Don’t you eat? I’m not hungry. What are you doing? Are you fucking me around? And in your opinion, where should I’ve been? Say it to me. When you answered the phone, it was too in silence. And so? And so you weren’t at the party but at somebody’s house. But whose house? Why are you saying so? Oh, listen A rare prehistoric fossil had been found in Europe That’s amazing… Your coffee, Sir. Thanks. Don’t you eat, Madame? no Can I take away your dish? Yes. Would you like anything else? Not for me. Thank you. Can we have our bill? Yes, Sir. And then you must tell me what’s wrong in your mind. You can’t talk to me this way! I talk the fuckin’ way I want! Shut up! Everybody’s watching us. There’s something I have to tell you. So tell me, my baby Look at me. I’m listening to you. Speak. Stop reading. Ok. I stop reading and look at you. And now? What’s wrong with you? So… what do you have to tell me? Do you know when you must find the right words to say one thing, you wouldn’t like to belong to? What do you mean? Oh, Nicholas it’s not easy for me.I cant’say that … GOD WREAKED REVENGE ON US His shots… They’re leading zombies on our way. You should have stayed where we ordered but you didn’t. You wanted to act like heroes… Like fuckin’ heroes! Did you think you managed to escape? And that nobody took notice of yourselves? You didn’t understand anything! you ok ? We could have stayed all together, like some happy family… Like Huxtable family in The Cosby Show. Have you ever watched that TV show ? My father used to make me watch it every morning at the highest volume. And do you know what he was doing in the meantime? He was fucking my little sister. My beautiful Alice … you’re no longer in wonderland ! And something got lost in your hurry… Your secret diary! Aren’t you old enough to still have your diary? However, it was useful to me to discover… you’re so sad and you’ve got a lot of secrets too. So let’s see how I can make you happy. Stop it ! Let him go ! bitch ! We’re gonna have some fun ! Stop it! Bastard! On your knees! Get away from her ! Down on your knees! Get away… You don’t give a fuck about him! That’s not true! So would I be a liar? Look at me pretty girl. I’ve been everything wrong: a murderer, a rapist, a thief but not a liar. It’s you instead, and only you, who’s a liar. From Alice’s diary, some months before all of this mess started If only he knew that all of our efforts had been so trivial. Hey, trivial! This word sounds good, don’t you think? And if he knew that all of the medical analysis and examinations… had led to one and only result. I’d like to go behind for saving him, for getting on in 9 months and for hugging him. Yesterday I tried to kill myself… but I was racked with the thought of finishing like my baby. Let me think of how making you wet now! Start getting naked. Hey you, look at me ! Look at me! I’ve been with a lot of women, homo. And I guarantee that I never miss the mark. You… You won’t touch her! I won’t kill you because I want you to witness, I want you to learn a life lesson. Today you will see what it’s like to fuck like a God, in this Godforsaken land. All rights reserved – © copyright
SIAE anger of the dead – smallmovie 01/2013

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