4 WAYS TO GET OVER FRUSTRATION – Problem rock story

Hi guys! I am Tatiana Garcia. I’m
Brazilian and sometimes I come here to talk about
awareness and today I want to talk about how we deal with some ‘rocks’, like some
aggressive people that come to us Sometimes someone can basically have a
problem that it might look a bit complicated than yours
but sometimes that person can deal with that problem better than you.
So then why when we have a discussion or when we want to some attention, we want
to show them that our our problem is actually huge? There is no point. So I
would say that every single problem it is a problem and there is no such a
thing as measuring problem’s size and complexion. You don’t judge people and also don’t
want to have yours problem as the center of all conversation. Imagine you
have a rock in your hand and someone throw this rock to you. You have some
options, right? if you don’t think you might get hurt. So, if you don’t think and
start to have relationships and relate with people by…you know? Just thinking
about your rock or don’t even giving a shit to others people rock you might
getting hurt, you might ending up very frustrated as well. So then, the second
option is that you might react you might, you know? Get that rock and throw
it back with the same power. I always think in my mind that rock came from a
bigger rock and this bigger rock is the person that is throwing the rock. So I
always imagine in my mind that the person is a huge rock because that
person is dealing with a bad situation for a long time. That person
actually became a rock and then that person takes a piece of herself and
throw this rock to you. That’s what really happens. Every rock that you
receive comes from a big rock. There is no point for you to get this rock and
throw it back because it won’t really hurt that person. Even though sometimes I
forget that person is the rock itself. Then the third option and the
wise one: think, you know? So then if you think you’re gonna catch the rock. Pow! Catch
it! Then you’re gonna look at the rock and gently give the rock back to
the person that throws you the rock because that rock is not yours. So the
best thing you can do instead of throwing back is look at this rock,
think and give back to the person that owns that rock. But why we are now at
this time arguing with people about how huge our problem is? Do you see? There is no
point and the reason why I’m telling you this story is because sometimes even
myself I don’t remember this and I just defend myself sometimes I’ve
just…you know, put the rock and walk away Look, this is my mistake I think.
Normally people put the rock and walk away. I do that. This is the fourth option.
But I always think this is not right I’m not doing the right thing.
Why you’re not doing the right thing? It’s because you’re not fixing your problem
and you’re also not fixing people’s problem and not even helping them. So
you gonna leave a problem in the middle of the street and then someone gonna
walk through the rock and he might be falling down, hurting themselves. So there
is no point to leave the rock in the middle of the street, there is no point to
actually throw the rock back. So the only way to do is to give the rock back
to the person that actually owns the rock. I have to be honest with you I don’t remember
these all the time. But by telling you this story sharing these, it’s a way that
I can remember this easily and by thinking about this big rock and this
small rock, you know? By having this little character in my….Oh I think a bug…just bit
me. I receive many people, aggressive messages and aggressive behaviors and I
will try to keep this in mind and have this rock character in my mind and maybe I
will never ever leave a rock on the street. I hope you guys enjoy it and I
would do this more often because I like it! It’s just because…you know? And yeap!
Let’s just have a chat down in the comments See you soon. Bye from Brazil!

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