Anger: Relationship, Cheating and Blame – The Angry Victim

how to control anger systems and says and getting over a break up so-so uh… cheat on me and i was really
jealous insecure or a and uh… it’s very upset relationship counseling and i used to always check the following
is the various you know the time in five years although they were cheating them
the worst person in the world in their awful and i hate that anger issues and immediately i want them to start
looking at maybe that wasn’t great danger relationship and so neatly and
once they’re questioning jennings ship relationship help it’s interesting that you were checking
a voluntary things security p_g_ desegregating image here not be
faithful before he cheated with that how to handle a break up dash hanging trust them marital counseling panicky feeling relationships in the
interest as she did relationship difficulties unique that’s a good thing not being relationships that ideal for
us needs anything that happens in the
morning research it looks like now notions on it campbell maybe deserve better exorcism and it was you know yes true well maybe it was a good thing summaries and shipping respected recovery for him that they’re starting to see it from a
different perspective any maybe one day big are you really want this maybe think everything is working actors
redistricting in part you really didn’t want this releases as you can send out a way that it wouldn’t matter you could let that standard runs the
saint louis may have been working hard and your choices people realize the choices that they
have they want their rank one hundred twenty
airway what’s that all about and remind me maybe they’re setting up a relationship
for failure happens op learn from their parents of many times
people come in and have learned learned helplessness
certainly victimization and so what happens is they said things up for failure set situations out to be victimized so that’s a uh… relationships you know we get into
a relationship with minors ones an n_c_o_ you down again located not at first but think about how
he said to anybody else ever i’ll divorce your ass you can count on it all right away i just in the
relationship i sent him up can be the perpetrator and set myself
reinventing as he can never agree about that that’s not possible and right away he’s
going up and provide might have capetown the truth if there’s no way he’s going to go the
next six years of not being tactful another person forever and one half mile sex with me you know
maybe into the restaurant is not possible so i’m sending him i’ll tell you the
same today and i think i’m setting myself up to be addicted to nicotine
relationship because that’s when i started that’s how
i’m going to get through life is that the invitation victims out of control psychologist closing arguments victims
of the angriest people you’re gonna win furniture nurture animal control victims have control gathers and famous uh… t_v_ shows and
scenery muslim monolithic enemy ectopic that and she thinks of nine through
recommendations like contacts moves in or out like this in a and manage in any case you’ll go to
any and that is one of the senate route raymond furnaces insists on at her nancy
done something awful and she said okay one of the winds together though he says
the me say that he’s immediately straps c_ span but you’ve got she certainly meet leaky circuit is the
same timberline reaches him to use victimization as a way of controlling
other people have been eight years and they said people off to be victims beaten perpetrators and to
realize the scent of a now they have that process why ethics that promotes that it gives
them a cigar at process computer that you actually made this happened now slash passages in ninety-three six made it easier endowed with her degener so yet we do this all the time he has
retired these things work is and then we incorporate interpersonal and style and then we go through life like for
parents and you know that you did and members of victims generalize
artfully function as a way also keeping kids safe victimization secretly can be
saved because you can be fully present let’s give it to him near a table for their victims so you can bet and he never are
incapable of going for it and you have an excuse to receive strange that you said you you’ve
listened to all those things you want to do when you really can’t go work here
that uh… and so issues that the government things
what is that they were and he said he has saved club akihito safe can avail really can’t you can’t blame it on the
people that victimized who preceded me and he did to me i really can’t make it possible these
people what they did for me so as we keep themselves safe for being
a victim is a and the victim is a great uh… coping mechanism in control
mechanisms in life that parents are striptease atkinson
anywhere somewhere where there are others that
they’re doing summer two libyans hands-on person but once they can’t see
it from a different perspective at all it is the way reinforcing the image in
the mideast colorful lessons that book away everything forcing women to lease team that on a recent stories are wary
of making macarena and we can hold onto it wouldn’t be in
sydney when you let go of it even helping a victim you’re free to if you have are these people time hero okay as front that i could not secure here and then you’ve got pines of the people that your victims to them their on balance it concerts in the
banking on whom i haven’t forgiveness tours my angry at who might be concluded all those people are here and there’s an invisible strange dr
communities and they’re all fine here each one that you processed through and see a
different way an art of a commitment forget it is one of the lines for a speech when you get to you eventually you finally get to lower leg and find yourself that what you wanted you no longer stop being defined by
these people in the stores you want to go through your whole
fucking life vientiane it happened once you way back
then do you want for many of your life in
texas he should not be grayscale italy and it had to put the rest of your
life has an interview that the other doesn’t so why don’t you let go of that seeing different way processes three end up being the victim
to mark as read on one of our lives eugene raped at fifteen do you hear a terrorist your life while we process through might go about
the victim anymore on processed and let it go on at the end
remarks so this is something happened to me doesn’t of finding any more it does the final and many more
identifying right now society’s she only love and are still
holding our that now and defined and it was since life after death in the present moment do i really want that stressed yourself but do i really wanna
be defined by all those people and all those
actions that happened long ago today and for the rest of my mind you get to drag out a long way went all the strains picture on the
streets of all these people were angry you’re angry and bitter police dragged along like didn’t keep you from being a move on and keep you from the entire and
portland port it was looking back aspirin person comes from with looking back yes it does solutions or a splitter
sofie descendent hilariously hanuman of multi-talented for me and for the rise to the wonderful
book called on transmission greater travel website suggest on time you’re
really and he has stories and i don’t think anybody in this room
came back she was a nazi concentration camps and half years and he talks about com things that are unimaginable today and
he left that place not angry and i’m a victim happy and healthy resistant at work if he can do that acne treatment worries anger system
recession reviewed all you did you get your power
over to that person whoever gets you giving a power of that
person to define you and me maybe not being good enough do you want him back he knew he had to get back to sf after
giving them and letting it go to the nothing less from whence he came that was a beautiful expression cameras
dot twenty two years old secti as i first asked louise hay specific
bible times via presentation date is not letting people
go to the not business from whence they came which is where i don’t want everybody in
this room still mad at her single-chip what does that mean that means that nate you’re letting them go to the point
before you even knew resisted this for you that he may have
been event happened there’s nothing there’s nothing else by three would put it back to you his indifference is nodding as if
there’s any other feeling as don’t ask interest dozens of which is something that happened homer

16 thoughts on “Anger: Relationship, Cheating and Blame – The Angry Victim

  1. i never cheated ok i just txt but yes my recent x is a victim fucking very abusive person
    she did not leave me alone wen naggin constant fucking nagging aahhhggg full blown distrust  very early in the relationship doomd it theres nuthing i can do spirel ov abusive naging distust bored the shit out of me

  2. as a victim of infidelity , either chose to forgive and get help for your marriage or walk away. two years later, our marriage is stronger than ever. It has been a long painful road of, horrible visions, lack of sleep, insecurity, distrust, loneliness and depression. I felt like I couldn't breath at times and uncontrollable tears would roll down my cheeks several times a day.  my husband cheated but he never gave up trying to repair the damage. I still cry and worry and look at my self in the mirror worrying that I'm not enough.
    This pain is much less than it started out to be.  Through counseling and understanding we have discovered things about  that we should have shared to begin with. You can never forget, but you can  try to understand the reason for his weakness. Don't try to over compensate or snoop around his things. If you are suspicious ask. Communicate , tell him how you are feeling. If you have to ask the same thing over and over again its ok as long as you are not yelling and degrading him. If he wants it to work he will let you feel empowered and apologize every time you are hurting. In time it gets better. Be affectionate , be close. Don't take on the roll of "punisher". Remember you don't have to forget you just need to find forgiveness and try to start new..

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  4. After your spouse cheats it will NEVER be the same again . No amount of counseling, spiritual advice, antidepressants will ever change that. If you accept it then basically you are giving the adulterer a free pass. Ultimately you will regret just accepting the disloyalty in the marriage once you are in your golden years. Divorce them while you're young, get a good attorney and move on with the rest of your life.

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