Analyze This (4/4) Movie CLIP – Ben Sobeleone (1999) HD

My name is ben sobel. Lione. Ben sobelione. I’m also known as, uh, Benny the groin,
sammy the schnoz, Uh, elmer the fudd, Tubby the tuba, And once as
miss phyllis levine, But that was at a party.
It was years ago. I smoked a titubet,
and I had a guacalude And suddenly I’m in fishnets
and singin’ show tunes. These things happen,
but it has nothing to do With what I’m here
with you fine gentlemen today. So I apologize. That being said, I am also known to the people
who know me the best As the fuckin’ doctor.

24 thoughts on “Analyze This (4/4) Movie CLIP – Ben Sobeleone (1999) HD

  1. Yeah let's cut him in the  middle of a sentance STUPID FUCKING MOVIECLIPS!! 


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