Adults Answer Teens’ Questions About Getting Older

hi my name is Salani and i teach science i’ve been teaching for five years and I’m Ryan I’ve been a substitute teacher for two years and I’m also in a CT and SAT tutor today we’re gonna talk about Aging [Music] what are some of the things that I’ve noticed so far about aging I’m not know I noticed like I think I actually when I lift my eyebrow I finally got my first little baby wrinkles like airlie like if I really push it I got a couple white hairs in the front you can’t see them because my hair is curly thank God so yeah like little things like you know I might get a little tired if I don’t have coffee but so far it’s pretty chill it’s been pretty slow so for me probably the worst part is you realize that you’re not invincible I thought you know like I played sports my whole life did all kinds of like crazy activities snowboarding whatever you name it never really got hurt never broke too many bones and then one day the freak accident I fractured my ankle life record all three bones and got a plate in nine screws in my ankle and now it acts everyday and now I feel old how would you suggest like maintaining youthful look to you being happy from the inside out and obviously drinking water what’s something about getting older that you wouldn’t have expected I think when you’re young you think that like just because like when you’re an adult you’re not in school anymore so you have like all this like free time to do whatever you want you know and it’s not really the case you have to be working and then you have you know all those chores that you felt like we’re so annoying to have to do you just there’s a part of your life now and then you get a change or oil and you got to do your taxes and you got it’s just like it’s like a perpetual downfall of things that you have to do incomplete and it never seems to end wonderful yeah right when you hit a certain age you just have to be careful of what you eat cuz you will gain weight for no reason at all even like I ate a salad I’m fat okay look like I tried it so when you’re young eat all the chips and eat it while you can yes eat all this stuff that you can I am cynical about a lot of things but life is great I enjoy Who I am in the life that I lead but there are a lot of parts of it that are difficult in frustra and like monotonous you know what I mean in like those those small my new she like the everyday things like just kind of continue to pile up so like the hard part about being an adult is like finding time between doing all that garbage to like enjoy just life what’s one thing that you would advise your younger self stay here as a ninja what is the thing you’re most afraid about with aging growing I guess in to someone I don’t want to be I’m trying to like live my life and just chase the things that make me happy but I know that as an adult I’m gonna have to start worrying about things that don’t make me as happy like taxes and money I feel like when I’m older I’ll have to really you know just get a hold of myself I guess and it everything will come crashing down to reality after I’m done with college I get that yeah I mean it’s a tough decision like I got into college within like initially as an engineer and I was like this is gonna be what my life is and then at certain point I was like kind of like is that what I want to do with the rest of my life you know what I mean and I just made the decision like future salaries be damned I’m gonna do what I want to do you know what I mean and I mean part of me sometimes goes back and thinks like I what if I had to stuck with that but ultimately I don’t think that I would have been completely happy you know what I mean like I would like I would have always wondered like what if what if I hadn’t pursued those like other dreams so to me it’s like you have to like strike a delicate balance between like doing what you want to do and like what makes you happy and like what you need to do you know I mean and I think part of being an adult and like living your definition of what a good life is is like finding a way to balance those two about finding balance exactly you just got to have that little voice in your head that’s like remember you got one life to live do it the way you want to do it because you better enjoy it while you’re here how do you like continue with like motivating yourself to do that just look at Instagram and all the crazy surgeries that people have then you’ll get motivated because you know what people don’t work out they just get surgery yeah they do they cut it right out just cut it out I’m on that let me get that shit’s going you know what’s really fun is like just giving away money there’s nothing better than giving away money and like not seeing any of the you know benefits to you know through which your money will go rock the white hair is like I think that’s cool hmm are you scared about that no I’m not scared I’m if my whole head turned white I would totally rock it own it I have like a little tiny bit in the front and I don’t care it is weird getting older though it’s scary cuz you’re like I feel like a child but I have a daughter what do I miss most about being a teenager I guess just like the like sort of like carefreeness of it you know what I mean like you kind of get to really do what you want like sure you have homework and maybe have chores and like a family dinner or whatever but like other than that like you kind of can do what you want and like the you know you sort of like get to spend more time with your friends as you get older people branch off and all that stuff and it becomes more of a chore to like like oh look let’s all let’s pick a date three months from now where we can hang out for four hours you know what I mean with those people that you grew up with and saw every single day if I drink a lot now oh no it’s a wrap like I can’t even function what do you think the best part about growing older is well the best part about getting older and this is a tough one yeah yeah I mean because like my answer about being young was freedom but there’s like it’s a different kind of freedom video experience when you’re older I guess I can kind of take a vacation somewhere that I get to choose or I can you know like if I decide I don’t like a job I can go take a different job or you know I can say no to certain things that I couldn’t say no to as a kid and I can eat Taco Bell every night if I want to you know what I mean like I shouldn’t because when you get older it doesn’t like melt off the way it does when you’re a child but I have like that sort of freedom which is nice it’s fun to be a kid and be like childish and I still do it all the time but like the emotional maturity level that you attain as you get older it’s just kind of getting like emotionally smarter is nice it makes you feel good probably I’m looking forward to most is freedom earning a lot of money yeah just having like my own space to do my thing you know reinvent myself I guess cuz like right now I’m in like a weird state where don’t really know who I am and once I figured that all out hopefully with time I’m absolutely terrified of growing up it’s messed up scary but it’s inevitable so you just got to face it head-on I mean it’s a but you know that’s it’s a part of life so you just got to do it as you get older it definitely gets better figures you have more freedom to just be yourself and you stop caring what people think you’re just like you know what I don’t have time I gotta go to work when you have responsibilities like the more responsibilities you have unless you care you’re like I don’t get it it’s just like do whatever you know I’m waiting for the day when I can just like throw my self-consciousness out the door eat it eat it I just learned that that word [Music] [Music]

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  1. I hope you guys at buzzfeed are having a good day, keep going through the struggles and enjoy the little things. Feelings are like the weather, can't always be sunny, can't always be storming.

  2. Bad choice to post a video when one of the most popular singers are posting a music video to one of her singles😂😂🥑🥑Do you get who I am talking about🥑🥑😹😹♥️♥️

  3. Aging…I don’t think people should worry about it too much…just eat healthy, exercise, and keep active in general. I’ve had so many people criticize me for not having a skin care regimen, especially ALL of my gay friends, but I live in Hawai’i and the humidity helps to keep my skin relatively youthful. I genuinely think that people who worry so much about aging, and every little wrinkle, actually end up aging faster than their peers. Once you tell yourself you feel old, you’re gonna start to feel old. I genuinely don’t feel any different, physically, than I felt when I was 25 years old. 😁🤙🏽

    PS – Bryant, you’re Asian…don’t worry, you’re not gonna age for a loooooooong time!

  4. "you realize you're not invincible" yeahhhh felt that one hahah. used to downhill mountain bike like crazy, 3 sport related concussions later and i take it muchhhh easier now

  5. I’m 34, once in a blue moon, when I wake up, my body aches. When do drink, it takes me a full day to recovery now. Oh, and my metabolism DIED!!!

  6. I'm a teacher. I thought this video would be more about like.. how kids age. Why in the world do teachers specifically need to be asked about how they age? Why not just ask random people instead of teachers specifically? Please stop using teachers to pull views. Either make it relevant to teaching or not.

  7. I’m 23 and I’m currently in a spiraling depression due to financial burdens and a road-nowhere jobsearch.
    I’m not kidding either. It’s bad.

  8. Dang, the "Man spreading" video came up in my recommended and its hilarious that both the comments and the likes/dislikes are hidden 😄

  9. I was going to say, "wait till you're 70 before you talk about aging", but the speakers seem to be pretty wise. (But, to the man with an ankle full of screws, get a compression sock and you'll feel much better).

  10. 1:06 Teen: "How would you suggest maintaining a youthful look to you?"
    Alternative answer: Dude, we both got this in our genes: we good, fam

  11. The thing im most scared of is not doing what i love for a job and im at a point in life where i have no idea what i want to do and that scares me

  12. Kids,you're into a treat of pain, loose bowels, incontinence, pads and surprises. Get ready for xtra personal care. Respect your elders surviving for your young butts.

  13. That fat black girl has some issues. Some people don't gain weight, some people actually do work out and you constantly bringing up the fact you want to be skinny is just sad, if you want that then work out to get to that or accept how your body is

  14. There is a sweet spot of maybe 8 years where your skin calms down, and then at the end of your twenties your hormones start acting up again and your skin can become problematic again. I have more skin issues now than I had as a teen, and my routing hasn't changed in years. So take care of your skin!

  15. I wish they had the male student ask them male teacher questions along with a female ask the female because gender-wise there are some differences that might be embarrassed to ask about. For example when you're a guy after a certain age, your sex drive just kind of dies a little bit, where is women tenda get a little boost around their late 30s.

  16. For me, certain life experiences have changed my perspective on things in ways I never thought possible. I don't think it's true that we become our parents in some way, but I understand them better if that makes sense.

    I think a big misnomer about aging that I was always told is the "you get stronger" part of "it doesn't get easier, you get stronger". I don't think I'm "stronger" per say, things don't bother me as much because I don't go into it with the same hopefulness as I did when I was younger. It's not capability, you kind of have this response when it comes to similar situations you've faced in the past that impact your behavior, but it's not strength, if anything it's avoidance. You have a traumatic experience and you become better at managing pain and in the process you lose some of the hopefulness and optimism. You're just traveling the same paths quicker because you don't deviate from them as much as you would before when you were inexperienced. But it's not intelligence and it's not strength. It becomes habitual.

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