9 Unforgettable ‘Teen Mom’ Proposals | MTV Ranked

– Okay. I wanted to ask you (sniffing) if you would marry me. – [Javi] Look. – Mommy. – You did get flowers. You got them for mommy? – [Isaac] Yeah. You did? – [Isaac] Yeah – [Kailyn] Oh my gosh, thank you so much. Give me a kiss. Thank you. – Well, the real reason why
I brought you out here was ’cause this was your childhood. You were raised here and I felt like this was a part of your life I wasn’t a part of so I figured if I came out here, I felt like some way I will
be a part of it forever ’cause you are my present now so what I really want
to know is if you’ll– – My God. – If you’ll marry me. – Of course. (upbeat romantic music) I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how this works. (Javi laughing) – Are you happy? – Yeah, I’m happy. I’m just like in shock. – [Jeremy] Wake up. – Did you make me breakfast? How long have you been up? – A while. – You tried to make me breakfast. – I tried to make it. – Let me see. (laughs) Burnt the bacon a little bit. – It’s a little bit crisp. – Oh yeah? Oh, look at the flowers. Did it have to have a card? Am I supposed to read this? – Yeah. (upbeat romantic music) So will you marry me? – Yes, I will. – We’re happy we’re getting
along better than we were. – I think that you’re
definitely doing a lot more. I mean, especially right
now with how my parents are and like, driving me nuts, I
feel like you do a lot of stuff to make everything a lot easier. – I just wanna see you happy. I’m tired of seeing you upset. I know things were rough
there for a long time and don’t see myself
being with anybody else but you forever. I just wanted to know if you wanted to spend the
rest of your life with me. – [Jade] Babe. – Jade. – I’m gonna cry. – Will you marry me? – [Jade] Are you serious? – [Sean] Yeah. – [Jade] Oh my goodness. Yeah. – Yes? – (laughing) Yeah. (romantic soulful music) – [Corey] There’s a fish
right in front of us. – [Leah] Where? Here, fishy, fishy. I wanna hold it. – [Corey] Here, reel up. Hold on, hold on. – It’s not ready to reel in yet. – [Corey] Reel that in. (both laughing) – No (beep). – Yeah (laughing) – Are you serious? – [Corey] Yeah. Here. (Leah and Corey laughing) – Yeah. – [Ashley] You look good, honey. Thank you. – [Waitress] Something fun for you guys. – This is so cute. Why are you shaking? You’re making me nervous. – I’m shaking my leg. – [Ashley] Stop. (baby crying) What’s the matter? (baby fussing) Are you serious? – We have been through Hell and back. – Babe. – And I done put you
through so much (beep) but I don’t want anybody else. I don’t wanna be with nobody else and I wanna spend the
rest of my life with you. – Really? – Will you marry me? – Of course I’ll marry you. No, Jessica. (Ashley and Bar laughing) You gotta slide it (laughing) – Just put it on and come here. (upbeat music) – [Chelsea] Yesterday, Cole
said he had a surprise for me. He took me out to one of his
favorite spots in the woods and it was something I
totally didn’t expect. (energetic romantic music) – [ Mary] Hi! Oh my gosh, I’m so excited. – Hello. – I’m so happy. Let me see. Oh my gosh, that’s beautiful. – Did I do good? – Congratulations. You did so good.
– Thank you very much. – [Aubree] Cole made
it, Cole made the ring. – What?
– I did. – I made it.
– He did? – [Mary] So are you excited? – [Aubree] Yeah. – They’re gonna get married. – Ew. – [Chelsea] “Ew” she says. – [Cole] What? – [Mary] And you’re gonna be in a wedding. – Yeah. – Have you thought of
what you’re gonna say yet? – Nope. (female photographer laughs) I’m just wingin’ it. – I love that. – [Male Photographer] Very nice. – [Female Photographer] Okay, cool. So now, let’s do a couple with Taylor. – [Taylor] Hey, can I ask you something? – No way, babe! Really? Oh my God. – [Taylor] Will you marry me? – Yes, of course. (romantic pop music) Oh my goodness. Finally, (beep). Good job, babe. Here, turn this way so
I can show off my ring and he can take a picture. – I know we’ve been through a lot but do you wanna marry me again? – Gary, don’t say it like that. – All right, do you want to marry me? – It’s not, “Do you want to”. – [Gary] It is, “Do you want to”. – Will you? – Okay, I’m sorry. I’ll say it the exact way you want it to. – [Amber] It’s not that. I don’t hear it from your heart. – That’s not my fault. I just did it so many times. – Really, Gary? – Twice. – Then if it doesn’t mean
anything to you, then don’t do it. – Amber I want to but I
said, “Do you want to”. – You look very uncomfortable right now. – There’s water come up here. Amber, oh my Lord, I said,
“Do you want to marry me”. I didn’t know I had to say, “Will you.” What’s the difference? – Oh my God. – Amber, will you marry me? – Promise you’re gonna be there for me and not run out on me all the time? – Yes, I don’t wanna run out on you. So will you marry me? – Yeah. – Forever? – Yeah. – I want you to be mine forever and I want you to grow old with me. And all the stuff that we’ve been through, we had a daughter, made
an adoption plan (sniffs) and it was one of the hardest
things that I ever had to do. (crying) And you were there for me
through everything (sniffs) and you’ve always been there for me. (sighing) Okay. I wanted to ask you (sniffing) if you would marry me. – (gasps) Honey, oh my
God, are you serious? – [Tyler] I’m serious. – Oh my God. Yes, I will. – [Tyler] I love you so much. – Oh man, I love you too. (soulful romantic music)

100 thoughts on “9 Unforgettable ‘Teen Mom’ Proposals | MTV Ranked

  1. OMG, all I could think during the Leah and Corey segment…"if that ring falls off that line, homeboy will be scuba diving instead of fishing"!!

  2. Chealsea is superrrrr lucky she got cole! He is such a sweet guy and you can tell the most genuine on the show and hes nice on the eyes which dnt hurt.lol

  3. Oh look no Janelle and her a million craY relationships on here. Lmao. Good shade MTV employee making this video. Your shade is legendary

  4. What I love about Chelsea and Cole is that they try and keep a lot of camera like the engagement that’s something they wanted for themselves in that moment

  5. I love Tyler’s and Caitlyn’s!

    That’s how i want my proposal to go 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


    My boyfriend asked my father to supper aug.6.2018(so today) so he could have a man to man talk with him about me(he wanted to let me know that they set up a supper, because he doesn’t keep things from me because he knows I have horrible horrible anxiety)

    PLUS! He took me to look at rings because he wanted an idea of what I liked…we found an amazing ring, perfect look, perfect size(like it fit without any alterations needed)

    So sorta know what the dinner talk will be about…. BUT I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA about when. Where. or How….

    I can only wish that he puts as much emotion into the proposal as Tyler did for Caitlyn

  6. Tyler and Catelynn deserved to be number one. They've been together since they were only thirteen and are still together to this day. They were meant to be. They had the best proposal out of all of them. It was both genuine and emotional. I love them so much.

  7. Chelsea and Cole should of been #1. (But then seeing Tyler and Catelynn – they did deserve #1… Chelsea and Cole #2)

    Gary and Ambers was AWFUL

  8. #2 was so fucking cringe like girl just say yes don’t be rude to him while he’s proposing… if I was him I’d throw the ring in the ocean

  9. the maci and taylor one was my favorite i love them so much they’re my favorite teen mom couple besides cole and chelsea #maylor

  10. "Babe- I'm gonna cry" in complete monotone is the absolute worst reaction to a proposal I think I've ever seen.


  11. OMG Amber's proposal clip made me sad, because when the right person asks you to marry them, you should be overjoyed, not criticizing the proposal.

  12. You can tell kail was in it for the benefits. She didn't even take the proposal seriously. Javi had to ask her was she happy smdh

  13. Ahhh corey! He took a risk with that purposal but it was soooo cute! Also I’m so glad to know I’m not the only awkward woman in the world honestly I wouldn’t know what to do or how to react if someone purposed to me hahah

  14. 💗💝💝💝💝✊👌👈💟💝💘💞💘👐👆👌✊✋👇💝💘💘💞💟💟💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💖💖💖💖💕💕

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