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r hi friends I am Dr. Sohan and I am a Psychologist I am going to give you some very effective tips on how you can control your anger? Let’s decode this word ANGER itself. A is the first alphabet in anger So A for acceptance Friends the extent to which you increase acceptance in your life Meaning there by to accept something in life your life will become happier in the same proportion if you are always annoyed with people or events then your anger is going to increase always first you have to accept yourself you have some shortcomings you have some strengths, Everyone is like that Then you start accepting people who are around you The extent to which you accept yourself Then the event that are happening around your surroundings There are lot’s of event , where you have very little control How someone is going to react? How someone think about a something is deeply influenced by his upbringing his education surrounding socio -cultural environment The people he has met all these factors influence his though process In way his thoughts are his past when you cannot change his past then changing is thought process is difficult in the same proportion so your effort should be less on changing others more on changing yourself as you can develop control on your self the more you accept people for example.. Many times during my Corporate training session I give the example from marriage, like your husband or wife I propose that you, the Prasad ( Holy food) of God and your life partner Who so ever find fault with them can never be happy in life just keep on praising them accept them It is their default setting What ever you do they will come back to their default settings So first accept them My view is that when you first accept someone unconditionally only then you can bring some positive changes in them but to change someone with hate or with anger is not going to last long Now We take the 2nd Alphabet of anger After A, N N Means – NOT Now Anger is like, for example You are trying to cross a road and a speeding vehicle is coming You stop for a while, That let it go first Then I will cross the road I does not mean that you will not cross the road like wise You can think of emotion of anger like the same speeding vehicle That is coming in your way of clear thinking let the emotion of anger go first means let some time pass than you can express your thoughts to the other person When you should express? surely not, when abusing words are coming to your mind The right time to express anger is when No more abuses are coming to your mind but, but a bit of anger is there That is the time When you can talk to the other person Because, sometime when you express yourself , when you are totally calm It may not have the desired impact You can try these things, distract your mind Do reverse counting Leave that place, if possible Start doing an unfinished low demanding work Take a time out by any means Try anything…but when you are very angry Do not react Now the 3rd Alphabet of Anger – G G For GO SLOW Friends i have seen that Some people who eat very fast Drink water very fast In a way they are hurried in every work They are the also the people who are more angry So My friends who are like this Start eating slowly Drink water slowly When the time is allowing you.. Walk Slowly Develop some patience in your life When you start slowing down in these small things like listen to slow slow music soothes our mind so that we are not hyper excited So I request you to be bit slow Where you want to go so fast? Be a bit slow Your mind will feel relax and in turn will be less angry Now we come to the 4th Alphabet of ANGER – E E for Expectation Friends, If you ask me What is the main cause of anger- The mother of anger? I will say- expectation Means expecting from someone Whenever you expect from someone and that expectation is not fulfilled Then first you feel frustrated Then you feel angry Then the whole aggressive episode begins The less you expect from people Less will be your anger Now the question is Why we expect more from people We expect more when we do more more than need for someone I will give you a suggestion you only do for people, that you can do easily Without bother yourself too much Suppose that someone ask for you vehicle and you are not interested in giving it if time allows, drop him where he wants to go that it If you will do more than enough For example , if I come to your home And you serve five special dishes to me and in turn when you come to my place, I offer you a simple dish Now you are going to feel angry naturally Because you are going to compare What I served this person What he has cooked for me.. Other view is , that if the other person is a good human being even if you do a small favor he is going to be thankful to you on the other hand if he is Thankless Whatever you do for him It is not going to be of any use So I will suggest you that please, expect less I agree that expectation cannot be zero as your body weight cannot be zero but you should not be overweight so try to expect less from others When you expect less from others you will have less reason to be angry with people The Last Alphabet of Anger is R R for RELAX Relax your mind You have to do something positive to relax your mind Friends, what is anger Basically? It is kind of excitement So whatever relaxes you mind i can be Exercise Sport Music Entertaining Programs Laughter – good jokes All these positive things which relax your mind may be gardening or what ever your hobby is You can do Only condition is that it should positive if you take support of negative things to relax your mind ultimately they are going to have a negative impact in your life I hope these tips will help you to manage your anger To know more tips like this please Keep watching my channel Support me by subscribing, liking and commenting Thanks a lot for watching.. do comment Have a nice time..

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