Anger Management Online with a Licensed Professional Counselor

If you find yourself blowing up at others
or quietly smoldering inside with resentment, then anger is probably a problem for you.
But don’t despair or get down on yourself because effective counseling for anger management
is available online. Hello, I’m Counselor Carl, a Licensed Clinical
Professional Counselor who has offered online therapy for anger for the past 10 years. In
addition, I have provided face-to-face individual and group therapy for clients with anger issues
for the past 19 years at behavioral health clinics in Maryland. From my years of helping
clients with anger issues, I have developed an effective approach to anger management
that teaches clients how to make anger an ally by learning to let go of blame and, instead,
focus on the pain so they can heal and grow, which leads to improved mental health and
more satisfying relationships. Anger is meant to be a helpful emotion that
tells us there’s a problem we need to face. Unfortunately anger has become the problem
for some of us. So, consider online counseling for anger from the comfort of your home where
you can learn to make anger your ally. If this approach to anger management appeals
to you, then contact me through my website,, where you can read
more about me, my credentials, and the services I provide.
Until next time, and keep paying attention to your life.

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