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it’s very easy not to let rejection in sounds hard isn’t there’s five things you do when someone attempts to reject you if someone says something like I hate that club outfit or you had the on last week why do was wear the same staff or never have cut your hair looks awful you just go thank you for sharing that because thank you for sharing that saying that’s your opinion you’re allowed to have it but I’m allowed to not let it and for the everyday harsh little barbs you get from people you just say thank you for sharing that because they know straight away that you’re not letting it in and that’s it of course there’s a deeper rejection when you go to work and someone says oh my god I I saw you on stage you were sucked you were so wooden it was an insult to wood why did you give that talk you were terrible and then you say you know I didn’t actually I missed that would you say again and usually they won’t say it again because they know that you’re going to be on them and they just go oh me my big mouth I’ve had a really bad day just ignore me so if they say something really mean like god that presentation you gave was terrible or I don’t know why you spoke up in that meeting what you said was stupid you just go I didn’t get that could you repeat it slowly they very rarely will so that’s the second thing you can do if they do repeat it now you go on to technique three and they say yeah you should never have chaired that meeting or your pitch was so boring you just go Oh sounds like you’re trying to make me feel really bad about myself amazing logo no no not at all I just wanted you to know that your pitch was so boring so you could actually get better or I thought you should know you really suck at presenting so you maybe get some handy hints or never do it again weirdly in their own way they think they’re being helpful so when you say please repeat it and they do and then you go oh you’re trying to hurt my feelings made me feel badly as you go no actually not to technique for zone they go yeah I want you to feel terrible I don’t like your hates you something I just yeah I want you to see what a rubbish speaker you are then you just go you know that’s not going to work because I’m not going to let that in you can think what you like and say what you like but I’m not going to let that in and here’s technique five you go but you knew since we’re sharing did you know that critical people have the most criticism reserved for themselves when you keep criticizing me in this office or in this business or in this family you’re showing everyone here that you’re really dissatisfied with yourself and that’s a shame don’t be mean or harsh you don’t have let it in those five techniques are so transforming and they’re easy so thank you for sharing that would you mind saying that again I missed it oh are you trying to make feel really bad about myself well that’s not going to work they’re not going to let it in and since we’re sharing did you know that vertical people always the most critical about themselves that’s all you need to know practice it’s amazing don’t have to be mean or snippy or even sarcastic when you go back and go how dare you say I look fat or well usually you can talk your presentation was terrible to you’ve let it in it can hurt you when you just do those five things it can’t hurt you because you’re not letting in and that’s a choice you can make every day I write books some people write horrible reviews in my books notes will write great ones when I look at the reviews I think wow an unhappy person sitting at home writing all this means stuff I wouldn’t want to be then I don’t let it in I can’t tell you how much it changes your life when I’m doing radio shows they’ll go well can you give the audience one thing I’m like yeah one thing to change your life don’t let rejection in you can choose and when you choose it changes everything that’s my advice to you for today

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  1. If someone is ignoring you and has been for months. What do you think of that? Is that considered rejection if it is coming from your own daughter? Any suggestions on how to handle this situation?

  2. what if you have anxiety, and their criticisms really hit you hard? What if they make your heart pound and your ribs contract and you can barely breathe? What are some ways to convince ourselves before others?

  3. Great tips as usual. Thank you. 😊

    I also use this: "Looks like you're having a bad day. Hope you feel better." Then I smile my sweetest smile and then leave. 😊🙋🏻

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  5. I just say (to myself), they have a right to say whatever. But… I don't have to take it on board. It's more their issue than mine.

    Also, freedom of association. It's a fundamental human right. They exclude me, but that cuts both way. I reject them, too. And now they have armed me with all data I need to do that.

    Or, if people give you an overly harsh rebuke for a simple mistake: Example … I took one thing out of the salad bar with the tongs, then realized it had a spoiled part, so I quickly put it back. The harpy behind the counter started yelling, "you can't do that." So I said sorry and she kept on… "you're not allowed to do that!" At that point, I just turned my back and walked away, took a deep breath and erased it all from my mind. Why should she work so hard to shame me for the rest of the day? I didn't know the fucking rule. Just walk away and press the big erase button. End of story.

    Same for overly harsh gchat. Apologize and erase the conversation. Erase, erase. These assholes need to be erased.

  6. I have to repeat myself these tips until they get stuck in my head and in my heart for ever. I can't even count the amount of times someone has been a harsh critic in my personal life. But I can sure enough count the amount of times i haven't let that in: 0.

  7. This isn’t rejection.. it’s just dealing with critising and horrible people. How about so called loved ones who won’t be present in your life. Or asking for support and they never show up. That’s rejection.

  8. Thank you Marisa. I started implementing some of your advice 4 days ago and have seen my life sky rocket! I'm organized now, and started a new business yesterday. It's been a dream for years and I filed the business papers yesterday. I'm up early making business cards and planning my day of passing the cards out to potential customers. I was concerned about rejection last night but I WILL implement your advice from this video. Thank you! Amy

  9. i like clicking on ads' videos and check their like dislike ratio
    gotta say this one took me off guard
    what the fuck people

  10. Dear Marisa. I cannot thank you enough for this precious information. I've moved around in professional environments with this type of difficult people. I will watch this again and again and write it down. I believe this is a very clever psychological technique. Hugs from Portugal.

  11. I've definitely had people be that rude to me, men mostly, the kind who hate blondes. I was told I deserve to be abused because of how I look, the guy that i've worked with on projects once a year, told me that. He knows nothing about me but his girlfriend doesn't like me, we do promotional work and the event is on beach so maybe that has something to do with it. The guy put it in writing to me, started out as a harsh comment but it was backhanded, I asked him about what he meant, he said the insult was a joke, I said it wasn't funny. Afterwards he told me that I deserve it and worse because of how I look. So it's okay to be a BULLY because you don't like the way someone looks? That's a really low thing.

  12. What if the person criticizing you is your supervisor and they're unfairly criticizing you on your job performance? Aren't your choices more limited than what is presented here?

  13. I like your work and videos but that didn’t help me at all. Do you have anything for being rejected by the opposite sex? Thanks.

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