I was thinking, I spend a lot of time on the internet, not
only because I’m a sad cretinous dolt but also because of that whole youtube thing,
and if you want to find some red hot anger you need look no further than people who are
superficially anonymous reacting to other people who are superficially anonymous and
very sensitive about their childhoods. Anger is a word that often inspires a squirming
reaction, as if being angry is like being a racist or a realtor or something really
bad like a traffic enforcement officer. But anger doesn’t have to mean kicking your
laptop off the roof, I mean it can mean that, it often does, that’s why people think it’s
a bad thing. Sometimes the pressure of life can build up,
everything is all about time these days, so much so the stories about old men who retire
from busy jobs and turn their alarm clocks off forever, sleeping as long as they want,
almost seem to be fantastic fables, if it weren’t for them so frequently getting up
at 6 am anyway because they’ve been conditioned to do so for fifty years and have a bladder
the size of a walnut. When pushed and pushed everything can just
go up like a postal worker with a surprise sack of lead lined mail and access to automatic
weapons – most people have blown up at least once in their lifetimes and you know from
a distance it can look kind of fun – good luck Mr. Michael Douglas! But venting in an uncontrolled way isn’t
fun – it’s loss of a critical faculty – the faculty to not pull DMV personnel
over the plastic counters and whisper into their jowls sure I’m going to jail, but
you’ll be dead. Firstly everyone’s a bit angry – those
white haired gurus walking about barefoot, blessing Indian businessmen and giving interviews
to CNN about whether they’re in charge of a cult or not, they may look serene but looks
mean little. I look like I’m constantly about to blow
and I am in fact a very calm person. Very calm. Secondly, why not be angry? You’re born you’re raised, you go to an
extremely back-stabbing fickle institution filled with a thousand other ruthless bags
of hormones and desires to be popular, the world is in chaos, by the time you’ve figured
it all out you’re past your prime, you did the wrong degree, you’re going bald, you’re
in a job you hate, you’ve got four kids to three different partners, gambling debts
that would make Charles Barkley wince, and a mortgage the size of Christmas. This isn’t me by the way. I’m not going bald. It’s just the light. Being angry is often the right reaction. It’s a good thing sometimes. Turn on the news, you should be angry, even
it it’s at the weather – stupid weather. Here’s the important thing, anger is energy. A lot of successful entrepreneurs, when surveyed,
said it was a desire to ‘show them’ that motivated them – a desire to beat low expectations,
to destroy their detractors, and that’s defiance, that’s anger. You think happy well-adjusted people make
art? Well maybe they do, but probably not interesting
art when they’re not in some dark place; the good stuff comes from anger and sadness
– have you read the bible? You think a happy person wrote that? When someone typed that up they were angry
as a mother fucker. If you’re an angry person there’s a chance
it’s only temporary – maybe it’s the time of your life, maybe you get angry because
of something that happened, and sure maybe the healthy thing to do is work it out over
years and years of costly therapy that maybe just ends up being an elastoplasts on an anal
fissure; often angry people just aren’t ready to not be angry. So utilise it. Don’t contain it to protect firing off your
flames of well-eanred hatred into the faces of the innocent, channel it into hitting the
ones who deserve it, like Batman. Batman is a good example of this because he
could have easily become a rich recluse, forever replaying the deaths of his own parents, but
instead he used his anger into sucker punching stocky men who know how to fall well. You can do the same, I mean you know, if you
wanted to just break the joker’s neck that would save us all a lot of time, but whatever. Set out to do something and use anger as your
buttress – feel like quitting? Like the anger kick in! And just think of all those punks who crossed
you in the early days and how terrified they’ll be as they pull at their families hands, desperate
to get to the border before the sound of jack boot cladded payback. Or you know, use your anger to help people,
that is an option, I mean using your anger to fuel your twisted machinations in a grand
scheme of revenge breaks youtube’s terms and conditions so I can’t say do it here,
but yeah, totally fucking do it. Start doing what you want to show them, never
be complacent with a shitty job, always be angry at yourself for not performing right
and at those around you for the same, wake up, chew on nails, say to yourself ‘I am
going to carve my name on this planet, even if I have to use my own bloody spleen’ and
never surrender to the mundanity of docility! Just A Thought It’s also a good idea to not keep any guns
in your house. I mean seriously.

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