AN OPPORTUNITY FOR JOY | Executive News | Baguio City, Benguet

First of all, what I like about
living here is the cold climate. Baguio is a tourist spot, so many
people come here all the time. Here, you can find Camp John Hay, Burnham Park,
Mines View Park, and strawberry farms in La Trinidad. I’m proud to be from Baguio,
since I grew up here. This is where I grew up, got married, and where I currently have a happy family. My spouse is Raquel S. Marzo. I am the spouse of Crisenciano M. Marzo. We met here in Baguio. I found her beautiful. He is kind and sweet. He is
a jolly person and a joker. He must have liked it when I washed his clothes
even before we were married. She was only my girlfriend then,
so I was impressed. I recall the Biblical teaching taught to us:
a good spouse comes from God. I held devotional prayers to ask God for a wife. I asked permission from her parents
before I started courting her. I even went further to ask
permission to marry her. Our dream? To have a happy family. We would
have many kids enough to make a basketball team. Of course, we were just kidding. We agreed to have two to three children.
That’s as many as we could support. It was probably in 2015
when we were able to conceive. When I found out that I was pregnant, I was ecstatic.
Finally, I would have a child. I thought to myself, we would finally
have a bundle of joy. We were truly happy. I gave birth to a baby girl.
We named her Princess Khieyesha. She had a few rashes
so we had her checked. She also passed her
new born screening. Later on, her skin started turning yellow. Her condition worsened
until even her eyes were yellow. When we brought her for another check-up,
she was admitted to the hospital. We found out that she had
a liver disease: biliary atresia. I couldn’t believe it. It felt like my whole world fell apart.
I didn’t know what to do. The doctors told us that she needed
surgery as soon as possible. She was only two months old. My salary could barely
support our daily needs. It got worse when our child
started needing medication. We were spending roughly 5,000 pesos ($98.38 USD)
a month to pay for ten different medicines. But, it never crossed our minds
to do something illegal because we know we have God,
Who is ready to help and rescue us. If I were to do bad things, surely, God will turn
away from me. That won’t be beneficial for us. At the time, I was working as a
construction worker and a painter. I looked for extra sources of income. I became a janitor and a security guard. I became a janitor and a security guard. Because I took on extra jobs, we were able to buy
enough medicine and support our needs. But my daughter still needed
to undergo a liver transplant either in Taiwan or somewhere in Africa. We would need more money for that.
We needed five million pesos ($265,371.65 USD). We couldn’t afford that. My combined earnings weren’t
enough to pay for a liver transplant. So, we put everything in God’s hands. I was surprised when I found out
that I was chosen as an indigent. That means the government would pay for
my daughter’s hospitalization and surgery. Knowing that my daughter would
have the surgery calmed me down. I thought to myself, “Finally, she’ll get better.” I was happy. She was operated on before
she was two months old. After the surgery, her yellowish color began to fade. In my mind, I believed
that the surgery was a success. However, when the doctor who
performed the surgery checked, the surgery was a failure.
The new liver wasn’t functioning. We continued with her treatment
and at the same time, we kept praying. We kept a positive outlook in life despite the
trouble we were going through because we put our hope in God. I was laid off as a construction
worker because I was always at the hospital. There was a time when my daughter
and husband were sick at the same time. I didn’t know whom I should take care of first;
should it be my child or my husband. At the time, my daughter
had started to bloat. When her stomach had become engorged,
we rushed our daughter to the hospital. There was already blood in her stool. I called my husband on the phone. Despite being sick himself, he dragged himself
to the hospital to be with our daughter. Before leaving the house,
my husband prayed. In his prayer, he asked God
to relieve our daughter’s suffering. Afterwards, our daughter passed away. After our daughter’s burial, I would come home
and hug our daughter’s clothes. I couldn’t believe
she’s gone. My father would visit and tell me,
“You can get through this!” I would tell him, “Please let me grieve by
embracing my daughter’s clothes.” In my grief, I would feel so weak.
I would cry out to God and He strengthened me. My husband also became
the source of my strength. God gave me the strength to
continue fulfilling my Church duty. At times when I felt sad, fulfilling my
Church duties strengthened me. My husband would remind me
that God was testing our faith. It is normal to experience trials in life. We can overcome trials. God will always help us. My wife and I continued to do our normal everyday
activities in order to keep ourselves occupied. Here we are continuing to worship God, and are still able to continue
serving Him as deacon and deaconess. If we weren’t members of the Church Of Christ, perhaps
I wouldn’t have been able to continue due to depression, I’m grateful for my membership
in the Church Of Christ. God did not forsake us even
through the trials we expereinced, because my husband and I
remained firm in our faith. We became even more active in the Church,
but not only that, we also uphold Church duties. We became even more active in the Church,
but not only that, we also uphold Church duties. I always prayed for us to have a healthy child
who would give joy in each and every day of our lives. I was so happy the day I found
out I was pregnant again. That’s when I finally was able to move on. I thanked God for replacing someone I have lost
and for giving me another child. When I found out my wife was pregnant again,
I made sure to always pray. I would remind my wife to also pray
because God is so merciful. He always gives us what we need in life. Our son was quite big as a baby. That’s when I knew that he was healthy. We’re thankful for having such an active child,
who gives my wife and I so much joy. Our plan and our constant prayer for him
as parents, as long as God wills it, is for him to also decide to study in the holy ministry.
Both my wife and I will encourage him to do so. It is my hope for my son to become a minister someday
so that he can be of help to the Executive Minister. So I always pray that he will decide
to study inside of the holy ministry. I’ll make sure he understands the importance
of being a member of the Church Of Christ, especially the importance of
becoming a minister of the Gospel. The special worship service led by our
Executive Minister today was very nice. At the same time there were ministerial workers who
were ordained to become ministers of the Gospel. During the ordination, I also pictured
my son being ordained someday; that he will also receive the laying of the hands
to become an ordained minister of the Gospel. As head of the household, I can say that we became
more firm in our trust in God—Who created us. We will hold on to the words and the will of God,
even through the trials we will face in the future. Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, we pray to God that He’ll
allow you to visit all of the brethren in the entire world, so that they too, will become strong in their faith,
and to rely on what God can do for them.

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