African students in Hubei province (xianning) reply to the fear of coronavirus

welcome everyone to my youtube channel once
again today is a bright day plenty Sun people are outside playing some are in
their rooms those who fear to come outside yeah like I said in my
previous video I’m going to interview some African students and find out their
state of being here and their conditions going on with them yeah it’s my friend from Ghana let’s go and
hear from him come on yeah I just have some few questions to
ask you about how you are living around the school can tell u something worried it’s quite a good way of Chinese trying
to control the outbreak, because if they allow transportation people who might have had the virus would be able
to spread it to others you get going to make it more of a global so I kind of
like the way China is try to do with this kind of situation we are in school
the Chinese government is sort of doing everything to help us sometimes setting
machines and they always check you can see the everything’s all right and we’re
kind of separated from the outside world,big up to china,more respect thank you thank you a lot that’s my
friend from Ghana let’s go and meet one friend of mine from Tanzania
those are my friends from Tanzania so let’s hear from them can you tell them
how you’ve been living around campus with this outbreak of the corona,really the corona issue is very dangerous ,but we are safe here thank you very much what do all have to say ?china come ooon yeah here is my friend from Cameroon
let’s hear from her about the corona virus right,i actually think am safe to some extend because now Chinese government have put some city
measures in to place for example there is lockdown right now like in the whole
country and presently right now in school we are not allowed to go out so our teachers
just kind of help us to go out and get stuff for us and that’s helpful
because the then limiting the risk of us getting contaminated so and the food at
the canteen are also free so so to some extend I feel safe I feel safe I would tell my
parents to be rest assured that I do feel safe
yeah that’s from diane she’s from Zambia she’s also a vlogger
she’s known by the name Karen Kalinda there’s her YouTube channel so let’s
hear from her about the coronavirus okay so hi guys I am Karen and I’m from
Zambia and I’m at hubei university of Science and Technology and yeah so the
thing is I think I feel safe to be in school compared to like going out or
going back to my country because you don’t know what you may be carrying when
you going to your country and you may end up taking that virus to your country and
most of our countries you don’t even have those facilities which can you know
help you and do all those things but so I think China has got all the means and
they’re doing everything to make this virus under control and as for now idea
is being potent so which is a good thing yeah so thank you very much thanks Karen
yeah thank you so much you have had all from them they’ve said all their mind
and what they are going through please subscribe like and leave your comments
i will appreciate it

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