Alan Watts – Calm Your Mind

The essence you see of this kind of
spontaneity is response to a surprise so the master you don’t know what he’s
gonna do and he surprises you trying to cure hiccups very difficult to
cure yourself because when you pat yourself on the back you know when
you’re going to do it so you’re already fucked when somebody else comes up and
slams you on the back and that’s a surprise and what you needed was a
surprise or it’s like jokes what makes you laugh about a joke is the element of
surprise in it that’s why jokes aren’t funny after they’ve been explained so in
the same way all these then stories if explained have no effect they’re
intended to produce what I would call metaphysical laughter but this has to be
a surprise and so has to be subclasses well it is no way of premeditating so
we’ll see if you read for example there’s a book out here called then by
origin here ago who started archery many of you probably read this book he has to
learn to pull the bow string in the man without canoes archer and let it go but
not on purpose is to let it go without thinking first I would go and then the
girl you have to let it go not on purpose
now that’s really bugs her how do you do something not on purpose
actually if you’re aiming at a target the whole point is if you think before
you shoot it’s too late the targets moved that’s why we have a
thing like beginner’s luck you see if you simply point at something like that
if your finger was a gun I would probably hit the light switch and so
you’ll get a person who’s naive about a gun if it got up and dead and the thing
will be the drop dead I’ll never forget the first time I ever used the slingshot
is friend of mine was with me and he was aiming away and not missing – picked it
up Fenian is here so I couldn’t do it again you get a certain naturalness
there so there was a master by the name of the EQ
who was a great leg puller and he had in front of his house a very now fine tree
under the things he thought is and they loved aesthetics and he put a notice on
that said I accuse will pay 100 yen which was a fair amount of money in
those days to anyone who can see this tree straight but soon there was a whole
crowd of people around that tree lying on the ground
twisting their necks and would be headed from also entangled this absolutely no
way of seeing the tree with a straight trunk but if you had a friend with the
priest of another sect and a smart boy went over the cedars friend and said
what about this mr. ichini was tree puncture the ugly is perfectly simple he
said you go and tell him the answer to seeing the tree straight is to look
straight at it thank you and said I claim the reward he said you look
straight at it and if you looked up in a funny way and said you just walked out
of a hundred years and gave it some design I think you’ve been talking to a
process down the street now in that way is he let’s look straight out of it in
other words here’s the bowstring I called it so all the simple sampling
middleman bling jumble humble about the right technique of letting go of it let
go of it happen but that’s very difficult this white was safe to you now
she’s naughty let’s be unselfconscious so finally in desperation you had last
learn to let go of the thing which was what you were supposed to do all the
time and then one is again of the child this
is original innocence so this is the meaning of the person who
was asked what do you do here in the same institution
he said we eat when hungry and we sleep when tired and he said that being just
like everybody else they older that he said they’d was not when they eat made
him eat but they think of all sorts of extraneous matters and they tired they
don’t sleep they dream all kinds of dream

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