Anger Management : Anger Management: Writing Letters

We are here now with this antique little baby
doll to symbolize the fact that our emotional self could also be thought of as our inner
child. And when we perceive ourselves to have been hurt and we want to protect ourselves,
the tendency is to want to hold that emotional self really close and to close down on our
feelings and to hold that anger in and to hold all of our emotions in. And the result
of that kind of protection is that nothing tends to flow through, mad, sad, glad, or
scared. And so when you are feeling a need to protect your inner child self do some of
the other things that we have talked about and you can also decide that what you might
want to do is write a letter because you are actually coordinating your head and your heart
and your hand to say what you have to say to someone about what you are upset about.
Now it doesn’t work the same way on the computer. You don’t get the same result as having the
pen in hand and engaging the body in writing a letter. And so what you want to do first
of all is write about all of the things that you are angry about, say everything that you
want to say, use any language that you want to use because you are never going to deliver
this letter. You might want to burn it, you might want to put it in an envelope, put a
first name on the outside of the envelope, don’t put your name on it, put it in the mailbox.
So you can actually have the sense of sending it and the post office will just destroy it
because they have no way of dealing with it, they have no place that they can send it to
because they have no clues but it will help you to write that energy out, get that angry,
in fact you might even want to use a crayon, letting that inner child self of you do the
anger and say what you have to say and then the next step is to begin giving forth of
your love again. Once you have moved all this built up energy out whether it is beating
the pillow, slamming the door, writing the angry letter, once you have moved that energy
and motion through then you can begin to do forgiving.

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