A dance story that made me cry: Open Floor (2)

and then at the end I really felt moved
to share what was going on that I was a father of a young son Alex who may or
may not survive welcome to dance journals, dance journals is a YouTube
channel that tells the stories of the dancers and the dancers from all over
the world I am Özge Özdemir a journalist living in London and I aim to
encourage everyone to move like Mick Jagger in the previous video we talked about
open floor dance practice and its benefits for mental health and soul open
floor is meditation in movement I attended a session of open floor and
talked with the dancers and the teacher in the first video dance movements psychotherapist Mira tells us how dance helped her to cope up
with the grief of losing her best friend to cancer to listen to her story follow
the link we share in this video in the previous video we also talked with open
floor teacher Audrey about what Open Floor is and now in this video she’ll tell
us how dance creates a sense of belonging and community after Audrey we will
listen to the story of Adam that almost made me cry so stay tuned in open floor
movement practice we work with the concept of what we call the four hungers
and we’re all hungry for for the same things we’re hungry for time with
ourselves you know for our relationship with ourselves nurturing as I was
talking about you know our well-being and our emotional field and and our body
but we’re also craving we’re hungry for connection with the other what
we’re also craving is community as belonging right we crave that sense of
it especially nowadays if you think about it since human beings we have been
living in community they’ve been gathering around the fire to dance and
to eat you know this is the dance is sort of the glue that holds us together
when you go every week to a class and move with the same people every week
something quite interesting happens when we let the body do the talking
surprising things happen to give an example to what Audrey tells let’s listen
to yoga teacher Adam Spanier’s incredible story he tells us how he made
the journey from loss to self-love thanks to dance if you want to learn
more about how dance contributes to people’s lives do not forget to
subscribe the dance space I go to the most often
they have a sharing circle at the end and I almost never share my my partner
who was pregnant last year and gave birth last December actually exactly one
year ago today and the child was very ill didn’t have a heartbeat went to
hospital got resuscitated was in intensive care and that night I came and
danced and I I had an experience of just putting that this this terrible story to
one side for a moment and just being me like letting go of my story letting go
of my mind my emotions my turmoil and because I loved the dance so much I’m
able to drop into that space I got an an instant holiday from a very intense
situation and then at the end I really felt moved to share what was going on
that I was a father of a young son Alex who may or may not survive and then that
was probably that was probably on a Tuesday and then on the Saturday I went
back to the same dance space and danced again and then at the ending circle I
announced that my son had died and there was something about like carry on living
life because I find dance is living life the full that’s my passion to dance
and be connected there was something about in all of that turmoil
I made space for myself it’s practice and I got free of the story and that
really helped me to process my loss and there was
something about having these people who had all been rinsed clean in in two or
three hours of dance and they were all witness and they were receiving what I
had to say and because of that I didn’t share anything on Facebook or online or
need to reach out to friends like the moments that it was happening like just
after birth when he was on a knife-edge and then just after he died
and we had to make a decision about life support so it’s not just like he
died like we had to choose that because of the situation that was incredibly
healing like and that’s like that’s not everybody’s going to do that because
it’s a big thing and it’s a very tender time but for me it kind of showed like
it’s almost like something I’m practicing at the moment is loving myself my
inner child and like my inner child needed to be heard then and that child
needed a break from the situation and that I was able to give that to myself

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