Anger Management : Anger Management: Forgiveness

So we are back with our baby again because
one of the things that happens when there is a lot of anger in a person when they are
holding on to that anger and not letting it go and not letting it move through, is that
it is also very hard for them to love themselves, to feel good about who they are. There is
this constant rumbling, angry energy going on. And so one of the things to do in the
process of dealing with anger is to work on forgiveness, to give forth which is what forgiveness
means, give forgive, give forth of your love again and start that with yourself. Start
by doing things that are taking care of you, little things that make you feel good about
who you are, little gifts that you give yourself, just simply saying to yourself, I care about
you, I love you, you’re important, you matter. Ninety percent of our self talk some experts
say is negative self talk and so if you can start turning that around and actually start
nurturing and caring for your emotional self, your inner child self, you will be in a better
place to take care of yourself, to set good boundaries and to not let that anger build
up again. And in our last segment what we are going to do is talk just a little bit
about boundaries.

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