Anger Management / You can stop feeling angry right now !

[Music] hi everybody welcome to my Channel today I’m going to talk about anger management it is January said that all humans have basically around six to eight emotions such as joy trust surprise subnets and so on and anger is one of them and especially anger is very very strong and powerful emotion so that we need to be extremely careful and well-managed okay anyway let’s get a salad first of all some people get angry very easily but some people are not there is nothing to do with gender age nationality background whatsoever so why people became angry when it comes to how to control emotion many of us rely on your imagination too much what do we make that ok my ever will explain about it ok are you to answer first which is no expectations people are mentor is suffering from expectation expectation is just imagination as it is not happening it and also it’s about your prospective for example normally saying that hard of a traffic jam will be you become very angry or frustrated because you unconsciously expected that it’s less traffic congestion yourself those emotions are inclined to come up with something you didn’t expect again expectation is pretty much the same as just imagination everything you can control your emotion very well it is practically impossible to control others so what if somebody is really angry to you ok here’s a tip no reaction I think no reaction is one of the best way when somebody get angry to you why because people usually will not keep the emotion for long period of time if you have no reaction against whatever they said they will gradually come down so that all you can do is you just simply need to wait for that but no reaction does not mean that you ignore or keep silent it’s men of your attitude behavior so react together emotion when you become more emotional to others they are also likely to become more emotional as well so the best way to make them come down is you become calm down first in my country there is also saying that people are mirrors that reflects your image this is exactly what I’m saying now changing yourself is much easier and faster in my personal experience although it’s all depends on the situation there are only three reasons why people become aggressive the first one is when you say something of ways to worst this is an obvious trigger which makes them more aggressive so you shouldn’t use it for sure the second one is when you also become emotional as I mentioned previously our species what we call humans are easily inference to each other I believe something intangible things such as behavior attitude my vibration organic stuff I’m world energy instructions why would I say just now here is what you do is what it will come back to you on rare occasions there is absolutely no reason in this case all we can do is just leave it don’t waste your time okay i am not exaggerating to tell you that the healthy is fundamental element for our quality of life obviously the healthy does not mean that you’re physically freed or good dietary or whatsoever elsa means and compressed combination of good quality of physical and mental conditions so that you need to do your anger management as a priority as well lastly some people happy a positive and smile where some people not happy a negative and angry well all I can say that here is it’s totally up to you which side are you taking [Music] go that’s all Oh

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