Anger Management : Anger Management: Changing State

So in those 27 different emotional reactions
that we have every hour some of them are going to be on that spectrum of anger. And once
we recognize the body symptoms again the gnawing of the teeth, the clenching of the hands,
one of the most important things that we can do is called changing our state. And it is
a very very simple thing to do actually. There is a couple of key things to remember. One
is that when the emotions are coming up and we don’t want to feel them regardless of which
emotion it is our tendency is to hold our breath, we literally stop breathing. And so
the fastest and easiest way to change your state is to take a deep breath and now I don’t
mean, I don’t mean an exasperated sigh, that is not what I mean by a deep breath. I literally
mean filling up your whole body with a full breath, using all of your lungs to bring in
oxygen, that life giving energy and move that other energy through the body through the
exhale so it is a big…and literally your physical state changes and because emotions
are chemicals and action in your body then your emotional state changes. Another thing
you can do is if you are sitting down stand up and if you are standing up sit down, if
you are standing still walk, movement is a great way to get energy in motion actually
to go out and through the body so you can let go of whatever it is that is going on.
Now these are all things that we have been talking about that you can do when you are
first recognizing that if in fact you are annoyed, frustrated, angry, whatever word
it is on that big spectrum called anger. Let’s take the next few segments and talk about
what you can do when anger has been built up and you want to let it go so that it doesn’t
explode in the wrong place at the wrong time on the wrong person.

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