ANGER MIS-MANAGEMENT (Zombies vs. Ninjas #8)

Is this the kind of example you want to set? Shut Up! Cartoons We now return to The View. Why is this show still on the air? Hey guys, have you noticed anything unusual
about Andre? Are you talking at me? Are you talking at
me? Don’t give me that look, smart guy! Andre show you who boss! Seems fine to me. Oh, come on! It’s obvious he’s got serious
anger management issues. Nonsense. Being an out of control rage-aholic
is just part of Andre’s lovable personality. Yeah, like mangling the English language and
drinking out of the toilet. Anger management is an important skill to
have. All right! Anything to stop the nagging. Great! Now first, we need to create a nurturing
environment so he won’t feel threatened. What are you doing? Duct-taping him to the couch, what does
it look like? What going on here? Relax, buddy. We’re just trying to help you
manage your anger. What are friends for, right? You’re welcome! —- YOU! You no friend to Andre, you son
of —–! We’re gonna need some professional help. Welcome to Anger-Be-Gone, everyone! My name’s
Mel Gibson and I hereby declare this meeting in session. And if you don’t like it, you
can go to hell! Ok, who’d like to share first? Whoa, Mel, is this the kind of example you
want to set? Listen, Sugar—s, I kissed Jodie Foster on the
mouth! I’ll say whatever the —- I want! Andre not know why he so angry. Maybe it reason
he fight so good? Who are you– sashaying around in your tight
clothes with your big boobs? I pay your rent you —-in’ gold digger! Andre, you don’t have to be controlled by
your anger. You can be the master of your own emotions. She’­s absolutely right! It’s just like that
time me and Danny Glover tracked a gang of South African drug smugglers down to the docks
just before the whole place exploded! KA-BOOM! That’s Lethal Weapon 2. DonÃ’t you dare —-in’­ complain to me! I’ll
burn your house to the ground! Mm-mm! Girl, you’re like a sexy, little California
Raisin. What’s your story? I was a rage-aholic for ninety years and finally
decided to mellow out and reclaim my life! I’ve never felt better! Whoops, there goes my aneurysm! Holy —-! All my mortal enemies! Back from
the grave! Hey! Where the hell’s he going?
Braveheart, my ass! There’s too many of them! Nah, we can take ’em as long as nobody does
anything incredibly stupid. FREEEEEE-DOMMMMMMM!!!! Man, I haven’­t seen Mel Gibson blow up like
that since last week on TMZ! Andre, you saved us! You used your anger constructively without
losing control! Andre see friend’s point. From now on, Andre
try to be calm, cool-headed and totally in control of temper. Who you think you talking to, stupid hand?
Andre hit you with face! We’re gonna need more duct tape.

99 thoughts on “ANGER MIS-MANAGEMENT (Zombies vs. Ninjas #8)

  1. Because every group of friends have a an idiot(red), somebody who is irresponsible(blue) someone who gets pissed off pretty easily(green), someone weird(yellow), and somebody responsible. If you can't guess who I mean with the responsible one, then everybody needs help -.-

  2. He ain't no puppet, he's an alien parasite who's feasting on Chris' hand but then developed a kind consciousness and didn't want to kill the rest of chris so they teamed up and became friends.

  3. Ducktape really helps. last week i was a little bit sick and then i eated 2 rolls of ducktape and that made me feel better:)

  4. My name is Mel Gibson and I hereby declare this meeting in session . AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT YOU CAN GO TO HELL! Mel, is this really the example you wanna set? LISTEN SUGAR T*TS! I KISSED JODIE FOSTER ON THE MOUTH, I'LL SAY WHATEVER THE F*CK I WANT!

  5. endermen are not earthly related but they do spawn on minecraft earth but it doesnt meen they are earthly common they are from the end

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