28 thoughts on “Adele’s Transformation: Inside The ‘Slim Shaming’ And Attention Around The Singer’s New Look

  1. Damn the world is never satisfied. It doesn’t matter if the girl was plus size or slim and trim she is beautiful and her voice is amazing.

  2. People are fucking dumb. She looks so happy and that’s the only thing that manners. Who tf cares if she doesn’t look like what she did a few years ago? People change every year of their lives. Even celebrities. Society just forgets that celebrities are just like us. Weight is just weight, period. It doesn’t define a person.

  3. It's not even the 'fans' fault for criticizing because fans always feel entitled as if their opinion is worth shit. It's the fault of the media for actually taking the retarded 'fans' seriously.

  4. she looks so gorgeous and beautiful,i don’t know why people are arguing over it? she’s talented and pretty, how is this a debate?

  5. She’s just looking after her “health” 👍
    We are a pathetic type of creature, sad but true
    We attack everything

  6. Its just weird she does not look like Adele no more. I Wanna see how she sings now. But she looks great. She remind me of Katy Perry ans Sarah Paulson.

  7. Social media is full f people who think their opinion matters. You are all nothing. Who are you to judge. Fix your own lives

  8. leave Adele alone. look at your life enstead. How would you feel if people would mind your business all the f…time. e che cazzo! stop it people. have you not got better things to do! the world is polluted, political situation is a mess, we humans are on the verge of extintion and there are people who are so f… superficial to feel the have the right to sindacate on Adele. Leave this great artist alone!!!

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