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‘Stop! Stop! Who are they
and why are they sleeping here?’ Hey you! Who are you
all sleeping on the footpath? Come on, get up! Sorry, brother!
I disturbed your sleep. What to do? Even I don’t get sleep. Do you know why?
Till I do not recover money.. ..even I cannot sleep.
Come on, give me money! Sir, we would have slept in
the lodge if we would have had money. My son, would we sleep
here on the footpath? You old man,
you wish to sleep in the lodge? Where is that? Give me the stick. Give me the money! You wish to sleep in
the lodge with these pennies? Son, take this.
– Give it to me. What happened to you?
Do I have to tell you separately? Give me the money.
– Here.. Will you sleep here without money? Hey you! What happened to you? Come on, give me the money.
Come on, you too give me. How much do you have? Give it here. My daughter has come with me. She has
been admitted to the cancer hospital. I don’t have money
to buy her medicines. She is suffering from cancer? But aunt, by saving these
ten rupees your cancer.. ..will not get cured. This is cancer! If someone suffers from this disease
that person is sure to die. Understood? Give me the money! Remember! Okay? Let’s go. Go to sleep now. Stop! Stop! How much?
– Five hundred. Okay, come. Stop! Stop!
– Get lost. Useless fellow! Wow! Oh! Tell me, dear!
I am seeing you after a long time. Where had you gone?
Did you trap some wealthy fellow? How much did you earn? Okay, forget this.
We will talk business. Come on, give me..give me my share. Sir! – Are you getting scared?
Come on, give me. Sir, It won’t be possible
for us to pay money daily. We are in this profession
to earn a living, sir. Sir, we are very poor. You are poor? Madam, even I am poor.. ..that is why I am recovering money. Otherwise even I
cannot survive, right? That is why I recover money at night. Come on, give me.
Give me. Give it to me! Your collection is only this much? What about you?
You are dressed up so well. You have kept the
money in your hand only? By the way who is this new item? Madam, what is your name?
– Savitri, sir. You are into the flesh
trade and your name is Savitri? The name of a virtuous woman? Great! You too are wearing
a respectable uniform.. ..but you are doing this kind of deed. Sir, what is the difference
between you and us? You are arguing with me? She is trying to
compare herself with me. Oh, god!
– Should I give you on more? Quietly give me the money. Remember! Keep the money ready whenever I come.. ..only then you will
be able to do business. As we have nothing
else to do to live.. ..we are into this flesh
trade and earning our bread. And he is snatching
from us only that thief.. I pray to god that he gets ruined! Last night some
unknown person killed.. ..the sub inspector of Naupalli. After this murder the entire
police department is shocked. What the people say is that
if the police who protect the.. ..people of this city are not safe.. can a layman be safe then? Before it becomes a special
bulletin news on TV.. ..that the police department
is useless quickly solve the.. ..murder mystery of
the deceased sub inspector. We are on that mission, sir.
– Good! Any clues? The sniffer dogs and clues team
have come here, sir. Very good. Make it fast! Yes, sir! ‘But nothing can be said as of now.’ Stop playing the bell.
Why are you playing it? If I don’t play the
bell who will buy, sir? Come on, I will buy all your
ice cream. How much is it for? Two thousand.
– Okay, take this. What shall I do with all this? Uncle!
– Hey! Take this! Uncle, for me too.
– Uncle, me too. Thank you, uncle! Yeah! “But why is daddy cool!” “Daddy! Daddy, cool!” Oh! Hey, man! ‘I have won!
I have won! I have proved it!’ I have proved it! Yes! I have won! I have proved it.
I have won! I have won! I have won! I have won! Stop it! I say, stop it! What is this? Have you thought ,
Dance Baby Dance or The Program..? Mr. Lakshman!
– Yes, sir. What is it? What is it
that you are so happy about? And all of you what drama
are you all doing here? Each one of you is
shaking hands with him. Has this foolish man
come here with a gold medal.. ..or has he won some Oscar? Or is he some great artist? Sir, why will we shake hands with him? He only holds our hand and presses it. All of you are jealous
because I have won. Lakshman!
– What have you done? I am not late today. Bharat has come late today. The one who comes late to office.. He will clean the whole office.
He will serve tea to everyone. This is the rule which
is already made in this office. The one who comes late
he is very unfortunate. Where is the broom?
Where is the broom? Here it is! Bharat, take this. Look, son Lakshman.. Keep this broom with you.
– Why? Because Bharat was the
first one to come to office. And everyone knows that
he had gone to meet the client.. ..for some official work
and he is returning from there now. You are late so take
the broom and clean the room! Hurry up! What? What? Please get up!
– Idiot! If you lift up your
feet I will clean the place. Thank you. Thank you. Sir! Tea, sir. You are a total waste
but the best in making tea. ‘Is he praising me or taunting me, you.’
– Hey! What are you blabbering in your mind? Sir, nothing, sir.
When I see your name plate.. ..I have a little doubt, sir. What doubt do you have? Sir, is there any connection
between Ambani family and your family? There is no connection
but there is inspiration. For fame I have only framed this name. See, Mr. Lakshman.
My real name is Gucchi Sudhakar. By changing the name I
who was a dealer in underwear.. the old city is now an owner of a
hardware company in the hi-tech city. Sir! Sir! Unbelievable, sir. Just by changing your name
your total life has changed, sir. Yes! Not only me
many important people.. ..changed their names.. – Sir! And they became very famous. For example,
Shivaji Gaiekwad, Ranjikant. Shiv Shankar Bharat Prasad,
Cheeranjeevi. By changing their names in
this way people became mega stars. Hey, where did he go? Hey!
– Sir! I was saying that in this
way people have become popular. Sir, I will also change my name then. Hey! Nothing happens
just by changing the name. If you have to make progress then,
patience, dedication.. ..determination, creation.. You need many such factors.
Understood? Sir, in which factory
do we get all these factors? You stupid!
– Excuse me, sir. Yes, Mr. Bharat. Come in. Sir!
– Thank you. Very well done, Mr. Bharat. And one more thing, Mr. Bharat.
– Yes, sir. Our company has got one nice project. See this client list
and do the needful. Okay, sir. Sure, I will do it.
– Do one more thing Take this stupid also
along and teach him work. Go away from here!
– Come along, you insane man! Looks like it is a little ahead.
We will have tea here. Brother, hold this. Brother, have tea. Wow! What a beautiful lady! Wow! The color is very good. I am feeling attracted!
I am feeling attracted! Yes! Yes, I have reached.
– I am feeling attracted! I am feeling attracted!
– Hey you! Don’t you have any sister? I will beat you with my sandal! I am feeling attracted! I am feeling
attracted! I am feeling attracted What? Tell me,
you are feeling too attracted, is it? No, no, no, madam..madam..
– Take this! Take this! Oh, I am dead! Take this! Take this! ‘Vada Pav!
Samosa Pav! Mendu Vada! Jalebi!’ ‘Different kinds of colorful
sweets..Masala Dosa! Sada Dosa!’ ‘Idli Sambar and butter milk!’ I am sorry! I am sorry!
Go from here! Go from there! East, west, south and..oh!
– Shut up! Brother, where am I? The boss fires you because
you do such wrong deeds. Let’s go now! My head is spinning and
wonder what he is saying. This is Krishna Nagar road, right? Yes, brother,
this is Krishna Nagar road. Ambulance?
– Move to a side. Move to a side. Please go. Yes, go, go. Right. Right.
– Yes, go, go. See there, there..
– Yes, over there.. They are not allowing
the ambulance to go. You go ahead. You go ahead!
We will see to them, okay? Hey!
– Hey, what are you doing? The ambulance is honking,
can’t you hear? Let the ambulance go! Hey, wait!
– Hey, wait! Follow them.
– Where are you going? Come, come.
– Hey, stop! We should not let them go.
– Forget it, friends! Forget it! Catch him! Yes, catch him! Hey, listen! I had kept this
bucket here yesterday morning. My number is first.
You are acting too much. What? I am acting smart? Forget yesterday I had kept
it from day before yesterday. I have even plucked my hair
and attached to it. Just see. Didn’t you see that? You blind woman! If you have tied your hair where
will the water come from, tell me. I have kept three buckets in a line.
– Get lost! I will fill water first then you. Whether you keep
them in a line or not.. ..but I will only fill water first,
understood? Why will you take?
– Why don’t you all say something? Let me see how you fill water.. Hey, stop!
Hey, stop! Where are you running away? Just get lost!
– I don’t want any drama. Leave my hand..
– Side, side, side! Very good idea! – We taught
them a good lesson, isn’t it? Hey! When the BMC have kept
such a big dust bin over there.. ..why are you throwing
trash on the road? Not only me but many people throw. Look, madam. Remember one thing. It is a responsibility to keep
the colony clean. – Okay, sir. Hey you!
– Sorry! You..stop Hey, what are you doing?
Just read what is written here. It is forbidden to pass urine here.
– What are you doing? I was in a hurry so
I could not control it. You could not control! That means
you will do it anywhere you wish? Sorry, sir.
– Learn to use the public toilets. Okay, fine!
– Go now! What kind of people stay here. Tell me, brother! Are you
trying to stop him from doing that? They don’t have sense at all. They seem to be well educated people. Never mind if they
don’t have civic sense.. ..but they should at
least have common sense. Brother, cool!
– Come on, sit. You.. You are just like them. You will also never change. I am explaining so
much to you..I am only mad. Come on, now. Looks like this is the house.
A Shriniwas Rao. House number, 1-1-143. This is it. Bother, this looks
like a lover’s cottage! Shut up! Quietly come along with me. Brother, I will go and meet
my relatives staying near-by. I understood. You are going
to the women’s college, isn’t it? Hey! You are right!
How do you come to know everything? Hey, dirty! Go! You will never change.
– Hey, go! Sir! Excuse me! Is anyone there? Mr. Shriniwas Rao! Mr. Shriniwas Rao!
– ‘Who is it?’ You had made a complaint
about your computer so I came. ‘The computer is kept inside the room.
Go and check it. Go.’ Okay, sir! Looks like he is
performing veneration. Okay, done! Hey! Oh, no! Who are you?
– That, I.. Who are you? I had come to repair that computer. When did you come here?
– That, I.. Papa!
– Hey! Oh! ‘Papa!’ Papa! Papa! Papa here! What happened? Tell me.
– Just see who has come into my room. What? Who has come? What was he doing in my room?
– Sir! My child, I only had sent him there.
– What? There was some problem in
the computer so I had sent him. Any problem?
– No problem! Hey! Is the problem solved? Yes, it is okay, sir. Okay. How much should I pay you? As much as you cannot even think. Oh, my god!
That much? I cannot pay you that much. Right now you take five hundred.
Take this. Oh, what a beauty!
– Hey, what happened? Take this five hundred! He does not want five hundred?
Good, my money is saved. I will get a full bottle in this.
I will drink happily! “I am your Romeo
and you are my Juliet.” “I wish to make you mine
you are set in my heart.,” “I am your Romeo
and you are my Juliet.” “I wish to make you mine
you are set in my heart.,” “You are my life.
You are my devotion.” “I do not want to lose you.” “You are made for me.” “You are my life.
You are my devotion.” “I do not want to lose you.” “You are made for me.” “I am your Romeo
and you are my Juliet.” “I wish to make you mine
you are set in my heart.,” ‘English rap song’ “I want you beside me.” “Check it out! Yo!” “Listen to me.” “You are my darling.” “I do not wish to lose you.” “Try and understand me.” “You look beautiful!” “You are my dream.” “Don’t go away from me.” “Make me yours.” “I promise you I will marry you.” “My only intention is to love you.” “Your eyes have snatched my peace.” “I love you more than myself.” “Gibe this lover of yours a chance.” “I am your Romeo
and you are my Juliet.” “I wish to make you mine
you are set in my heart.,” “I do not wish to stay
away from you even for a minute.” “I will bestow this
whole world on you.” “I do not wish to stay
away from you even for a minute.” “I will bestow this
whole world on you.” “See I have gone crazy after you.” “I will write a love saga for you.” “I will bestow this
whole world on you.” “Your heart is my destination now.” “You too give your heart to me now.” “I am your Romeo
and you are my Juliet.” “I wish to make you mine
you are set in my heart.,” “I am your Romeo
and you are my Juliet.” “I wish to make you mine
you are set in my heart.,” “You are my life.
You are my devotion.” “I do not want to lose you.” “You are made for me.” Hey! Oh, no!
Hey you, I see ghost films.. ..but I have never done this ever. Why are you doing this? Bharat! Hey, oh, no!
That is not a girl. That is a pillow. Hey! Fro you this can be
a pillow but for me this is a girl. She is a girl who has stolen my heart. Very sweet. I love you so much. The one who till yesterday
was like hero Vikram from Aparichit.. ..who would sit quietly
chanting mantras.. ..Bharat, how did he suddenly
become kissing star Imraan Hashmi? This is the magic
spell cast by that girl. It is confirmed. She is my soul mate. I feel like seeing her all the time. Yes. Even boss wishes to see you. He is calling since
the past three days.. ..but you are not answering it. He calls you and you
are busy with your pillow. Sit nicely. Yes. Yes, so children!
Do you know what happened after that? A huge demon came to kidnap the queen. Who had come?
– A huge demon! Hey you! Why didn’t you accept the
request that I had sent on face book? Who are you that I should accept you? Oh! I will have to
give you my introduction. I will kiss you right now and you will
automatically get my introduction. You stupid!
– Hey! Hey, come on! Leave me.
– Hey, who are you? Why are you taking Sripraja?
– Move away! Please help! Help me! Bhai! That item too is good, Bhai!
– Help me! Shall we take her also? Leave me! Hey!
– Yes! If a box is full of cigarettes
will you smoke them all together? You will smoke one by one, isn’t it?
– Someone please save me. In the same way she
will be the next number. Come on! Help me! Hello! Police station! “If you promise to be with me..” “I will keep singing
such beautiful songs to you.” “If you promise to be with me..” “I will keep singing
such beautiful songs to you.” Oh! So you are Akiram Naidu. Tell me, do you consider
yourself a terror? Are you thinking that
fearing you I have come here? Hey! Tell me! You had earned
me not to fill the tender. Do you think I am any ordinary man? I will surely fill the tender. I have seen many like you. I had come to tell you that
I will surely fill the tender. Hey!
– No! Bhai, please forgive me.
I made a mistake. I made a mistake so please forgive me.
– Yes. You are talking sensibly now.
– Come, come, sit. Okay.
– I made a mistake. I got scared. Hey, what are you all
looking at my face for? Slowly move the swing for Bhai. Please forgive me. Please forgive me. Have you understood
well what I am now? Yes, I have understood, Bhai. Tell them to stop! Tell them to stop!
– Move it faster! Hey, stop! Stop!
Hey, what are you all doing? Stop it! ‘Naidu, tell them to stop!’ ‘Tell them to stop!’ ‘Stop! Stop! Stop!’
– This is right! Stop! Stop! That’s enough! Stop it! That’s enough! Stop it! He had come to give me a warning. The scoundrel is dead! Bhai, call from CI. Tell me, CI! ‘Sir, your son has
kidnapped a school teacher.’ ‘The school authorities
have lodged a complaint.’ ‘Sir, please tell him to set her free.
Please, sir!’ Okay, no sooner he comes
I will tell him to set her free. Hey, go and throw
the body in the crushed Okay, Bhai! The matter is set today?
– Leave me! Then what? Hey, Suri! That vigilance
officer is going to raid our company. Go and meet him.
– Okay, Bhai. Hey! Hey!
This is the place! Stop here! Hey, stop!
– Okay. Okay. Brother, how do we go in? It
will be better if the girl comes out. Why are you so excited when I am not? Brother, I am excited to see her. Uncle is coming. Brother, this one is good, isn’t it? Hey! Why have you come here? Hello, sir. Are you fine?
– Why are you feeling so shy? Have you come to take the money
which you did not take the other day? Look, that day you
did not take the money.. don’t think
I will give you today. No, no! Sir, it is not that. It is good if it is not that. I don’t have money.
I spent it in buying a full bottle. Sir, we don’t want money.
We only want respect. Sir, this is our habit.
– Okay? Who is he? He seems to be a little extra smart. This is my friend Lakshman, sir. The name is so good! Happy to meet you, Mr. Lakshman!
– Thank you, sir. Look, I brought the vegetables
but I forgot to bring liquor. Come here! Not like this..a little
away from here is the wine shop. Go there and quickly
bring one half from there. Take this! Go! Come back soon. Lakshman, customers are like god. It is our duty to do what they say.
Try and understand. Wow! What you said
is absolutely right! You have come absolutely
at the right time. Inside the doll is not working
properly. Come on and repair it. Come, come in quickly. I will bring half. That rogue.. Dear Swatantra, please come out!
I have brought vegetables! See this! The TV is not
working properly since yesterday. Seems like it has stopped working.
See this! There is no sound at all. Just see. Oh! You were talking
about this TV from so long? That means you cannot repair
anything else beside the computer? Sir that Lakshman does. What? That means Lakshman
is an all rounder? Very good! My child,
come and take the vegetables. Papa, tea!
– What? Papa, have tea! This is not the time to drink tea.
It is time to drink cold tea. Give him this tea. Hey you, have it. Thanks! Papa, you have started
drinking a lot now. Mend your ways before
mummy comes back. Listen, my child, do one thing.
I am very hungry. It will be good if you
bring half boiled omlette for me. Make it nice and hot and get it. I will not make it!
I will not make it. I will.. – Hey! Oh! What a beautiful entry!
What a scene! Shall I throw this! Leave me! Nonsense! Your daughter is also..
– Thanks, son. Thanks. Sit. Sit. Oh, god! Sir!
– Yes! Your material is ready!
– Give me! I will land in trouble
if my daughter sees this. Sit. Sit.
You sit here and I will sit here. I will hide this first! Brother! She is so beautiful! I just kept looking at her! Hey! Shut your mouth! Hey, will you give me
company for one or two pegs? Sir, we are not used to drinking. Even if you are who
is going to offer you? Your face clearly shows that.
Do one thing. You give me company by drinking tea. And you drink water
and give me company. How is that?
– Sir, I am used to this. Okay! Do one thing then!
– Sir! Smell this. Now drink water. I will quickly go in and get a glass. ‘Don’t touch the bottle!’ Control yourself! I will give you a slap! Wow, what an aroma! Here, you have water and you have tea. And now do cheers, come on! Cheers! Why cheers, sir?
– Don’t you know? This is an age old tradition
to do cheers before drinking. Am I right? We are not drinking.
Why should we do cheers? Okay, never mind if
you do not wish to do. Do one thing. Can you see that TV? It is not working. Go and repair it.
I have heard you can repair it. Come here. Come here.
– What happened, my son? You drink two pegs, isn’t it?
Pour two pegs over there.. will become very clear. Hey! Stop joking and
go and repair that TV. One blow! One more! Superb! Mission Ta Ta Thai Ya! Lovely! You are a
super mechanic! Super! You repaired it in a minute! In this joy you take out
your tongue I will pour two drops. No, no, no! No, sir! If I take even one gulp
I will feel dizzy and fall. You only drink and be happy, sir. I can see that!
Even after drinking one full bottle.. ..I can sit in one place.
I don’t get intoxicated at all. Breaking news! A lady teacher was kidnapped
from school in broad daylight. No one still knows where
those goons have taken that teacher. This incident took place
when the children were in school. The police are in
search of the kidnapper. They think that this is
the work of some unknown person.. She is saying that some
unknown people kidnapped her.. ..and the police
are in search of them. Akiram Naidu’s son and his
men have kidnapped that teacher. My daughter has already
lodged a complaint.. ..but no one is taking
action against it. Just see,
what all is happening nowadays! Is he a don? What are you saying? He is involved in theft, robbery.. ..murder, rape and he
also prints duplicate notes. He has many illegal business’s
and he does a lot of wrong deeds. Right from the police to the
ministers all are under his control. Everything happens as he says. Till date no one has
locked horns with him? He is a very dangerous man! Yes. Papa, why are you busy
chatting with mad people? Send them away quickly
or should I come? Yes, yes, we are going. We are going. By the way my name is Bharat! He thinks he is very smart. Come, when my daughter is not at home. Why should we come when
your daughter is not at home? Did you say something?
– Nothing, sir. We were saying that we
will come whenever you call us.. Let’s go.
– We will meet again Bye.
– Hurry up, leave! Come, let us go. Don’t look back.
– Bye, uncle! Tell me, Mr. Bharat. You are not coming to office
since the past three days. You don’t even answer my calls. I thought you know everything. Sorry, sir! – You don’t
have any caste! No surname. You are not brave!
You don’t even have any family. Why are you so worried? You are thinking of getting married,
isn’t it? Come, sit. Sit. Come on, sit down. Look Bharat! My daughter’s
photograph is in this envelope. She is a perfect pair for you. ‘If I don’t take this cover
he will throw me out from here.’ Go ahead, my boy! What happened?
Why do you look so dull? Did boss say anything?
– Take this. What is this? What happened? Is she a girl or anaconda? Who is she? She is our boss’s daughter. He is telling me
to get married to her. He asked me to put
it in the dream song. If you put a dream song with
her then your life will be ruined. Here, take your beauty queen. It is no use now. I will have
to prove my love matter today itself. Excuse me.
Sir, I am calling out to you only. Looks like he is deaf.
– I am not deaf. What do you want? Sir, there is a lock over there. You only cannot see properly. Sir, that is not true.
I can see properly. You have worn a brown colored shirt
and you are also wearing goggles. You can see all these things, isn’t it?
– Yes. There is one more thing over here.
Didn’t you see that? One more? And what is that, sir? Look up once. Look at the side. What is written over there? Oh, no! Wow! Just see this is
such a beautiful painting. He is also.. Oh! Great! Hey! Oh! She looks like Swatantra. Hey!
– Yes! I will be back in a minute.
You stay here. Yes, okay, okay. Bye! Bye!
– I will just be back. Hey, Swatantra!
– What? Oh, sorry! Sorry! Sorry!
– Stupid! Oh, no! Hey! Sir! Sir, you..
– Yes, tell me. Sir, all have left from here. But you are sincerely
looking at this painting. Did you really like this painting? Sir, I have made this painting. The thing is I am waiting
for when the wind will blow.. ..from here and all
these leaves would fly away. Stupid fellow! Good painting!
Good, is nice, isn’t it? What? I am waiting here only.
How much more time will you take? One second!
– Oh, my god! Come on, get up!
I hope you are not hurt. Carefully!
– Brother, help me cross the road. Hold your stick. Hey, get down!
– Hey! What happened? Can’t you see? Get down. You.. Tell me, it is hurting you now,
isn’t it? Take some more. Just because you can see you
are so egoistic? – Wow! ‘You are great, Bharat!’ “Oh, traveler, wake up.” “It is no more night
that you are still sleeping.” “Oh, traveler, wake up.” “It is no more night that
you are still sleeping.” – Papa! What happened to you?
– One boy beat me mercilessly. Hey!
– Yes, Bhai! Yes, Bhai! Don’t waste even a minute. Go and find out who is
he and where does he stay. Okay, Bhai! Hey, shorty! Come on!
The boss is shouting from so long. I am waiting for you only. Come soon. Hey, close your mouth and come soon. Hey, Swatantra! Hey, Swatantra! Hey! Oh, no! Yes! Please, number. Hey! Hey, Swatanatra! Hey, please, stop! Stop! Stop! What happened, brother?
What are you searching for? My heart is lost in this thrash. Come on. He is really crazy. Hey! He will not be able
to do anything in his life. Leave it!
– Forget it. He is really crazy. “I will tell you if
I ever get a chance again.” Hey! If you do this again,
I will not spare you! Keep this with you!
Keep it with you! Keep it with you.. Go from here or else wonder..
– Scoundrel! ..what she will do. Yes! I will go in and check. What is this? Hey! Hey you! Why are you making the room so dirty? What has happened to you?
Hey, Bharat! Oh, god! Have the leaves got blown
away from the painting? Tell me, it belongs
to the painting only, right? Atleast tell me. Hey, Bharat!
– Oh, no! It is not this as well. I am asking you something.
– Yes. That day when aunt
had thrown the garbage.. ..what a lecture you had given her. And today you have come
here with so much garbage? Hey, shut up!
– I am asking you something. What is this?
– It is not in this also. It is not in this as well.
– At least say something. Yes! I got it! Hey, what are you doing?
– I got what I wanted. Yes! Hey, Bharat! Hey, oh, no!
Why are you closing all the curtains? Are your intentions good? I beg of you!
Hey, Bharat! Hey, Bharat! Are your intentions good?
Hey! Hey, listen! Shut your mouth!
This is my love letter. What are these holes? No, I mean why has
she made holes in this? Even I don’t understand. Okay, then..what could be this.. I think, one,
two, three, four, five, six, seven.. That means as there are
seven holes means seven numbers. Yes it is a number. That means it looks like a phone number.
– It seems like that! 72522.. 5143! Bharat, whose number is this? Nothing means it is a zero! Zero?
– Yes. 7252251430! Hey!
– Sure it is a zero? Yes, it is a zero! Yes! Yes, got it! Come. 7252251430! Get connected! Get connected! Yes, it is ringing. Yes, hello. This is Bharat speaking. Oh! This is Swatantra! Nice to talk to you.
– Me too. You came to know my number? Great! Thank you. And.. You tell me.
– You too can speak. What I want to say
is in my phone number. Find it yourself. Bye.
– Hey! Hello, hello! Oh, no! It is in the phone number only? What could it be? What happened? Why are you so tense? She says all the matter
is in this phone number. Matter in the phone number?
– Yes. Just once that number..
See that number once again. Check the number. Check the number! 725225143.. Wait. Say it again. Say it again. 1430. 3..
– Yes. That means I love you! That means she said I love you! Hey! You said that you would give me one.. What was I going to give you? That, one..
– What is that? Okay! This! Not this!
– Then? That!
– Okay! Okay. Okay. I will play a game.
– Okay. If you win in that
I will give you that. Okay? Okay. Hey, come, come, come.
– This side? Come.
– This side? This side is.. Hey! “Please accept my request.” “Don’t consider me to be a past time.” “Make me yours.” “I have really fallen in love.” “I like what you say.” “Reside me in your heart.” “We have fallen in love now.” “You are a beautiful girl.” “My heart is yearning for you.” “Later it will sing.” “Come, let us make love.” “Please accept my request.” “Don’t consider me to be a past time.” “Make me yours.” “I have really fallen in love.” “I like what you say.” “Reside me in your heart.” “There is a fire
in my and your heart.” “Be with me if you
are in love with me.” “You are sweet, you are different,
I have bestowed my heart on you.” “I like everything about you.” “Oh, listen my beloved, I love you.” “The poison of your love
gradually intoxicates me.” “Yes, then, do it!
Yes, do it! You fall in love.” “Take Me,
take me, take me in your arms.” “Please accept my request.” “Don’t consider me to be a past time.” “Make me yours.” “You are mesmerizing,
you are charming..” “You are a beautiful girl.” “Give me a kiss as a gift of love.” “I belong to you now
you do what you wish.” “Come, let us write a saga of love.” “Listen,
oh my beloved, you are my world.” “Your face is beautiful
like a Japanese doll.” “Come. Come. Come with me.” “Give, give, give your heart to me.” “Please accept my request.” “Don’t consider me to be a past time.” “Make me yours.” “Please accept my request.” “Don’t consider me to be a past time.” “Make me yours.” “I have really fallen in love.” “I like what you say.” “Reside me in your heart.” Oh, no! There he starts again! Hey! Bharat!
Hey, Bharat! Bharat! Hey, Bharat! Sir! This is CI speaking. Sir, collector Narendra
has been murdered, sir! Sir, the murderer
has left a bell here. Okay, sir. Very bad on your part. That is why I have called Mr.
Ravikant. Okay? So hello, Mr.
Ravikant! I was waiting for you only. Please sit.
– Thank you, sir. The one who can handle
this case is only you. Thank you, sir. That is why just once
study this case file. Sir, I have already studied this case. Sir, very soon I will bring
the evidence of this mystery murder. Good!
– Number one! Police officer. Number two, Rowdy shooter.
And number three, sub collector. Sir, I feel that only one killer
has committed all the three murders. Whenever he commits a
murder to show his identity.. ..he leaves a bell at that place, sir. Bell. You mean the bell?
– Yes, sir. Very interesting. Very good. Now, Mr. Ashok from today
you will assist Mr. Ravikant. Okay, sir.
– Okay? Now you can go.
– Okay, sir. Thank you, sir.
– Yes, you are welcome. Eshwar, this is my love story. So, Eshwar, are you shocked
after hearing Bharat’s love story? Keep all that aside.
Have a peg and be happy. Slow, my friend. If she hears then.. ‘Hey, what was that sound? Oh, no! Looks like
she was born in the bar. No sooner we open the
bottle she starts screaming. Looks like she is coming here. Who is she?
– She is our landlord’s daughter. If she comes here and sees
this bottle we won’t get even a drop. I will manage and come you wait here.
– Okay. Hey, where are you going?
– What is this? You all are drinking without me? Wait, wait, wait. Listen to me. Hey, Lasya,
how can we drink without you? Lasya! Lasya, the thing is in
my childhood when I was very small.. ..liquor used to be
manufactured in my neighborhood. As I have stayed
in such an atmosphere.. body too smells the same. There is nothing. Try and understand. Look, my dear child, Lakshmi.
Do you think I am a fool? Whatever you wish to say,
say it from far so I will feel nice. My just one touch has made you crazy. Look Lakshmi, in a week’s
time if you don’t come with me.. ..I will kidnap you. Stand straight and
say what you wish to say. Why are you hugging
me and saying all this? I am giving you one week’s time. Forget it!
I will make a nice omelet for you. I love you darling.
My Riddhi! My Siddhi! The anklets of my feet. Hey you, what was your lover saying?
– Please! Ashe has given me one week’s time.
– For what? Why? After a week she will elope with me. His lover is filled with variety. So what are you all talking about? Sweetie, you have come? Great! Do you like me so much? Looks like you have brought an omelet. Eshwar, how is your mother and sister? What happened? Hey, Eshwar! – Hey, Eshwar! Hey, Eshwar! – Hey, Eshwar! Hey! Eshwar, where are you going?
– Eshwar, what happened? Eshwar, what happened?
– Why aren’t you saying anything? Tell me.
– My sister is dead. My mother is living
without any life in her. A small cell phone camera..
– What are you saying? It ruined my sister’s life.
– How did this happen? Hey, Eshwar!
– Hey, Eshwar! ‘The boy staying above us
tied a rope to his cell phone..’ ‘..and sent it down
near my sister’s bathroom..’ ‘..and took a shooting
when she was having a bath.’ Friends, I am sending a
very hot video. See and enjoy. ‘He shared that video with
all his friends in college. Friends,
this item looks very beautiful. She is so sexy.
I feel like taking her in my arms. I promise you, my darling. Just once come with me.
We will have a nice time together. Yes, take her around. She has 26 small and big
beauty spots all over her body. ‘She could not endure it.’ ‘For a girl her honor is
more important than her life.’ ‘And my sister proved it.’ ‘She committed suicide.’
– What have you done, my child! Why did you do this? Eshwar! Eshwar, come quickly! Eshwar! – After seeing that day
my mother went into coma. Eshwar!
– And till date she is in Coma. Eshwar, cool, cool.
Eshwar, calm down. Calm down. Calm down. Calm down. Calm down. Even I do not wish to live..
– Hey, Eshwar. Eshwar, wait! Listen to me.
– Hey, Eshwar! What kind of society is this? The more new technologies
are invented.. ..the more people stoop low. The technology by which
there should be development.. ..the same is causing harm to people. I used to be very happy
that I have a mobile in my hand. I used to feel that
I have captured the world. But now I came to know how
the society has degraded due to this. If technology is a
boon it is also a curse. Technology was developed
for the good of the people. But it is being misused. Face book, what’s app,
snap chat, instagram, U tube.. Porn website is just
ruining the society. And my sister is a live example. And we only have to
do something so that.. one else faces such injustice. We will only have to fight it out.
– You are right, Eshwar. Wherever we go a third
eye is following us. When a mother feeds
milk to her child.. When ladies bend down to
buy vegetables in the market.. Right from the trial room
in the mall to our own bathroom.. ..this third eye is always open. Yes, Bharat! If a college lecturer’s chalk piece
falls down then too it is a problem. If a lady sweeper bends forward
and sweeps that too is a problem. Not only that under
the pretence of talking.. ..on the phone they click snaps. And then they edit those
photographs and put them on website. Yes. Since a camera has
got installed in a cell phone.. ..if by mistake a girl’s
undergarment is seen.. ..they immediately capture it on
the cell phone and put it on website. We will have to prepare the
society to control such things. Each one should be encountered. After Nirbhaya’s incident there
was so much furor in the country.. ..but did rape stop
happening after that? We will have to do
something to stop it. Yes! – We will only have
to do something for this. Yes! We have to do
something for the society. The change should begin with us
and we only should bring this change. We will live for the people to live. And I am ready for that.
Are you all ready? Yes, we all are ready! What do we have to do further now? Hey! I have got an idea! We will create a foundation.
– Foundation? Yes, yes. We will do this
work for people’s awareness. Right?
– Yes. But what will be the
name of our foundation? What name shall we give it? Name..
– Name.. Which name.. Oh, no! What shall we name it? Okay! Bharat, I have an idea. We all will come in that. We will take the first
letter of our individual names. First letter?
– What? We will form it with
the first letter of our name? Yes. B for Bharat.
E for Eshwar. L for Lakshman. L for Lasya and S for Swatantra. Bells!
– Yes! Bells! Yes!
– Yes! Bharat! What happened?
Didn’t you like it? – No. We will ring this bell
and awaken the society. Okay, fine! Yes! Stop! Stop! Just zoom it. Is this the only footage
or do you have some more. Sir, we have shown
you all the footage we had. Oh! What is this? His face
is not seen in any of the cameras. We will do one thing. We will go to
the spot where the murder took place. We will get some evidence
from there only. – Okay, sir. There is a wall on
the side of the lift.. ..can you see the shadow in that? Zoom on the shadow. Some more. Some more. Some more. Stop, stop, stop! Look at him carefully. Sir, he is wearing a mask. No, problem.
His eyes are clearly seen. See this picture and make a sketch.
– Okay, sir. Bharat, you cut the ribbon.
– Come on, you cut it. No, you cut it. – No, you cut it.
It is one and the same thing. All this has happened because of you. Okay. Yeah!
– Yes! Yes!
– Yes! We have done it.
– Brother, I love you! Sir!
– Jai hind, sir! Jai hind, sir! Mr. Ashok, is the sketch ready? Sir, it is ready. This is his image, sir. How is it? The criminals database that we have.. ..just see if this
sketch matches with that. Okay, sir. – Come on do it fast. Yes, sir. Who can this be? Trikoti! One more cup of tea. Till now he has had nine cups of tea. Inspite of drinking so much tea
our ACP sir has still not got clarity. Hey, Trikoti!
– Yes! This is not nine tea. Give
him ninety the matter will be solved. You are right. You are right. Sir! The criminal image
that you have does not match.. ..with any of our records. This does not math with any
of the records that are with us. That means he is some new criminal. Quickly we will arrest him and
put a full stop to all his actions. Sir, one small suggestion.
– Tell me, Shiva! We will send this imaginative
sketch to print media.. ..and electronic media then
we can find him very quickly, sir. Very good, Shiva! Very good! Thanks for telling me that
this sketch was made by imagination. Look Shiva, we should not
forget this is an imaginative sketch. We cannot definitely say whether
this kind of person exists or not. But without arresting him we cannot
go ahead with our further proceedings. That is why we will have
to find him from wherever he is. Send this sketch to
all departments like.. ..Adhar card, Voter’s card,
Pan card and driving license. More over don’t forget to send it
to all the banks and passport office. Get me the details of all those
who are familiar to this sketch. We will handle it our way. Hey, say something.
– So everything is okay. What next.
– What next? We will gather everyone
at LB stadium.. ..and Nizam college
ground and hold a meeting.. which we can convey
our aim to many people. Nizam college ground!
LB is okay, right? But maybe it might
turn out to be small. When Mr. Amitabh Bachchan
comes the whole city.. ..can get accommodated in that ground. What is all this? Don’t I
have a right to express my thoughts? She is acting very smart.
It won’t be good for her health. If she keeps doing this
I will go away from here. ‘L’ will disappear from Bells. If ‘L’ disappears what will happen,
you know, isn’t it? Good-bye! Get lost! If one ‘L’ goes
it won’t make any difference. You don’t have brains at all.
Get lost. Yes, I am going..
– Hey! Where are you going? Come and sit. Lasiya, he keeps talking.
Take him lightly. That’s enough!
– Hey, Lakshmi, where are you going? Come. Come.
– Didn’t I say I don’t want to come? Please come.
– I will not come. Please come.. – If you say in this way
‘L’ will again get attached. Come. Bharat, we will fix our next plan now. We have to introduce this organization,
‘The Bells’ to the people. Before introducing it to the people.. ..we will have to
publicize our organization. We will have to increase
people’s curiosity. What is the meaning of Bells?
Why have we kept this name? For what it is named as this? We will have to awaken
that interest in the people. Whatever we wish to do
we will have to take that to.. ..every state and
every house in India. That means we will have to
visit every home and make a survey. Yes.
– Something like this. But we cannot go together to
every state and house in the country. That is why for our pilot
project we will go to Warangal! Yes! Let’s go! “Take a promise right
now that we will awaken all.” A warm hello to all of you. I congratulate Bharat and his
colleagues who with a good thought.. ..have decided to start the
organization called ‘The Bells’. The first step of ‘The Bells’
foundation begins from here. I bless them that may they proceed.. ..from the villages to
the cities and every house.. ..doing this social
work and become successful. And I am ready to give any
kind of support they need in future. With this joy I wish to
tell you all one more thing. Right from childhood
the song that I used to sing.. ..and which was also written by me,
“Logon Ka Dil Jeet Le..” That singer who has acclaimed
fame and who is liked.. small children to elders.. ..not only in our country
but all over the world.. Who is liked by all and
her name is Miss Madhupriya. To give support and help
to this ‘The Bells’ foundation.. ..she too is part
of this organization. Today once again Miss
Madhupriya is going to sing.. ..a very nice and famous song.
Listen! “Having a beautiful face we are
scared of the people of this world.” “I sit and weep alone
and everyone comes after me.” “Wonder what I should do?” “I am troubled due to this youth.” “When I come out of the house
Romeo’s are ready to pester me.” “Wonder what I should do?” “I am troubled due to this youth.” “When I come out of the house
Romeo’s are ready to pester me.” “I go here and I got here
but I don’t get freedom anywhere.” “Wonder what I should do?” “I am troubled due to this youth.” “When I come out of the house
Romeo’s are ready to pester me.” “Once it so happened
that I went out for a stroll.” “I thought should I go
to the garden or to the park.” “I was dressed up and
was looking very beautiful.” “That was my mistake.” “The balloon man saw
me and started misbehaving..” “..and he also whistled at me.” “Beat such scoundrels.
Beat such scoundrels.” “Don’t spare such
scoundrels beat them.” “Listen, we are not dolls.” “Understand that the
world is because of us.” “I go here and I go there
but I do not find freedom anywhere.” “Wonder what I should do?” “I am troubled due to this youth.” “When I come out of the house
Romeo’s are ready to pester me.” “Wearing a beautiful
sari and doing up my hair..” “I was getting bored at
home so thought of going out.” “I made a plan of watching a film
and eating ice cream and pop corn.” “The betel leaf vendor winked
at me and the ticket checker..” “..catches my hand.” “All the boys in the theatre
also started teasing me.” “Is this right?” “Someone pulls my sari
and someone kicks me.” “Beat such scoundrels.
Beat such scoundrels.” “Don’t spare such
scoundrels beat them.” “Listen, we are not dolls.” “Understand that the
world is because of us.” “I go here and I go there
but I do not find freedom anywhere.” “Wonder what I should do?” “I am troubled due to this youth.” “When I come out of the house
Romeo’s are ready to pester me.” “Being innocent and putting
a dot and kohl in the eyes..” “..I heard that there
is a fair nearby..” “ would go and have some fun.” “The same happened
what always happens.” “The same happened
what always happens.” “The sari seller started glaring.” “The bangle seller
started misbehaving.” “I went a little ahead
and stood in a corner.” “The drum player smiled and the
other musician started troubling me.” “Beat such scoundrels.
Beat such scoundrels.” “Don’t spare such
scoundrels beat them.” “Listen, we are not dolls.” “Understand that the
world is because of us.” “Beat such scoundrels.
Beat such scoundrels.” “Don’t spare such
scoundrels beat them.” “Beat such scoundrels.
Beat such scoundrels.” Tell me! Why did you
commit so many murders! Come on, tell me! Why do you glare like this?
Will you kill me now? Hey, you will not speak up like this,
isn’t it? Speak up! Tell me! Tell me! Tell me, will you speak or not?
Tell me. I said, speak up. You will not give in like this.
Till I do not.. Sir! Sir! Sir, what are you doing?
What are you doing, sir? I am trying to make his speak.
What else am I doing? Why are you beating him?
What has he done? Sir, leave him! From so long I am telling him. And what I am doing?
Just see what is in his pocket. See this! See, this is the bell. This bell!
Every time he murders someone.. ..he leaves a bell there. And he challenges us? He is a murderer and we
will have to interrogate him. Sir, how can he be a murderer? He is from our department.
He is constable Shri Selam. What did you say? He is constable Shri
Selam from our department? Yes, sir. After being dishonored
at the hands of Akiram Naidu’s son.. ..his sister committed suicide, sir. He went everywhere but he
never got justice, sir. – Really? To this extent that our department
too did not support him. Because of which
he became insane, sir. Come, brother, you come with me. Come. Slowly! Come! We have brought some
sensational news for you! To awaken people who are asleep.. ..and also those people
in society who think low.. organization by the name
of ‘The Bells’ has been established. Till now the foundation has
already made fifty thousand members. We have told you the number
as per the information we got. This foundation will give
you information about all the.. ..programs that they
are going to do in future. For that the Mr. Bharat the
founder of ‘The Bells’ foundation.. here with us in the studio today. Mr. Bharat,
what is the secret of your success. See, he looks exactly like
the murderer we are looking out for. We wish to bring a change
in people’s thought process. Due to this we can change
their path and reform them. Our main focus is on the
one whom the society boycotts. That is why we will
need youths and students. We wish to connect them with us with
the help of progressive technology. We wish to stop those
who misuse the technology. We are here to stop such people. This organization is
established with the intention.. ..that no girl should
ever get dishonored in any way. I never thought we would get
connected to the public so quickly. The public faces daily the
problems that we are talking about. So if the public has any
kind of problem please tell us.. ..our organization
will surely help them. This is our success secret. Mr. Bharat,
what are your future plans? In future we are planning
to launch a Bell’s app. We are opening branches of
our organization in all the states. Thank you, Mr. Bharat. Thank you.
– Our good wishes are with you. You will not open
any branch state wide. We will open a special
branch for you in central jail. He is saying he will
launch an App. An App. Once we put him behind bars, then.. Hey, don’t get frustrated. He is not a public servant
like us who gets a salary.. ..instead he is the one
who is ready to help the people. He is a social worker. Sir, you are calling
a murderer as Gandhi. Right now we do not have any proof
that he has committed those murders. As it is such a kind hearted
person will commit murders.. ..I don’t think so. Sir, I am sure that he only
has committed all those murders. The one who thinks of doing
something for the society.. ..will never take law
and order in his hand, sir. The one’s who go on the
wrong side are killed on the spot. Sir, he too must be like that. What you say is also right. Why are you delaying
the matter then, sir? Go and make an encounter. Hey, cool! Cool! Never mind if hundred
culprits run away.. ..but one innocent
should not get punished. First find out all details about him.
– Okay, sir. Tell our CI Ashok to
join ‘The Bells’ foundation. Okay, sir. Hi, friends! People’s faith is increasing
day by day in our foundation. And the next thing. The Bells App that we
have made how it should be. How the public will use it. Eshwar will give it’s
guidance and advice. Whatever work we are doing together
after liking it and to encourage us.. ..NRI’s from different countries.. ..have transferred 11
lakhs as fund in our account. Wow! – That’s nice How much amount gets
credited and debited.. ..from our account and
for the public to know of this.. ..we will be putting
up the monthly balance sheet.. ..and foundation
activities on our website. Let’s be transparent. Okay?
– Okay! Sorry, friends. Eshwar
will continue the program. Okay? Bharat! Bharat! Bharat! What happened to you? What happened? What happened? Bharat, what happened? Slowly! Slowly! Stop that sound of the bell. Cool, cool, Bharat!
– Stop that first! Quickly stop it! – Okay! Who is playing the bell?
Stop it! Stop it! Who are you?
Why are you playing the bell? Getting thoroughly impressed
by the social work.. all are doing
this Ghatananad Swami.. ..himself has come to
shower his blessings on you. We wish to meet Bharat. Sage, please come in. God bless you. Swami-ji, please come. Bharat!
– Yes? Are you all right?
– Yes. Bharat, he is Ghantanand Swami! He has come to meet you. Hail the lord! My child, it is our culture and
tradition to ask an elderly person.. sit if he comes to meet you. Swami-ji, please sit. Swatantra!
– Yes! Two coffee!
– Okay. Yes, tell me.
– You must know about us. I do not know. Short and
sweetly tell me in three parts. The breath we left is the past.
What we are doing is the present. What we see is the future. With my hands I can rule the world.
I have that much power. Hey, you came with the coffee?
Swatantra didn’t come? Sir, she is busy. Never mind.
He is from my team. You speak. In every district, in every area,
in every village of this state.. ..there is one Swami. That means. There are approximately thousands
of Swami’s in the entire state. Each Swami has ten disciples. That means ten thousand disciples. Yes, I understood. They all are your disciples
and you are paying.. ..a salary to them
and have hired them. All the money that they
get as charity and the money.. ..that comes in the form of donation.. ..through money laundering
you send them out of the country.. ..and deposit them in foreign banks.
Am I right? You look to be very young but
you seem to have a lot of experience. You have thought much
more than what I have thought. Fine. Now that we know
the intention let us come.. ..straight to the point. That is not necessary.
I know what you wish to say. The business that all
you Swami’s have been doing.. ..are facing problems because of me. And many influential people
are involved in this business. If you get caught many
of those well known people.. ..will also get exposed. That is why you have come
to me, isn’t it? – No. I have come to alert you. If you don’t stop what
you are doing before.. ..the coming ‘Ashtami’
(Eight day of the month).. ..I will sacrifice you at
the feet of Mother Goddess Durga! Okay! Go and do your work. Hail the lord! You fold your hands in respect
when a priest comes in front of you. You fall the feet of God
when He appears before you. You move aside when
a devil appears before you! And you are locking horns
with the devil himself. You will get killed! Mendicant,
thank you for your blessings. Hail the lord! Bharat!
– Bharat! Bharat!
– Bharat! What happened now? Are you all right? What happened?
– Bharat! What happened?
– Are you okay, brother? I am all right! It’s okay! Are you okay? – Bharat! It’s okay! Bharat!
– Bharat! Hello! – Sir, that Swami-ji
was talking angrily here.. ..but Bharat did
not take him seriously. He remained very cool while talking. But no sooner he heard
the sound of the bell.. ..he became very uneasy and sir,
I felt this to be very strange, sir. Very interesting. Okay, you carry on. How are you feeling now? Hey, Swatantra! How come you are here? How are you?
– Yes, I am fine. Where are you going?
– I have a headache. I will go and get a tablet
from the medical store. You relax. I will go and get it. No, it is okay. I will go. You sit. “If you stay with me you will enjoy!” “With me, with me, with me..” “If you stay with me you will enjoy!” “You will experience
all the joys of the world.” “If you stay with me..”
– Hey! It is my birthday today and why
are you singing such a boring song? Bhai, we have called
Chintamani for you. “Saudamini!” “Why is your face like Chintamani?” “I am hot and my name is Saudamini.” “Why is your face like Chintamani?” “I am hot and my name is Saudamini.” “Message me on what’s app.” “Send me a friendship
request on face book.” “My photo..” “You too like my photo.” “Why is your face like Chintamani?” “I am hot and my name is Saudamini.” “Day and night I
want to chat with you.” “We should have a solid
happening on our profile.” “Our love should always be browsing.” “All the time there should
be surfing of fun here.” “Let the net pack be unlimited.” “Send this party song on face book.” “Why only on weekends
meet me every day.” “Connect your heart with mine.” “I called to fix a meeting.” “My heart danced merrily
when you touched me.” “I pray to god that we fall in love.” “Don’t gamble with this software.” “Listen! Listen!” “Why is your face like Chintamani?” “I am hot and my name is Saudamini.” “Saudamini!” “Saudamini!” “You are sweet like a chocolate hero.” “I turned into sugar
no sooner I met you.” “My only desire is
that you call me home.” “I will come home and meet you.” “By calling me here today
there was fun in the party.” “Become a bird if the sky is open.” “Eat, drink make merry
and forget the world.” “Come so close that we
can look into each other’s eyes.” “My dear,
everything about you is different.” “Everyone only wants your company.” “Put your hand into mine.” “Day and night I
only think about you.” “Listen! Listen!” “Why is your face like Chintamani?” “I am hot and my name is Saudamini.” Hey, Ghanta! Who are you?
How did you come in my area? Oh, so it is you! Hail the lord! How should I trap you? I was just thinking of
getting you trapped in my trap.. ..but without taking any
trouble you came on your own.. ..and got trapped in my trap, my son. Hey! I have come
to show you your status. I have come to finish
your future right now. Hey! In front of a brave
man you are talking of death? What is your status? Here..I rule this place. I rule here! I have killed many
to establish this empire. Today I will bury you here as well.
– Hey! Hey! What..what is this? What is this? Don’t shout! Or else in a
second you will vomit blood and die. I have injected poison in your body. Hey! Only these tablets
can save your life now. Give me..give it to me..give it to me.. Quickly give me.
Give it to me quickly. I beg of you.
Please give me these tablets. I beg of you. Give me..give me..give it to me. My son, give it to me. What will you give
me if I give you this? What do you want? What do you want? Tell me, what do you want?
Tell me. I will give you. I want your life! Tell me, will you give me? My son, I..I do not want to die.
Please give me those tablets. My son, give me.
Ask for something else. I will give you as
much wealth as you wish.. ..but my son, give me these tablets. Will you give me?
Will you give me what I want? All the money that
you have in foreign banks.. ..transfer all that money
to ‘The Bells’ foundation! Hurry up!
– Okay. Okay, I will do it. I have done it! I have done it! Son, give me those tablets.
Give them to me, son. Save my life. Give them to me. Wait!
– Save my life, son. I will die. Give me the tablets.
Son, save my life. Save my life!
I have done what you told me to do. Give me the tablets.
Give me. Save my life, son. Give me, give me, I beg of you, son. Son, give me the tablets.
Don’t allow me to die! Save my life.. You took the tablet?
– Yes! Yes! Son, I took the tablet. I will be saved now, isn’t it? This was the original poison! You just watch,
in five minutes you will die. ‘Sanskrit chant.’ ’43 percent of the worker’s
salary has been increased in Telanga.’ ‘This has happened
first time in History.’ ‘All the people are
very happy due to this.’ One more important news. Swami Ghantanand was
found dead in his guest house. The information we got is that before
dying he had consumed a lot of liquor. The police believe that
Swami-ji was given poison. In this incident too
the murderer left a bell.. ..after committing the murder. All the efforts that I
took for the past twenty years.. ruined in a second. I caught hold of one
layman and made him a Swami. I started a business
of Swami-ji’s in the state. One by one I got together
these Swami’s and made an empire.. ..and this Swami was the pillar. By killing him he has ruined me. Who is he? Who is that my enemy! Who is that my enemy! Bharat! Bharat!
– Yes! You murdered someone just because
our organization is in need of money? Swatantra, what are you saying? You only have murdered
that Swami -ji, right? What? Are you joking? No, Bharat! I am asking you seriously. Answer me clearly. You only
have killed that Swami-ji, isn’t it? I don’t like to kill mosquitoes. So I don’t even keep
a mosquito coil in my room. Will such a man murder someone?
You also.. By saying such things don’t
try to show that you are a.. ..very sensitive person. You are not sensitive at all. You are something else from
within which you do not wish to show. You are not at all
like what you wish to show. You only have murdered that Swami-ji.
No doubt! Why are you harping on
that Ghanta Swami all the time? He is a thief. By telling lies he robs the people.
He is a thief. Look, Swatantra! Don’t trouble your mind
by hearing unnecessary things. We have to do so many other things. ‘If it is not Bharat
who else can it be?’ Hey, Swatantra! Oh, no! Excellent, guys.
You all have done a very good job. You have developed
the application very well. And Eshwar! We have to launch this
application as soon as possible. Okay?
– Sure. Uncle, ball! ‘What is this? Bharat is catching
the ball with the left hand.’ ‘He is right handed, isn’t it?’ ‘Something is there!’ First of all a warm welcome
from our Bells foundation members.. all the media friends.. ..who have come here for
the launch of the application. My high security application is
made primarily to bring the society.. order and to
give protection to women. Mr. Eshwar who has made this
application will now tell you.. ..about its uses and features. Thank you, Bharat! Thank you so much. Prior to this many such apps were
invented to give security to the public. But our Bell’s application is
quite different, unique and advanced. From here my associate,
Jay will explain to you..’s uses,
features and it’s benefits. Thank you so much. Thank you, Eshwar.
– You are welcome. This is a user’s friendly app. Right from internet facility,
from basic mobile phone.. smart phone all can use this app. We will now see how it works. ‘If someone lands in trouble
and if that person dials..’ ‘..star999hash from his
mobile then that is enough.’ ‘Automatically from this mobile,
police, ambulance fire, she team.’ All of them will be sent alerts
from the main server of Bells number.. ..which will be situated
at every kilometer. And through this alert
medium a team quickly reaches.. save the person
who is in trouble. Not only this. Anyone can download this app
for free from app zone and use it. Sir!
– Yes. Take him into custody.
– Okay, sir. Bharat, our ACP sir
has come to arrest you. What is this? From the past so many days
we thought he was a member of Bells.. ..but he turned out
to be a police officer. Sorry for the interruption. Bharat is regarded as a
suspect in the serial murders.. ..that are taking place nowadays. That is why we are
taking him into custody. Come on, Mr. Bharat. This is injustice.
How can you arrest Bharat? How can you arrest Bharat
without evidence and witnesses? We will also see how you
take Bharat away from here. We will have to take
action if you try to stop us. Sir, we are not scared of beating. Wait! They are arresting
me because they suspect me. I am going to prove myself
innocent from these allegations. Bharat, we will not allow you to go.
– Yes, absolutely! Please continue the program.
– Not at all! Bharat..
– Please move away! Bharat!
– Please! Please move aside. Sir! Sir!
On what basis have you arrested him? Do you have any proof?
– Do you have any proof? No one is arrested without any proof.
Please move aside. Sir, please tell us. Sir, please!
– Please! Please! Sir, tell us something at least,
sir! Sir! All of you please move aside. We do not arrest anyone without proof. Please let us go.
– Sir, please! Further news for you. Tigers are increasing
in number in the country. Due to this animal
lovers are very happy. We will now tell you
today’s breaking news! Police have arrested Bharat, the
founder of ‘The Bells’ organization.. a suspect in
the serial murder case. There is a furor in the whole
country after hearing this news. People have come on the roads. Papa, papa, he is the one
who had beaten me on the road. ‘Papa, he is the one.’
– ‘The police are interrogating Bharat.’ ‘Here the police are troubled
by the furor created by the people.’ How many ever questions you
ask I have only one answer to that. I have nothing to do
with this serial murder case. Hey you! I have proof that
you only have committed those murders. Even I have proof that
I have not done anything. Besides that Swami-ji, neither
I mean anyone nor do I know anyone. When a particular murder
was taking place just inquire.. .,.where I was and what was I doing. From that you will come to
know whether I am a murderer or not. All right! Sir! Thank you, sir. After seeing his confidence
level it seems like.. ..he has not committed those murders. The one who does wrong
can never be so confident. If you make him sit
comfortably on a chair.. ..and ask him will
he tell you anything? If you scare him at gun
point he will tell you everything. Sir!
– Yes. Real estate businessman,
Sudhakar Reddy.. ..was murdered half an hour back, sir.
– What? We got information that
they found a bell there too, sir. Oh, my god!
– What? Half an hour back? What happened? You are saying that since the
past one hour he is in your custody? The news we just received is today
morning the police arrested Bharat.. ..the founder of
‘The Bells’ foundation.. a suspect in the serial
murder case happening in the area. For this demanding the
Home Minister’s resignation.. ..the people and the
opposition ministers.. ..have asked to release
Bharat as soon as possible. Listen! Connect a call to DGP. The Home Minister too has called now.
– Sir! Hello, sir. Good morning, sir. Mr. DGP, what’s the matter? Why is the government
paying you a salary? To arrest the one
who troubles the people.. ..and not to arrest
the one who saves them. With a good thought
he is making an effort.. give something
new to the society. Our country needs such young people. Why have you arrested
him without any reason? There is a furor all around
after what you have done. Mr. DGP, before this
becomes a serious issue.. ..release Bharat as soon as possible. And along with you
save my honor as well. Sorry, sir.
– ‘Release Bharat immediately!’ Okay, sir. Okay, sir.
– ‘Okay.’ Okay, sir. Thank you. Go and release him.
– Very well, sir. Thank you, sir. Mr. Bharat, you can go now. Thank you, sir. Sir, remember one thing. Whatever difficulties
I may have to face but.. ..I will never stop
helping people and no one.. ..will also be able to stop me. ‘Let me see how many more
days will you save yourself from me.’ “Wherever there is
crime they will be there..” “Where will you find
such brave people?” “The whole world respects them..” “You better know them.” “Don’t lock horns with them.
Their job is to give punishment.” “They serve selflessly.
They are superb.” “Listen to them.” “They bring a smile on sad faces.” “They teach the defeated to win.” “They take care of the helpless.” “Only if your heart is at
peace you can bring a revolution.” “Do you duty and you
will get your destination.” “Understand the importance of life.” “If you see atrocities happening..” “..stop them at any cost.” “Bell is a ray of hope.” “Bells give happiness to everyone.” “People call them rebels.” “Rebels!” “Make a promise today
that all shall be educated.” “Immediately stop
the one who is corrupt.” “This Bell is the scale of justice.” “The Bell saves lives.” “They bring a smile on sad faces.” “They teach the defeated to win.” “They take care of the helpless.” “Only if your heart is at
peace you can bring a revolution.” “Do you duty and you
will get your destination.” “Understand the importance of life.” Hello, Harish!
– Yes, tell me, Akhil. I have just sent you a
wonderful video on what’s app. Great! Thank you, friend. Listen, I have shared
it with all my friends. You too share it with
your friends after you see it. If Akhil has sent a video
that means it has to be good. I will see and then
will share with everyone. Hello.
– How did you like the video? Brother, this video that
you sent to me is none other.. ..than my sister Sunayna. What are you saying?
Really I never knew that. Sorry, brother. We were doing such wrong
things from the past so many days. I have realized that today. Today I understood how it hurts you. Hey, don’t cry. Please! No, this should never
happen with any girl. I have made a decision.
– Brother! Hey! Brother, I am going to die. My death is a lesson for those
people who tread the wrong path. Just help me.
Give this video to the media. Sorry, buddy! Good-bye, my friend! ‘Hello. You are watching
Jay TV and my name is Kavita.’ ‘The beginning of the bulletin.’ ‘There is a furor amongst the people
after seeing the video of the youth.’ ‘Seeing this video the young
generation has learnt a lesson.’ Seeing the efforts taken
by ‘The Bells’ foundation.. ..there is an awareness
amongst the people.. ..due to which the
Chief Minister has reacted. A group will have to be formed
to remove and stop porn sites. This is what our honorable
Chief Minister says. And along with this the Chief
Minister has also said that.. ..he will definitely help
and support ‘The Bells’ foundation.. this program. The Chief Minister is
very happy about their work. ‘Before moving ahead
we will take a short break.’ Our dream has been fulfilled
after so many days. Bharat!
– Bharat! Stop this!
Stop the sound of that bell! Bharat!
– Stop it! ‘Bharat! Bharat, what happened?’ ‘Bharat, listen to me..’
– ‘What happened?’ ‘Pani Puri’, ‘Samosa’, ‘Chaat’!
(Snacks) ‘Pani Puri’. Bharat!
– What are you doing? Hey, what are you doing? If I do not play the
bell how will I do business? Wonder where they come from! Move! He seems to be mad! Take him away! One second. Excuse me.
– Yes. We have an appointment
with doctor Murthy, Psychiatrist. Room number 2.
– Thank you. What’s the problem, doctor? No problem. Everything is normal.
– Okay. What is your name?
– Bharat. Tell me your full name.
– Singham Neni Bharat. You get scared by
the sound of the bell? sooner I hear that
sound I start getting irritated. I don’t know I start getting tense. But why? What is the reason for this? An incident that took
place in my childhood. What is that incident?
Tell me everything clearly. If you don’t tell me there
will be problem in your treatment. So, tell me which that incident is? Bharat, speak up. Speak up! Our village was filled
with green luscious fields. The name of which was Ayodhya. “It is different, it is different, the
simplicity of the village is different.” “The fresh atmosphere..” “We like and love the life here.” “We like and love the life here.” “The scent of the
soil here is different.” “Of the soil here..” “We like and love the life here.” ‘In that village we
had 500 acres of land..’ ‘..and my father was
the owner of that land..’ ‘..and his name was Ramnarayan.’ “He had given away all
his land to the poor people..’ ‘..of the village to grow crops.’ ‘And he also used to teach the children
and the old people of the village.’ ‘He proved to be a good teacher in
the village who imparted knowledge.’ Hello.
– Hey, Laxmi, what are you doing? Son, how are you?
– I am fine, sir. I got a seat in the medical college. If you would not have taught me. I would never have been
able to learn anything, sir. Nothing is in the
hands of a human being. All this is god’s grace! Take a good education
and serve the village. – Okay, sir. God bless you!
– Thank you, sir. ‘If the villagers would
face any kind of problem..’ ‘..he would find a solution for them.’ ‘The way Lord Ram had
taken birth in Ayodhya..’ ‘ the same way
in our Ayodhyapuram..’ ‘ father was like god to them.’ ‘If people wanted to
share their joy or sorrow..’ ‘..they would come and tell him.’ “It is the festival of
Holi all get immersed in color.” “It is the festival of
Holi all get immersed in color.” “On the day of Holi get
colored and color everyone.” “On the day of Holi get
colored and color everyone.” “Merrily play Holi in the village.” “Merrily play Holi in the village.” “On the day of Holi get
colored and color everyone.” “Come on,
let’s all play tap and stick.” “Come on,
let’s all play tap and stick.” “Let’s play under the
tree where the wind blows.” “In the air we will
play tap and stick.” “Under the tree where
the wind blows we will play..” “In the air we will
play tap and stick.” “Let’s play under the
tree where the wind blows.” ‘To cast an evil eye on that happiness
a demon came into our village.’ Hello, Mr. Naidu.
– Hello, sir. Sir, come I will show you the land. Mr. Naidu, the single hand
land that you told us about is this. It’s survey number is 25, 26 and 27. And sir,
Ramnarayan owns this entire land. Sir, if you have liked
it then tomorrow itself.. ..we will go and meet Ramnarayan.. ..and will hand him a token amount.. ..and tomorrow itself we
will get it registered in your name. What do you say? A river flows from near it so there
is ample water supply, Mr. Naidu. He has brought us to the right place. The land is very good. It is exactly like
how the party wanted it. Hey, Surya!
– Yes, Bhai. Tomorrow we will go
and meet Ramnarayan once. Okay, Bhai. “Oh, god,
see the condition of a human being.” “A human being has changed so much.” “A human being has changed so much.” “A human being has changed so much.” “A human being has changed ..” Let’s go. Sir, you have kept
a good music director. Mr. Rao, that land
belongs to my ancestors. This land belongs to our lineage. I have given it by my
own wish to the poor farmers.. ..of my village to grow crops. Now by selling it should I
deprive the people surviving on it? I can never do that. By making the poor
who are dependent on it.. ..more helpless..I will never do it. Look here, Mr. Ramnarayan,
it is my guarantee to look after them. I will give them a job in the chemical
factory that will be made here. Chemical factory?
– Yes. The biggest chemical factory.. the country worth
two thousand crores. I will give you five thousand
more than the market rate. Not only this I will also give
you 20 percent share in that company. Mr. Ramnarayan, you are a
person who thinks about other people. I am giving you a piece of advice. If this chemical
factory is made here.. ..then along with the people of this
village others too will get employment. The entire village will progress. It will be good if you sell the
land for the welfare of the people. This is my suggestion. If you put up a
chemical factory here.. ..the people living
here will not be benefitted. Instead it will be death for them. The smoke coming out from
tat factory will pollute.. ..will pollute the entire atmosphere. Along with that will come out from the
factory will pollute the ground water. And this village which is
so free of pollution and fifty.. ..other neighboring villages
will turn into graveyards. Ramnarayan, I am giving
you the last and final offer. Mr. Rao, I am not kind of a
person who will get trapped so easily. This village is my family. Please leave from here. Is this your final decision?
– Yes. “Mister, walk slowly In love..” Let’s go. What happened? Who are these people? You don’t worry. ‘My father never bowed
down in front of them.’ ‘That I why they took
enmity with my father.’ What? Hey! Narsimha!
Hey, Narshimha! What happened, son? Oh, god! ‘And to vent out that enmity they
mixed poison in the village water.’ ‘Suddenly all people started dying.’ ‘And they made the villagers belief
that my father was doing all this.’ Someone has cast an
evil eye on our village. So many people have died. So many of them have become insane. Village head,
please talk to the collector and.. ..arrange for a medical camp. Mother goddess is angry
so she is taking sacrifices. If we villagers venerate
Her she will calm down. That is not the thing. I feel
someone is doing this deliberately. Village head, what you are
saying is absolutely right. Yesterday I found some things related
to black magic in the cemetery. I ran away no sooner I saw that. I wish to speak to you
all regarding that issue. What do you say? My doubt proved true. There is someone who
is doing this deliberately. Surely there is some
conspiracy behind this. We will go and catch him
tonight itself. What do you say? Yes, we should catch him!
Yes, we should catch him! Listen! Listen, what happened? Why are you in such deep thought? Come, let’s have dinner.
The food is ready. Come. Tulsi, I am not hungry at all. What has happened? Many people are dying
in our without any reason. And I am feeling very sad about it. Will the dead come
back if you become sad? Come, let’s have dinner. Tulsi, I am really not hungry. Okay, has our son’s fever ebbed?
– No. Then go and see. Go.
– Yes. Okay. Hail the lord! ‘Sanskrit chant.’ Look, he is doing black magic. He should not escape! Catch him! Hey you! Stop!
– Stop! Where are you running away!
– Stop! Hey, stop!
– Catch him! Where is he?
– He has gone in. Find him. Yes, he is the one! See! Are you the one who was performing
veneration in the cemetery? What are you saying?
Why will I do such a thing? You are responsible for those
who have died in the village. Don’t you feel ashamed saying this?
– Not at all! Tomorrow morning the Panchayat
will be held under the tree. Yes, the Panchayat will be held.
– You are right. We will take him to the Panchayat.
– What is all this going on? You will have to come
for tomorrow’s Panchayat. Attention! All of you listen! Women, old people and children,
all hear! ‘Children,
elders, old people, women, all hear!’ Listen carefully! The Panchayat is
going to be held today! So all of you will have to be present. Listen! He has always helped
all the villagers. We cannot accept that
he will think ill for us. Brother, say that you were
not in the cemetery last night. He is the one who does
black magic at night. He wishes to destroy
the entire village! Yes, sir! The other day he was buying turmeric,
vermilion and lemon in the market. I thought he was buying these
things for the festival veneration. But he was buying all that to perform
black magic in the village cemetery. Very good! And amidst this I have seen
him in the neighboring village.. ..coming out of that
Ojha’s house. Yes. See this!
When he had come to my dispensary.. ..he forgot this bag there. See what all is there in this bag.
All of you see. A book on Mantras and
turmeric and vermillion. The other day a wealthy
man came and demanded.. ..1000 acres of land.
But he has only 500 acres of land. And by killing the people
with his black magic.. ..he has promised to give
him the rest of the 500 acres. In this way by doing such black
magic and scaring the villagers.. ..and by seizing our land
he wishes to sell it to those people. You lowly man! Staying
with us you are a degrading us? Village head,
what is this you are saying? Beware what you say!
The lord is seeing everything. Yes! It is said that money
is god but for the sake of money.. ..that same god is
turned into a devil. We should not allow such a man to
stay in the village. He cannot stay. Beat him and send him
away from our village. All beat him!
Come forward and beat him. Beat him! – Beat him! ‘Please don’t beat him.
He is like god to us.’ What are you doing?
– Beat him! Hey! Don’t beat him! Leave him! I beg of you pleased don’t beat him. They will go away from this village.
Please do not beat them. I beg of you.
He has never thought ill for us. Then you only tell us..
– Yes, tell us.. Tell us what to do? You only tell me what shall I say? Tell him to go away from this village. Yes. Please spare them.
I will tell him. Yes, tell him. Yes, tell him. Master, go away from this village. These people will not
allow you to live here. You please go away from here. Our plan was successful, isn’t it?
– Go away from here! Tell me, Ramnarayan!
Will you sell your land or not now? That belongs to my villagers. And I have given them
that land to grow crops. I will die but I will never sell it. You have still not come to your
senses after all that has happened? This entire village is my family.
They all are my children! You said this, right? What happened? The same people are
beating you and your wife.. ..with sandals and throwing
you out of this village. A house is not sold because
of petty fights in the house. Such things keep
happening in a family. Today they have
behaved badly with me.. ..but a day will come
when they will know the truth.. ..and will understand everything. Didn’t I tell you that
he will not listen to anyone? Don’t you all remember?
– No! Please spare him. Please don’t beat him.
– Papa! Brother, please don’t beat him.
– Hey, why are you beating my father? No! No! Oh, god!
Please don’t beat him! Please spare him. Please don’t beat him! Hey! Come on, pick him up!
Pick him up! Please don’t beat him.
– Mr. Rao! Sign the documents on a good note.
– Please spare him. He has not done anything. Come on, sign here. You are still not dead? After that whenever I
hear the sound of the bell.. ..I feel as if something
bad is going to happen. I feel as if someone
has beaten me with the bell. Sir, that’s it! My dear!
– Doctor! Give him these medicines for a month.
– Okay. And after that come and show me again. The medicines will surely work on him. Thank you, doctor. We will meet again. Bharat, let’s go. Swatantra!
– Yes! I will go to the washroom and come.
– Okay. Okay? “Come under the pretext
of taking water.” “Come under the pretext
of taking water.” “Our path is the same.” “Our path is the same, my beloved.”
– It is Murthy’s call. “You swat like a snake..”
– Stop it! Tell me, Murthy.
How is your hospital going on? Stop your nonsense and
first listen to what I say. Hey, Murthy! What are you saying?
– Then listen! In Ayodhyapura that
son of Ramnarayan.. ..whom we thought as
dead and left him is alive. And he is none other than
Bharat of ‘The Bells’ foundation. How did you come to know all this? He had come to me
for treatment just now.. ..and he himself told me
all that happened in his childhood.. ..and also that he is scared
of the sound of the bell. He will surely take revenge on us. That is why we will
have to stay alert now. Hello! Hello! Murthy! Hello! Hello! Murthy! Hello! Swatantra!
– Yes? Shall we go?
– Yes, sure. What happened?
Why do you look at me like this? Come on. When I see your intelligence
I feel jealous of you. It has come in the survey
reports that whatever it is.. ..but the left handers are
more intelligent that right handers. What is this? Suddenly why this
topic of right hand and left hand? That.. Hey! Excuse me. Hello. Yes, this is Bharat here.
Who is speaking? ‘If Bharat is a right
hander then who that be..’ ‘..who is just like
Bharat but a left hander?’ ‘There is lot of confusion.’ ‘Something is there.’ ‘It will be better if
I meet ACP Ravikant once.’ Tell me, Swatantra. Sir, I wanted to tell
you one important thing. I have a doubt that there
is someone like Bharat. What? How can you say that? Actually Bharat is a right hander. But a surprising this is that.. I have seen someone just
like Bharat who is a left hander. But till date Bharat has
never told us whether he has.. ..any elder or younger brother. Hello! Who are you? Why did you phone
me and called me here? Hello! Excuse me. Excuse me! Boss! Look all consider
me to be the murderer. Will you please tell me who
is actually committing these murders? But boss, who are you? Bharat! My brother, Bhagat! There is not a single place where
I must have not searched for you. I thought that,
that day you too must have died. After recovering from my
fever before reaching the temple.. ..that Akiram Naidu
had killed everyone. Uncle Acchubabu took
me to US and educated me. After coming to Hyderabad
I came to know that you are alive. The Bell increased fear
in your life and anger in me. You are awakening
everyone with that bell.. ..and with the same bell
I am finishing all our enemies. I followed you and I
attended all your meetings. Hello!
– ‘Naidu! Akiram Naidu!’ Your mother is with me.
She is still alive. He condition is like an insane woman. If you want your mother then
come to the crusher near Ayodhyapuram. Hello. Hello! Brother, what happened?
– Bhagat! Our mother is alive. That Akiram had called me. Listen!
– Yes, papa. Before he comes here
finish him on the way. And put his body in the
crushed machine. Understood? Okay, papa. Hey! Catch him! Catch him! Hey! Stop! Where are you running away? Hey, Bharat!
You easily got trapped in my trap. How much you love your mother! Movies on mother’s sentiments
still go on for 100 days. This love is really great! Hey, to bring you here
I lied that your mother is alive. She actually died that same day. Your father too will rule the society,
will run the whole world.. He died a miserable death at my hands. And today you too will
die a miserable death. You have ruined my business by
establishing ‘The Bells’ foundation. Today you too will die at my hands,
understood? Hey, beat him. Kill him! Hey! He will not die
by a knife or an axe. I know how to kill him. Hey! Bring them! Hey! I am not any weakling
to get trapped in your ruse. Instead I am the one
who has laid a trap for you. Actually I was the one
who started killing people. I am not Bharat who killed
each of your men one by one. I am his brother, Bhagat! I am Bhagat! See that he does not run away! “Wherever there is crime he is there.” “Where else can you
find such brave people?” “”The whole world respects them.” “You get to know them.” “Don’t lock horns with them.” “Their job is to give punishment.” “They selflessly serve everyone.” “There are no words to praise them.” “Accept what they say.” Hey! Bhagat! Bhagat! Bhagat! Bhagat! Hey! That is Bhagat, isn’t it? You all are only four.
Where should I start from? The fun you have while
fighting with 15 to 20 of them.. don’t enjoy so much
while fighting with four men. Hey you, whoever wishes
to come first can come. You.. Don’t confuse me by
going round and round. I kill many in my confusion. Hey, Bhagat! Come! Come! “Make a promise today
that all shall be educated.” Bhagat! Bhagat! Bhagat! Bhagat! Bhagat! Bhagat! ‘Regional song’ ‘Regional song’ ‘Regional song’ ‘Regional song’ ‘Regional song’ ‘Regional song’ ‘This year’s Raman Megasis award has
been given to The Bells foundation.’ Do you know when you were
not there I was all alone. It is god’s greatest grace
on me that you are in my life. Bharat! Bharat! Bharat!

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