Anger is good

anger is good it’s a kind of surprising isn’t it normally we’re tolerating was bad we’re told as children not to be angry there’s lots of raise one people angry we might feel very concern for them well yes because something is wrong yeah we might actually say that you shouldn’t be angry generally a lot of spiritual communities I’m in for example I’m a Buddhist and but there’s a lot of Buddhist communities there’s a repression of anger so you say shinb anger is not spiritual to be angry how this is this is really a mistake because anger is an important emotion it’s part of the human experience yes and it lets us know when a boundary has been violated so um I can’t put this gently the world we live in is constantly taking the piss out of us yeah if you’re American what that means is our boundaries are being violated yeah if you’re not familiar with that British phrase so what it means is that that people are intruding into our life with their advertising they’re try to sell us stuff that’s harmful to us we’re being lied to by politicians we have unelected corporations running our life if you’re not angry that’s actually more of a problem in terms of psychological health anger is the appropriate and healthy response to a revelation of boundaries yeah what that means is is someone doing something which isn’t there right taking what’s not giving it on steals from you right it happens all the time so um anger it’s about saying no it’s about having positive boundaries about sit at clear lines it’s clear standards to say it’s enough the initial a primary energy of anger that’s all is passionate caring it’s one of those M teachers call so that’s that’s a very very good thing most people don’t have a distinction between anger and hate however so if we look at height is this destructive urge to destroy to victimize to damage the other yeah this is a different sense in the body and without that distinction of course you want to say angers bad well anger if you prefer fierceness this passion for saying enough for saying no is absolutely vital and I’d really like to see it not demonized in the community I’d like to see people say you know what this can be a really positive thing it doesn’t mean we have to be violent and and it can be still be a very healthy thing so there you go really happy anger anger is a good thing

One thought on “Anger is good

  1. Hi Marc, thanks a lot for sharing your videos, I enjoy them a lot and I find lots of interesting questions for myself in them.
    I like your approach to anger, as I agree in forbidding ourselves to feel a certain emotion will make our life and the life of the ones surrounding us much more difficult and finally less happy (actually I have personal experience in that…)
    Just one comment on the phrase
    "anger is the appropriate and healthy response to a violation of boundaries. What that means somebody doing something that isn´t their right"  I feel a bit of fear, as I would like to see the world working in a way that not includes right and wrong, but focusing on needs, more than on who is right. (Yeah, you clearly read NVC principles here), at the same time as this is a thing thats personally very important to me. So my version would be, "feeling anger is appropriate and healthy, it appears in response to a situation where one of our needs is not being met and we think the other person has done something wrong."
    Seeing my own need helps me to see the other person as a person, not a sub-human. This said, I feel gratitude for your words,that I recieve as very clear and contribute to my consciousness. especially sharing the beautiful term "passionate caring" gives me the posibility to change my view on anger (and seek a different outcome than eradicating my "enemy"!)

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