Amazon Chime: Frustration-Free Meetings with Exceptional Audio and Video Quality

We used to work like this. And it was easy.
But then, things got more complicated. And we started to work like this. But it was obvious
that there were some problems. “Just waiting on Paul Paul. Paul you there?”
“Can anyone else hear Susan?” “Is somebody driving through a tunnel?”
We had to deal with this. We had to deal with this: “7…8… the
number’s so long… hello?” And this: “Just one sec here, let me see
if I can find it. Umm, you know, I’m not at my desk right now, can I call you back in a couple
minutes?” And a whole lot of this: “There’s only
a couple of things I wanted to add to that… I think someone else just joined us – who was that?”
But now, we have this. Amazon Chime turns this “We really need to locate the file”
Into this: “Hey everybody thanks for taking the time to check in.”
It frees us up to be mobile with seamless notifications, synced chats, and frustration
free meetings. “Hello everyone, thanks for joining.”
collaborative with clarity and ease. “Thanks everybody, that was really really helpful.”
Easily screen share from any device. An easy to use app that closes the distance between
us, because as business goes global, what really
matters is this. And to keep that, you don’t just need everything to work, you need everything
to work great. “OK, great!” Amazon Chime is a face-to-face experience
with meetings that are easy to join, start on time, and always run smoothly. Because
it’s one app, there’s nothing to deploy or manage, and IT can be heroes with a service
that users love, and saves the business money. “Thanks for jumping on with me. Quick question:
What do we want the headers to be?” All with the security and reliability of the
leader in cloud computing: Amazon Web Services. And at a third of the cost of traditional
solutions, it’s the all-in-one, one-for-all tool that you’ve been waiting for. Which
is why Amazon Chime makes this feel more like this…

15 thoughts on “Amazon Chime: Frustration-Free Meetings with Exceptional Audio and Video Quality

  1. This must be a new competitor to Skype and google hangouts services. My mom Really likes amazon so she might like this instead of using Skype.

  2. Too bad it doesn't use Internet protocol; you still have to have an app. It seems that it can serve some low tech employees.

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