Advice for Thomas Halbert and You Too (ANGER MANAGEMENT AND AVOIDING DRAMA)

Oh ever since Thomas halbert’s last
couple videos he has been going off on the internet so in this video we’re
gonna talk about anger management and some of these tips might actually help
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a couple videos ago I offered to give Thomas Halbert a copy of the book on
your adulting by dr. faith Harper he actually reached out to me on Twitter so
I mailed him a copy of that book yesterday and I told him it’s coming he
should have it by Wednesday or Thursday at least you know taking the stuff check
this book out this is all of you like I don’t ask you to do everything just do
something right because a lot of this you know improving our mental and
emotional health like it takes a little baby steps and we just take these little
pieces and just sort of doing them like each and every day right but anyways
we’re gonna keep Thomas accountable all right I was gonna make a whole video
about this but I’ve given out over a dozen books okay in the last couple
years to clients to friends I’m like I think this book will help you read it
listen I don’t care the problem is is that people don’t often read the books
alright so I wrote a little letter to Thomas in the book and I am giving him
which I think is fair until November 30th okay until the end of the month and
the book here’s another book by dr. faith Harper I’m gonna do a review on
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how’s that book coming along all right but also also the giveaway winners will
be announced this week I’m not sure which day yet because I might have some
exciting news to go along with the giveaway so bear with me but I will
announce the winners this week all right and by the way this is something in the
book but Thomas Thomas if you’re watching this you just met me don’t be
giving me your address I could be crazy man I could be crazy I was actually
joking with twist on my showed up at his house with the book like a lunatic on
the Internet Thanks so anyways yeah let’s get back
into the topic of anger management so my beautiful girlfriends that’s when she’ll
be actually recent was Ashley Kyle she does a lot of like beauty gurus all the
time stuff a lot of people can learn some lessons from this but yeah anyways
video down the description if you want to check that out and got more in depth
into it okay so my issue with this particular tweet and Tony’s issue was
how he replied to someone who replied to his tweet so this person said I have
bipolar disorder depression anxiety and you don’t see me making false
accusations against people so Thomas replied no correlation babe go
whine to someone else and this is a good opportunity to talk about it I hope you
surprised people when I tell them that I used to be one of that angriest one of
the angriest people you would ever meet could you see me right now you know I’m
always smiling and having a good time and all that stuff and it’s like it’s
difficult to imagine me as being so angry but I hated everybody I hated
myself and I hated you even more I was just constantly angry I was constantly
just acting Ratched I was just going nuts on every
I felt this like intense need like this need to just clap back every single
person who might have said anything right whether it was online or in-person
or anything like that I just I couldn’t sleep at night and that’s let’s you know
exactly what’s on my mind I used to be such an angry outspoken asshole that
check this out six years ago a little over six years ago my mom saved my life
I was dying for my opiate addiction right she saved my life and I have so
many resentments towards her because she was an alcoholic for the first 20 years
of my life that I just could not stop screaming at her I was six months sober
and she almost kicked me out of her house like she had to tell me like Chris
if you don’t get your life together like I need to get you out of here
because I was being verbally and emotionally abusive towards her and I
felt terrible about it like this is something that some of you might
struggle with and this is something that I’ve talked about in some on borderline
personality disorder videos a lot of people think that you know people with
BPD you know BPD rage if you will get some kind of pleasure one of the issues
is that people who are often like screaming and yelling and stuff like
that like I feel bad I felt really really bad like why am i yelling at this
woman like I know she’s trying her best like the logical part of my brain knew
that she was trying to be a good mother and trying to repair a relationship to
seven years sober at this time she saved my life
she let me live with her all these things right and like the logical part
of my brain knew that but the emotional part of my brain with just over running
I was yelling or in to say awful thanks so anyways here’s my first tip of advice
my background is in 12-step program so this actually came from my sponsor let
me give you the same exact advice right so after I would scream up my mom and
just get into a huge fight with her I would call up my sponsor or attack
something like dude I just feel terrible because that’s one of the issues like we
do things that make us feel guilt and shame and all these and start talking
back about ourselves like my brains telling me I’m a terrible person I’m a
terrible son who does this right so I had to talk to him about this and here’s
what he would tell me every single time he would say apologize to her and let
her know that you’re working really hard to become a better person and improve
these things right so that’s what I would do every time
and talk to him I would go and apologize and say I’m working really hard but
here’s the kicker okay here’s the kicker for that because this
this is advice I give to a lot of people’s out in your management issues
like it’s one thing to apologize and say I’m working on this stuff but you
actually have to be working on this stuff right like if you’re like me whose
apologies actions speak louder than words
okay so one of the reasons I was actually trying to improve that stuff
and over time I was I was learning how to heal and process things in a brand
new way I didn’t have to explode on her all the time I was able to vent in other
ways or talk to other people or realize that a lot of the reasons I was upset
were within me you know not so much with her anymore but more within me you know
what I mean so like don’t just go around apologizing like you’re somebody who’s
yelling and screaming and blowing up on people who really don’t deserve it
or even if your ego tells you that they do deserve it like if you go apologize
to them and say that you’re working on yourself like you need to work on
yourself like you guys don’t understand like I come from the addiction treatment
realm and drug addicts and alcoholics I said sorry millions of times but I would
have people call me months after treatment say oh my god like my family
still won’t forgive me I said I’m sorry I said I’m sorry but like I know and
that’s about them I’m like well you’re still acting like an asshole
so why are they gonna forgive you you know what I mean so I want you to think
about that remember your actions speak louder than words so like what are you
actually doing to improve yourself like you’re just sitting around on the couch
just hoping that you don’t get angry and had outbursts or are you doing like
therapy or talking in support groups or are you meditating to manage your
emotions are you trying like DBT or anything like that like what actions are
you taking to actually improve your anger management issues now let’s talk
about controlling your anger and venting so I always talk about my wonderful and
beautiful amazing girlfriend Tristan but something I have not talked about on
this channel is the relationship I have with my sons
okay she is remarried they have another kids if Dylan has a little brother and
her and I have an amazing relationship and a lot of it was because I learned
how to control my anger I cannot stress this enough to you okay one of the only
reasons one of the only reasons that her and I have a great relationship today is
because of how many text messages that I did not send her okay
so she had a lot of reasons to be angry at me the same reasons I was angry at my
mom right I was a drug addict an alcoholic and left to California for a
year okay I often say that the first year of my sobriety maybe even longer my
name wasn’t even Chris to her it was just pieces okay that’s all I was which
is a piece of garbage father who left right she was so mad at me and like she
would always text me my life Dylan would not be who he is without her
but she was going through all those emotions and stuff too she said a lot of
hurtful things to me and my brain told me that I have to say these things to
her I have to say it to her so the second half of the video I’m gonna give
you some really important tips so one of the things was again going to my sponsor
but you just need like a mentor you need somebody who’s in a better mental state
than you who you can turn to and talk to so like when she would text me and say
these terrible things like I would go to effect to him right can you believe
she’s saying this I’m trying so hard to become a better person you just listen
to me explode and he would say Chris have you given her any reason in the
past to be upset with you and as a drug addict an alcoholic trying to stay clean
hell yeah I did and he would remind me of that like he reminded me that I’m the
reason why she’s so upset right like I was a bad father right I wasn’t allowed
to see my son the last four months because of my addiction I did terrible
things to her I hid money from her I put our family in
danger multiple times so Mike he would snap me back to me out and say does she
have a reason to be this angry right so although like she didn’t really eat like
you know I don’t I don’t think that I should you know be a punching bag but
like it helped me have some empathy and understand and she’s just not attacking
me to attack me I did a lot of things that made her feel a certain way about
me right anyway there’s so many times especially when I moved back to Las
Vegas where she would text me and say these things so she like accuse me of
lying but she did accuse me of relapsing or whatever and like you say these
things I would type out a huge long text message okay it’s a very important tip
for you okay first off text don’t call you can control your text okay you have
time to reread them you don’t have to send them when you’re on the phone or in
person like if you have anger issues like I do an impulse control issues like
I do text okay like wait until your mental health and emotional health is
better before you start a person so anyways I would text a huge long thing
and I would just like you know all these things right so what I would do is I
would not send it to her I would copy that text message and I would send it to
a friend I said hey and I try to sell them on I look at all these terrible
things she said to me right so I’m trying to get them on my side I’m trying
to get them to enable me so then I send them the text message and I show them
what I’m gonna say come on do you think I’m justified in saying this they’d be
like no Chris you’re not right because I hang around people who don’t tell me
what I want to hear they tell me what I need to hear they’re like Chris all
those things are awful do not say that you know what I would say screw you
you’re stupid and I’d go ask somebody else but the thing was since I surround
myself with good people today I asked multiple people and all of them would
say Chris don’t send that text message right so I would either just say you
know I’m sorry about that or sorry you feel that way and just leave it at that
or sometimes I wouldn’t reply I will make a video about how to deal with
people who say these like verbally abusive things to you
because I have some excellent advice that help a lot of people helped me a
lot so I will make a video about that if you need help with that let me know down
in the comments right but anyways again one of the reasons that me and my son’s
mother have such an amazing relationship today because of all the text messages
that I never sent because so many of those text messages me and her never
would have had the opportunity to heal like one of us one of us had to just
shut our mouths right and try to teach all of you it’s a lot easier for me to
fix me than it is to try to fix the rest of the world right I have absolutely no
control over what she’s gonna say to me but what I do have control over is how I
reply to that situation how I react how I respond to that situation okay so this
is what I want all of you to know okay so if you struggle with anger issues
please please please like save this video in a playlist and
come back to it anytime you’re thinking about acting a fool so another thing
that I teach my clients is this it’s something I realize about my brain like
my brain just needs to vent right it just has the vent it has to say these
things I have to get these thoughts out the the delusion that I think we have is
that we think that those thoughts have to go out at that person when they
really just need to get out right so what I would teach my clients is like
listen before blowing up on your husband or wife or mom or dad or kids or boss or
ex or whoever it is blow up on me sing every thought that you have to me right
because this is something that helped me a lot like I didn’t have to say to that
person I just had to vent somewhere I just needed somebody to hear me get this
stuff out and if nobody was around you know what I would do I would write it
down sometimes I would just hop on my computer open up a Word document just
type a whole thing about how angry enough said I was then afterwards ha I
felt so much better and I didn’t feel this intense need to tell that person
okay so yeah I’m giving you all permission I give this oh all of my
clients permission as well if you’re gonna blow up just shoot me a text shoot
me an email do whatever you gotta do okay now doesn’t mean I’m gonna reply to
it but I guarantee you will see you will see that it does feel better but if it’s
not me doing with somebody or even your notebook okay
find the dollar and go buy a notebook for a dollar to get out all of your
frustrations and emotions now the last thing I will say about Thomas Halbert is
he just showed this on Instagram right and it says someone said myself cam is
also choosing not to argue with people who are committed to misunderstanding
you I felt that and Thomas said I felt this learning this yes okay so here’s my
worry about all of you I used to be one of those people who would post these
things where I don’t share these things but I wasn’t practicing the principle of
what I said so this is something that I practice today and it’s I really do hope
it’s something that Thomas works on I hope it’s something that you’re working
on right but anyways like this is something that I talk to Tristan about
all the time so Kristen is the person I meant to you guys Tristan and I I’m not
gonna tell you who it was but we were watching like a youtuber the other night
and I was having a rough night I was all emotional and worked up and I was like
you know whining and complaining to Tristan while she was over here and then
her and I watched this youtubers video and he this dude has over a hundred
thousand subscribers and he just lost it he lost it on camera he went through the
process of losing it on camera taking the file putting it on his computer
uploading it to YouTube making a thumbnail like he did all of these steps
I’m like oh my god like this is not the place to do that for that specific
purpose it was definitely not the place to do that and this is what I’m trying
to tell all of you guys like you don’t always have to like fight back you don’t
always have to do that like Tristan keeps me a check like there’s so many
times when like Tristan helps me avoid tweeting out something stupid like you
guys I can’t say this enough so many people are getting taken down by one
single tweet it is important that we learn to restrain ourselves if you’re a
youtuber watching this restrain yourself then somewhere else you don’t have to
tell the entire world how pissed off you are you don’t need to do that and this
is for all of you – you don’t need to go tell everybody on Facebook you don’t
need to go tell everybody on Twitter you don’t got to share it on Instagram you
don’t have to make this public ok talk to one person or join the rear iron
soldier Facebook support group and vent in there you don’t have to like publicly
act like a fool like only makes us look bad like something I’m always trying to
think about is like what impression my giving other people how are people
seeing me do I want them to see me this way or do I not right and a lot of
people don’t understand why so many people see them in a certain line it’s
because it’s stuff like this it’s because of the way that they clap on
Twitter it’s because of the way they make these YouTube videos it’s because
of what you’re posting on Facebook or what I like to call big book where you
know what you do when you like make Facebook posts that’s targeted just like
passive aggressive BS towards one person or you’re posted on your Facebook page
for all like 500 of your friends to see like just stop it just stop it it’s
childish and trust me I’m saying this because I used to do it – all right
sorry this was a bit of a longer video it’s just anger management is something
I’m very passionate about because I use have so many anger issues all right so
let me know down in the comments below like let me know if you struggle with
like like replying to people are clapping back at people and do you feel
guilty about it do you feel bad about it but like we do at the rewind so let me
know in the comments what’s your solution are you gonna start writing
this stuff down in a notebook are you gonna start you know messaging a friend
are you gonna start messaging me let’s talk about the solution down in the
comments all right and also remember tweet at Thomas and make sure he reads
that damn book okay anyways if you like this video please give it a thumbs up if
you’re new make sure you subscribe and rate that notification bell because I
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a mouth shut and I’ll see you next time

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  35. you get to me like nobody else, dude. because you admit to being an asshole and don't just preach. it motivates me, another asshole, to keep going with my therapy.

  36. My brother is synced to this he struggles with addiction and anger management. Sometimes he’s jolly but if you say the wrong thing he will explode. He tried to strangle me and it took him to get drunk to say he was sorry to me. Idk how to approach him to give him help… cause if I try to suggest therapy he will throw in my face how nothings wrong with him that it’s my problem that I don’t have thick skin.

  37. Something my lovely, awesome and loving husband has taught me, regarding general anger: Always take a deep breath. Then: Give people the benefit of the doubt, asking yourself: Why would they hurt me purposely? Would they really intentionally want me to be furious with them? Answer to this is always ‘No’.This thought has really helped me getting into constructive dialogs with both my husband and everybody else, instead of just going off like a New Year rocket, when somebody accidently says something hurtful or screw up somehow 👀🤔

  38. Holy shit I needed this today. today I've been so angry. So angry. Like its been a trying ass week and I feel like shit about myself. And I let a relative get to me. I work really hard at not being a piece of shit or retaliating at people. My aunt who is an addict and alcoholic who has untreated bipolar disorder and usually I can remind myself that she's sick, but lately everything makes me angry and she's horrible.

    I have to get back on meds myself and into therapy. But the thing that helped me the most basically said my gay ass wasn't welcome because I'm gay. So thats out the window. I need help and I don't know what to do.

  39. I knew a person who I cut ties with that I wish I could send this video to them cause the empty promises and vague fb attack were things they did and what killed our friendship. It still makes me angry how they would get angry at me cause I stopped accepting their apologies and called them what they were, excuses. I'm still angry and hurt over the things they did and it's going to be a very long rode to get to a place of peace. Thank you for this video it does make my feelings feel validated cause I was constantly told I was a bad person and friend for being made even though they apologized.

  40. I have no sympathy for Thomas and quite frankly don’t think he’s done anything that people should be proud of. You only get so many passes for screwing up before it becomes cringy and embarrassing and shows who you really are as a person. I get this creepy vibe from Thomas that he does all this shit not only for attention, but to be a bully. Him accepting your book to me just seems like a ploy to show people “Oh hey yeah I’m a good person, pls get my subscriber count up now”. I can’t stand him and I really think he just needs to get off the internet and stay off. It’s clear he’s a disgusting person who can’t control his temper. If he wants to label himself a child, he should be disciplined like one and put in the corner for time out.

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