Anger Management: How To Manage Your Emotions (3 Simple Steps)

Anger Management: How To Manage Your Emotions
(3 Simple Steps) Hi, my name is Eric Michael founder of the
Power Life System and today I’m going to be sharing with you 3 simple things that you
can start doing right now to start managing your emotions. You ever get pissed off where you start feeling
your blood rising to your head? If somebody cuts you off in traffic or let’s
say something doesn’t do exactly as you like. Maybe you had an expectation that somebody
was going to do a certain thing they didn’t do it and you say or you react in a way that
made me later on you’re a little bit ashamed of. Then you think about that same incident for
the rest of the day and in a sense that it ruins your day. Wouldn’t you like to have the same situations
bring you a lot of joy? here’s a hypothetical example for guys or
women, you can change around a little bit but let’s just say that you’re driving to
work and in the same scenario where somebody cuts you off in traffic. Well someone cuts you off in traffic but then
they pull alongside you and they have a whiteboard and they’re an extremely attractive person,
if you’re a guy maybe it’s a young woman and maybe she’s dressed beautifully then with
the way that you most like and for women out there, it’s a man and he’s handsomely dressed
in the way that you would be your ideal man. And he has a white board, it says “I thought
you were cute, what’s your number? Let’s get coffee at Starbucks” and your
heart starts to race, but now it’s racing because of joy and you motion your number
or whatever it is five 5549 or whatever it is and then you go meet for coffee at Starbucks
and it’s this most incredible interaction conversation, of course personalized this
much more for yourself. The theme though is that the more we focus
on what we most desire, the more the law of attraction, the universe is going to bring
that to us as well as we’re going to be a lot more happier every
single day. If I can help you 5% 10% or create a phenomenal
breakthrough in the area of managing your emotions. I’ve been blessed for being able to help you. Let’s get the law of attraction working for
you to help you manage your emotions. Step 1 is, we’re going to do this right now
ever on a daily basis my recommendation is to do first thing in the morning, is you’re
going to relax even deeper. Consciously place your awareness around your
eyes, the muscles around your eyes as you would allow them to relax even deeper now
and then allow a warm sweet waterfall of relaxation cascade over your head and as it comes in
contact with all parts of your body they relax even deeper now and you’re even more present
with your awareness on your body and on this moment. Step 2 is you’re going to choose one of the
things that’s either really got you upset or if you want to start with another one you’re
going to choose one that you want to start to manage your emotions with and create something
much more positive. Now, step 3, what you’re going to do is you’re
going to visualize. Imagine how this event that before got you
upset, the generalized environment, for example someone cutting you off. I gave you an example of how that could be
an ideal situation where someone actually comes in front of you and then you meet them
and it’s wonderful so use the same theme of creativity for yourself for whatever the specific
thing is that before got you upset. Now, you’re going to visualize and make into
something that’s extremely positive for you that brings you incredible levels of joy so
you see yourself doing it, you see the other person, if it’s somebody else or the exact
all of the details and you allow the colors to become even brighter. You allow everything to become even more intense
and especially connect even more with the positive feelings that you have where if you’re
imagining them and they feel here really, oh wow, I just feel so great and then increase
it even more. By doing these three things, a lot of things
are going to happen. First of all you’re tapping into the law of
attraction energy which is going to bring you more of these things that you imagined
these incredible positive things for yourself. What you’re also doing is you’re conditioning
your mind now that in similar types of situations you’re anticipating actually positivity which
is going to release different chemicals in your body. Maybe before got you upset could actually
just pass by and you may not even notice it. So, that’s going to allow you to start having
a much more positive day, a much more positivity and interpersonal relationships and inner
interactions and overall increase the quality of your life. The most important thing to get the fastest
and best results doing this is your ability to visualize a mental experience. So, what I’ve done is I created for you a
free guide on how to do that to help increase your ability in that level so that you get
even faster results doing this method as well as other ones that I’m sharing with you. So, go ahead and below this video, click on
the link and just put your name and your email in and then click continue and you get instant
access to it and start applying it. Any questions you have or comments please
put them below the video, I’d love to be able to help you with follow-up videos or answer
your questions and have a fantastic positive day where you’re filled with equanimity and
attracting all of these creative joyous things that you most desire.

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