Amazing Story about Headaches and Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Stow, OH.

Hello I’m Dr. Mike with the best our
clinic we’re here with Brooke and she was having headaches, she’s a gymnast so
she’s only 11, but she’s been beating her body up with gymnastics for a little while,
She’s going to tell us a little bit about how long she’s been getting headaches for and
how she’s been doing I had been having headaches for about a year So it was like, once a month I would get
really bad headaches and I’d be like.. argghhh But then we went here and you fixed my neck
I really had no idea what that was but my neck So when my neck got fixed, it started…
I just had no headaches at all and now I only get them like once
every two months and they’re not that bad at all okay so they’re
much improved you’re not getting was often and we’ve done about maybe four
adjustments so each adjustment they get better better… but when you came in we
took some x-rays we found a misalignment with our top and how would you describe
the adjustments to the atlas? fairly uncomfortable? well they don’t hurt it’s a little sensitive right? so the
upper cervical alignment adjustments are very painless and very comfortable
and very effective so typically when a kid has headaches or neck pain or low
back pain is usually something wrong you could cover it up with a medication or
you can find the problem and fix it Brooke being a gymnast had also
struggled with her wrists for almost two years and we’d even had x-rays I’m
taking her to orthopedic doctor and different things like that and finally
we came to Dr. Mike here and after just one adjustment her wrists both of them
were so much better and I believe it was only the one adjustment maybe one more
sometime after that and she’s not ever had to come back for a wrist adjustment
again and that’s been almost two years I believe yeah that was what she first
started work and then you had another incident where a twisted your ankle
right and then you came in for your upper cervical checkup and you were
hobbling around and they said what happened? and then what did you say after
he adjusted? chiropractic is the answers to all my problems! so we did a little
adjustment on her foot and she got off table and she said it feels like a
normal foot again yeah it was pretty cool so we’re glad you’re doing good

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