100 thoughts on “Adoption Imposter Facing Accusers Leaves ‘Dr. Phil’ Stage Announcing, ‘I’m Done’

  1. i don't believe she is mentally disturbed .. their is way to much thought process to do what she did. and she knew she could be in trouble.. i hope those couple find her on the outside and kick her in the nards

  2. This is why I don’t believe in partial birth abortion. Shame me I don’t care. This woman is an angel and would take care of a little baby. She deserves the world. I hurt for her. How could you do this to a hurting woman who can’t have children???? It’s terrible.

  3. I still dont have any pity for her. She knows full well what pain she causes. Apparently she hasn't stopped since being on the show. They need to fully press charges and get that girl off the internet.

  4. Ew, after seeing & listening to that girl, I don't think anybody would want a baby from her!!! Or maybe, the couples need save the baby from a mentally challenged person!

  5. Since the adoption imposter doesn't have long to live. I'd assume just lock her up for the remainder of her life whether that be in prison or in a mental institution. She's too much for her father who looks like he's having a meltdown.

  6. Ok Dr Phil this girl is definitely mentally ill or even a sociopath so why try to do this??? Just get her help if possible and let her go!!! This is so not right!!! To try to embarrass her into an apology for these adults who should understand this predicament! When your guest has more empathy then DR PHIL the so called therapist!!

  7. She is so hideous on the inside and out. No wonder she hasn't been able to produce them a baby for adoption..no guy who is sane would wanna tap that. She is also a coward, being a to dish all of that chaos out, but then when confronted about her idiotic behavior and wrongdoings, she can't take it.

  8. Why are they treating her like baby?! She's mentally disabled and emotionally disturbed. I think she's missing teeth.

  9. How infuriating! Stop playing the victim and own up to your actions. I'm tired of those not owning up to their actions. Something is wrong with this lady and others who do this kind of thing. Just not right. I don't feel sorry for Gabby.

  10. What a great couple, so many horrible parents out there, breaks my hear to see a humans deserving of children unable to conceive on their own.

  11. Don't fall for it this is another one of her lies to play the victim she was well enough to convince these two to scam them

  12. My heart goes out to the couple. They seem like good people and for them to be manipulated through the hope of a child like that by such a vile person is just plain wrong. Lady is clearly mentally disturbed, but I have no sympathy for someone who can't own up their actions and runs away from a problem.

  13. I think we look at this and go “oh she has mental problems she didn’t know any better” but she did she’s completely Manipulative towards this whole situation

  14. Obesity is a disease and can have many effects on a person. Clearly she is miserable because her hygiene is nonexistent never encourage people to be unhealthy.

  15. Shes clearly mentally challenged. Its pretty obivious. Why bring her on tv and humiliate her even more. Knowing how dr phil loves to ask shitty questions knowing they will trigger people. We all know what she did is wrong. Omgosh come on people. !!!!

  16. You know what I think?
    I think she's trying to spread the pain she's feeling. It was said she couldn't have children and that probably crushed her and now she's just trying to deal with that hurt and anger by trying to spread those feelings among other people.
    It was sort of "If I can't have a baby then you also can't have a baby."
    She mentally ill and needs help. Serious help.
    I'm not excusing what she did or trying to justify it or defend her.
    What she did was despicable. And she needs to be punished for that.
    But along with that punishment, she also needs help.

  17. This should never be for show… therapy IS NOT FOR SHOW!! in our times with media..people are targeted and use technology to bring "justice". Mental illness or family problems are NOT FOR SHOW! These guests, pay the ultimate price.

  18. no excuse for what she did knowing she cant even have children scamming people into believing shes pregnant with twin girls ect….. scamming 2 police officers she needs to be prosecuted for her crimes u do the crime do the time and stealing a pregnant women's photos pregnancy test ect… scaring the poor mother into believing shes gonna do something to her or her baby sickening gabby isnt the victim all the people shes scammed and a buisness are VICTIMS!!!

  19. Stop defending this monstrous manipulative pos….
    Mental illness isn't a get out of jail free card that's called enablement.
    Sometimes a pos isnt anything else but a pos

  20. Especially grown men and women walk away when they are stubborn bullies in there own head and will never cure themselves

  21. This ugly, fat, monster should be put down with a shotgun to the gut. She'll never change it she's acting like this in her late 20's. She fake walked off so many times in this episode because she's a petulant child who has always gotten her way.

  22. Wow what a beautiful couple. Such kindness and compassion for someone that is very mentally unstable and vicious. This couple will make wonderful parents one day soon xxx

  23. health issues or not she needs to be put in her place. they need to stop coddling her and tell her how it is.
    mary ann seems done with her, cant say that I blame her.

  24. As an adoptee myself, whomever gets these two people as parents will be a lucky child. They have an incredible amount of empathy that they are under no obligation to express considering what she's done to them. That's a rarity.

  25. They forgot to turn off the comment section, now i can finally see all the good hate towards this disgusting girl

  26. Yikes, this is every adoptive families worst nightmare. It's truly horrible. I also feel for this girl. I think she is struggling with her own mental health. I think these people are being very genuine and kind towards her. Hopefully she won't repeat this mistake and gets the help she needs.

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