Anger Management : Positive & Negative Anger

One of the things that gets us in trouble
about anger is that we think it is not o’kay. We put this value judgment on it. We’re not
supposed to be angry. People don’t like us when we are angry. They don’t want us to express
our anger around them. Nobody likes to be yelled at and specifically it is important
for us to understand the difference between anger and violence because you say, all emotions
are o’kay, anger has a time and a place but when we keep stuffing that anger and stuffing
that anger and stuffing that anger what happens is at some point some little thing sets us
off and it blows, it starts just popping out all over the place so anger is not o’kay when
anger is violent. But anger is o’kay when it comes to standing up for ourselves, telling
other people that we felt hurt, using that angry energy to do something like Mother’s
Against Drunk Driving, angry that the child was killed. And yet that energy in motion
becomes the momentum to do something positive and constructive in the world but it started
with an angry energy so anger has a time and a place. There is a healthy and productive
way to express it and that’s what we are going to do next.

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