’ve realized through all of my life experiences is that nothing good has ever come from reacting with anger. Someone accidentally spills your water: Oh, well. Accidents happen. What’s done is done. If they apologize and your reply is, “Sorry isn’t gonna dry my pants!” Well neither is being angry, so calm the f*ck down. Of course. everyone’s entitled to feeling mad and/or offended by things, but to act upon that anger and seeking destruction leads to no benefits. Even if acting with anger seemed like it solved the issue at hand, I realized it would have been handled better without it. A great Philosopher named Jommus Animatus once said…. – I got mad a lot when I was younger. I always ended up breaking stuff. So I was like, “Nah… Being mad is expensive.” It’s not worth. – And I agree. Being mad is costly. Not just for the things you may have physically broken in a fit of rage, but other consequences like broken relationships. Also, being angry is honestly mentally taxing. You ever just been angry for so long that you get tired of being angry? Like that one time, you’re eating out with some friends And there’s supposed to be one takoyaki per person. But for some reason that douchebag Alex, who’s not even your friend, just someone else’s plus one, Eats TWO! And you just think to yourself, “I hate this person now.” And every time you see Alex after that, you just wanna *hiss* feed him a takoyaki and punch him in the gut so he can throw it up and eat it again, Since he likes eating things twice so much. But after a while, holding a grudge just isn’t worth it. You gain nothing from this anger. You’re never gonna get the Takoyaki back. So you let it go. With the realization that being angry is just not worth your energy. And that there are people out there, that just don’t know how to do simple division. – Did– did Alex take your takoyaki? – No. A few years ago, some friends and I attended a convention and shared an Airbnb together. There was a party on one of the nights but most of us skipped out because we’d rather stay back and play Smash and Mafia. Jomm, Phil and Stacy decided to go. Stacy was a girl that kind of… self-invited herself to stay with us. Not a terrible person, but not the best either. Hours passed and it was getting pretty late into the night when Jomm and Phil finally returned at like, 4:00 a.m. – Oh, hey. How’s the party? – Man! F*ck Stacy! – Oh my god…! And Phil went off! *whew* We were all surprised because we’ve never seen Phil angry before. Not “we’ve never seen him this angry.” No, we’ve never actually seen him angry, period. It was like watching someone lick their elbow. Not impossible, just… “Wow, that exceeded my expectations.” Phil is this hard-working animator and overall chill and sweet dude. Who always carries a smile on his face and could cure diseases with his cheerfulness. Pretty much a monk. And for someone like him? Phil?! To be pissed off?! Boi! You must have f*cked up pretty bad. Apparently, early into the party, Stacey left all of her stuff with Phil for him to watch for a bit. Her purse, phone, everything. But then, never came back. Disappeared without telling anyone. So they left the party and pretty much spent the whole night looking for her. Can’t contact her without her phone, and she probably wouldn’t know her way back to the house without it either. I think they eventually found someone who said that she was with a friend the whole time. So, they returned to the house, having wasted their whole night. *giggles* Should’ve played smash. She then showed up at the house in the morning, unscathed. Perfectly fine. No explanation either, just acted like nothing happened. But we’ll never forget how scary it was to see Phil mad. Because a few years later, I then had my own “Phil moment”. One time some friends and I went to visit another friend a few cities away for a couple of days. We’ll call him “Adam”. I brought my tablet and work with me because I had a deadline the next day, but knew I’d still get to enjoy the trip once I was done. Plus, I was the only one with a car. So we get there, chill around and talk for a bit. Didn’t have anything else planned except going out for dinner later. So I decided to get some work done until then. Dinner time comes and I’m almost done my work. Just got to get through that last stretch. But a break was much needed. We all go outside to my car and Adam calls shotgun And sits in the front because he knows the area and how to get to the restaurant. Makes perfect sense for him to be there. But our other friend at the time, We’ll call her “Ellen,” somehow gets offended by this because she sat in the front the whole three-hour drive there so she could play her music, And felt entitled to a permanent shotgun status for the duration of the trip. She makes a fuss, demands her seat, and gets denied. And for a young adult, you’d think she’d realize, “Hmm? Maybe this isn’t worth being mad about–” NOPE! She returns to the house and sits down on the front porch in protest. And I’m anxiously sitting there because I was starving, I was looking forward to some good food, and then looking forward to finish my work because the sooner I did, the sooner I could relax, and enjoy the trip. But this INFANT, is preventing our night from progressing. Everyone else makes their attempt to convince her to come back and just get in so we could eat. And I’m just trying to contain my stress and anger because if I had to be the one to convince her to stop being a piece of sh*t, I would not be able to do it calmly. Honestly, it felt like 20 minutes went by before Adam decides to be the bigger person and give up his seat. Ellen comes prancing back like a princess, and happily takes her seat in the front. And that kind of bipolar attitude really set me off. But, I didn’t blow up. I just turned my head, looked at her, and said in a dead and monotone voice, “You just wasted all of our time. That did not need to happen.” But I could tell everyone heard it as if I said, “If we were stranded on an island, I would not hesitate to build a raft out of your limbs.” The car ride was silent. Dinner was awkward. I never yelled or did anything violent, but my friends told me that they have never seen me that angry before. I emanated so much dark energy that you could suffocate in it. And that’s why you should avoid being angry. Because on the rare occasion that you do. It’s much more effective. – *sobbing* *sniff* *whimpers* – Hey, man, you’re still upset? – *sobbing* This remake of Fruits Basket is- It’s just so wholesome, man! *sobbing* – Mhm! I agree! And you guys can feel the feels too if you check out my link, and enjoy a two-week trial of premium membership, giving you access to all sorts of anime. Crunchyroll is the world’s largest destination for anime and manga. Containing the most complete anime library Including Naruto, One Piece, and Dragon Ball Super. With premium, you get unlimited anime, manga, and drama titles Ad free and in 1080p. You have access to new episodes an hour after airing in Japan And everything’s available in the app. Accessible on most devices. Some hot new seasons of your favorite anime are out this month. Namely One Punch Man and Attack on Titan. And if you missed last season Promised Neverland and Mob Psycho Season 2 was definitely a must watch. But if there are any other shows you guys recommend, please let me know in the comments. Always on the lookout for a spicy anime to watch! Once again, that’s for a 14-day premium trial. Enjoy! *Subtitles/Captions are edited/made by I love Janelle*

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  1. You knoooww I'm the dude who never gets mad at about anything. #calmlistnerpatientguy

    And tbh I'm mad rn…. Coz my dude friend fucked up real bad

  2. While being angry often doesn't help the case, a good hard very fast shoulderpat with your fist does help with friends who don't stop making fun of your thing that you've told them 5 times already to stop with.

  3. Even my closest friends know I will leave wherever some giant baby sits if they waste my time. Not with it πŸ˜’

  4. I would just slowly ride away and then she just comes in the car or else she is gona be there for like 2 hours

  5. You literally have to get mad to live, it removes stress. You made a game that cab potentially kill you. :/

  6. When the girl was on the steps not coming…

    option A: Domics calmy fixes it.
    OPTION B: DOMICS GOES SUPER – SAIYAN MODE AND… snaps her from this world e.g. delete her fortnite account

  7. Sorry I'm getting mad right now cause my noisy new puppy keeps chewing her new squeaky toy in my face that my family just bought her thus interrupting your animated video

  8. WHY🀬😠😠🀬😠🀬😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😑😠😑😠😠😑😠😑😠😑😑😑🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬

  9. Honestly I’m so sorry but I use AnimeLab not Crunchyroll 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. i basically get mad every day of the week and am stubborn as HELL, so now me getting mad means nothing, and when i try to be nice to my family they get all surprised and make fun of the fact that im trying to be a decent person. making me mad again XD

  11. im that kinda guy thats never angry ^_^ … untill that one dude un plugs my countroller after he looses and i win , every time he does that i say the same thing ( in a dead voice )

    "this dident have to happen…you know that … dont you " … one time my friend heard me say that in the outher room and later he said "dude , that hecking freeked me out back there , ive never seen you like that , what did he do?!

  12. Hey Dom you think that it was scary when Phil was angry you should see me wen IM angry who ever made angry I just blow up in there face and probably stay angry for a long time

  13. I can go from laid-back and chill to a total meltdown in my head
    Not like a sad meltdown
    But a meltdown that my head feels like it’s going to burst

  14. Yoo ok for real what the actual fucking shit when it said 3:56 am I looked at the time and it is literally exactly 3:56 AM for me right now too wtf… don't ask why I'm up so late

  15. Well… the driving part of the video: If I was the driver, I would have been like: Alright take care! Then drive off

  16. Let me tell a story. So im mainly a pretty chill dude i dont get angry. It is hard for me to get angry. But one day i just had enough because some people where bullying me that day. and i went freak mode. And those people had never seen me angry before and i think may have shit there pants!

  17. What is actually really funny is that one of my best friends somehow knows how angry I get when I get mad… I have only gotten mad at a friend ONCE in my entire life so far, and we handled it civilly. And she wasn't even at the fight and the fight happened after she told me.

    So, let me explain.
    I have a short temper but when I do get mad, it does have a breaking point where I will actually yell, and a breaking point where I will almost slap somebody (depending on person and situation)

    I knew my friend, Rena (not her real name) for almost a full year. She has never experienced my breaking points and, from what I recall, ever angry. Maybe frustrated, but never angry.
    I get a little frustrated one day, and after I handled the situation (a person and I who used to be friends are splitting apart, so I walked away), and cooled off, I went to talk with Rena.
    We normally joke about a lot of stuff like behaviors and heights and stuff, but that day, she was dead serious. She told me that she just knew how mad I could get and that my temper can get real short real fast. (My temper is like a string connecting to a bomb, which is my breaking point, more string, then a freaking nuke, which is my second breaking point.) We then procceeded to joke about my temper because… Well, we can.
    The next day, she actually warned the person I fought with the previous day, and told her that nobody would enjoy my anger. (She knew I was getting frustrated again.)

    Yeah, I am normally self-conscious, but when I am mad, even in public, I will not care if people are watching. I will embarrass both myself and the person I am angry at just to get a point across.

    Also, no, I will never explode over something simple like school stuff, or which anime is better. No, no, no. I will explode over problems with behavior. Such as, lack of respect to others and/or myself (as in, the person is bullying or using or just ignoring everyone and acting like royalty), cheating, and other similiar things. And even still, it is hard to explode.

    Anyways, sorry to ramble/rant/tell a probably boring speech.
    If you are still reading, congrats and thank you.
    Domics, you are doing amazing! Keep up the good work!
    Have a great day/night!

  18. I would have slowly, calmly and rationally explained to her all the reasons why she can't have shotgun, told her to please just deal with it and stop acting stubborn, and then if she still doesn't get in the car, just ditch her because nObOdY gETs bETwEeN mE aNd mY FoOd.

  19. Sometimes I wonder why I have to make friends if there's immature people like Ellen😞 Being alone sounds much better to me

    Btw my head hurts likes it about to explode and i cant get the wind waker music out of my head its driving me insane HELP

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