Anger Management Techniques: 5 Tips To Manage Your Anger

Anger Management Techniques: 5 Tips To Manage
Your Anger Anger is natural expression of human being,
and it is inevitable that people get mad sometimes. Many things can be factors of raising and
exploding anger whether from your environment or from your nearest people. Here, people often let their anger to raise
and explode it for comfortable feeling then. But it is not good to do actually for mental
good. It is important to have self-control against
anger in your soul. So, it will not control your mind as you may
take some disadvantages from that. However, it is worth noting that strong people
are actually those who can control their anger. Here is how to do that. #1 – Stop and sit Even if you are in rage, you still have consciousness. Make sure you think straight, and it begins
by lowering your position from standing to seated position. If you still want to unleash your anger, take
sleeping position. It can dramatically reduce your wrath. This is the first important step to control
your anger and you should remember it while you are still sane. #2 – Address what your real problem is Sometimes, you are angry just because you
discover something goes unexpected. However, you only see the partial or the big
picture of that event. If you do not really understand the situation,
it does not make sense for you to be angry. That is why you should address the real problem
is. #3 – Be aware of anger warning system Sometimes, you know when you are about to
explode. However, you should notice that until you
are angry. Next time, these signs can be devastating
for you: knots in stomach, faster breathing, reddish view, trouble concentrating and tense
shoulder. Those are some warning signs before you are
getting angry. Be sure to relax and sit down to control your
anger. #4 – Telling your feeling to your close relatives When you are telling your problem to others,
it will make you feeling quite well than before. Even though, what you’ve experienced as
your burden may not be helped totally by them, at least it will decrease your burden that
makes you so angry because of that. Who knows that they may find you for solutions
to fix that and will also calm you down then? So, by telling your problem, it will help
your psychological control not to be angry. #5 – Seeking professional help This is the last effort that you should do
when your anger gets too difficult to control. Professionals have more accurate methods for
reducing your chance to get mad. They also have medication to slow down the
anger process. That is why it is ideal to seek professional
help if you think your anger consumes you. It is helpful to make sure you are not hurting
yourself with your anger. Some people cannot hold their anger. By always exploding your anger is not a good
way for psychological and social matter. You may have effects to your body by exploding
your anger always. You can spend your energy for something worthless
if your anger is with no reason. Otherwise, it also may affect people around. They may feel uncomfortable to be with you,
then they may leave you. Therefore, controlling your anger is very
necessary as it is more advantageous than you explode the anger. Well, that’s all the 5 tips to manage your
anger better. Really cool information isn’t it? Please share your thoughts and experiences
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  1. @BTS – Good video. Very helpful information to avoid exploding your anger. What tips (perhaps in another video?) would you give for people that still get enraged but have the self-control to bottle it up? Bottling it up is just as bad (or worse), so can you help with that as well? Thanks… 🙂

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