Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy) confronts Tommy – Peaky Blinders: Series 3 Episode 5 – BBC Two

Good morning, Mr.Solomons. Yeah, it is Nice, Little place you got here thomas Who is it all full closure of a gambling debt from some poor young Lord? Who you pumped full of out? You mean one of your casinos is that just tittle-tattle? Ah…a drink? No, I touch it mate your housekeeper said you are not allowed to drink she said you were suffering for so many ancient Injuries from your sporting life that your head is like some sort of smashed vase what it’s being stuck back together by a horse No Word in London. Is that you can be found wandering the streets of Birmingham stark naked [fire] away money you talk to dead people Also that you believe that you [are] powerful enough to summon up Jews

99 thoughts on “Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy) confronts Tommy – Peaky Blinders: Series 3 Episode 5 – BBC Two

  1. I might be the only person in the world who thinks Tom Hardy's role in here is just awful. His fake deep vocals make it worst for me.

  2. Cillian Murphy is the main protagonist in this movie but is just sad that Tom Hardy steals every scene he is in .He just outacted Cillian.

  3. I loved the show then tom hardy came in and stole the show…
    He play his character so good so all i wanna see is mr solomon in every episode…freaking amazingly good

  4. I have one question. What kind of cane does Alfie Solomons has here ? Mean the wooden and small one
    I love that one
    Thank you very much

  5. I like Tom Hardy accent, and also how he played in Brothers. Great one, i watch that movie using boxxy software, I think that serials will be great classic series.

  6. Hey you executive's at the BBC stop copyright striking tribute videos in the UK it makes you look like even more petty dicks than you already are… if it wasn't for them tribute videos many people wouldn't have even watched the show.

  7. " Good morning . mr solomon "
    Yes , it is .
    Tom hardy is really talented actor.
    You think you powerful enough to summon up "

  8. Tom Hardy used to be an interesting actor now he's just type cast into a rehashing of Bane everytime. The range includes, Cockney Gangster Bane, Cockney Gangsters Gay Brother Gangster Bane, old timey Jewish Gangster Bane and Spiderman's Alien augmented nemesis Bane. It's getting old now dude

  9. and this right here…has more truth to it about the so-called world we live in than the average person would ever know.

  10. people talk about how Tom Hardy is a great actor but he does the same "charles bronson" act he's been doing for years it's the same character in all his films, he's a modern day michael caine

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