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Can do it mentally. How many of you been doing that mental in your mind? Yeah. Helps right? Now you’ll discover the more you do it, the better it is and the more effective it works. And eventually, you know, what I do is, sometimes I just notice it, I take a deep breath, peace and just goes away. It really releases it because the unconscious mind is so smart. It learns and knows how to make the changes. And so, this last week definitely has been an opportunity for me, I did some tapping over the weekend several times. It’s part of the growth process you realize that. The deal is you’re gonna tap for the rest of your life. and I want you to realize that is the deal. If you don’t, now I will tell you this. And I’ve seen many people come to this seminar, they get really big changes and their life really does change. But the tapping does not prevent events happening to you in the future. say for example, you know, you clean up whatever it is is going in your life currently, and then in the future you may lose your job, your, your dog may die or your or some, something happens and if you have a tendency to go back to the old way of coping with things, you can create more problems. You create a whole new set of problems. But when you’re creating all these problems, you can look back to whatever it is, you’ve addressed in this seminar, you’ll notice it doesn’t bother you. Because you change that. What we want to do is, is develop this skill of addressing and releasing and letting go. That is the gift of a lifetime and you need to really practice this. Because in the past, how did you deal with your stuff? I mean seriously how did you deal with it? You dealt with it you put it right back here. You try to eat it. You try to drink it. You try to smoke it. You try to work it. You try to run from it. You try to do whatever it is. But the problem is, it all goes with you wherever you go. Because where’s it at? Right here. And you can’t run fast enough and you can’t work hard enough. Yeah, I mean you just can’t. Because what happens you get to lay your head on the pillow and then your mind starts rambling with all that stuff you’ve been running from. Because you hadn’t developed the emotional intelligence or the internal process of letting go. You know, whenever you tap, the the real deal is, feel it, notice what bothers you, notice how you know. It could be the picture. It could be a sensation. It could be anything. Just notice it. You don’t necessarily have to say anything. All you have to know is know how you know it bothers you. It could be a feeling in your stomach. It could be a feeling your heart. It could be a heaviness on your shoulders. Feel it and then tap. You can, you know the key is, is identifying. Now some of you, if you want to do it this way even though I have this problem, whatever it is, this, I accept myself even though I have this problem totally and completely accept myself. That problem, whatever it is, that feeling, whatever it is that you’re doing just let it go. Let it go. Peace. Then go back and check it again. If it was a strong emotion and you did it one time and it dropped from a ten to a five, do it again. Now if you don’t do it again,let’s say it dropped from a ten to a five, you definitely feel better. If you leave it at a five level, it will still remain a five level. And then you’ll experience something later on, or you start to think about it again, and all of a sudden, it’s at that level. What you want to do is completely release it all the way down to zero. Now I use a protocol. I use a Sud unit. Now you usually don’t have to do this for yourself but you can, like for example, you think of something, and you feel it and you measure it. Zero, I can’t feel it. Ten really strong. It’s a ten feeling. But if you’re internally doing it yourself, you don’t necessarily have to do that. Now I use the Sud unit when I’m working with somebody, so that I can understand that there’s changes occurring. But you don’t have to do that for yourself, unless it’s just something how you, you want to do it. That’s how you think. But this is how to Sud unit subjective units of distress. Zero, can’t feel it. Ten, it’s really strong. We want zero. In order to get zero, I use what I call a TOTE. Test, I feel it, it’s a ten. Operate, tap. Now there’s a lot of ways of operating. You don’t necessarily have to tap. There’s lots of ways of making changes. Tapping for me it’s just one of the fastest ways. And then you test it. So it was a ten, you tap it. You test again and it’s a zero. Then you exit. That mean it’s all over with. Whoa. And then sometimes it’s gonna be test operate, test operate, test operate, test operate, test operate, test operate, test operate, test operate. And then you exit. It may take you 15-20 minutes. If it takes you two hours, hang in there. Do it and until it’s gone. Because there’s one person who will benefit when you get to zero and that’s definitely you. This is deep, deep internal changes. And you want those changes. And then after you take this problem whatever the problem is, one of the things it’s real important, go back and make it positive. So make it, make it feel good with it. If there’s a memory and it’s a bad memory makes you feel bad when you start, and you start tapping, you tapping all the way down to zero. Change the memory where it’s a positive memory. Send loves and forgiveness. Send something where it feels good. Because then your unconscious mind will use the positive. That’s what you want to do. Now in order to have a problem, I believe you got to be good at having a problem. That means inside you, you have to do something to make it happen. So, for example, if you have an anger problem, I said,”Are you angry?” You said,”Well, sure. I’m angry.” I said,”Well, how do you know you’re angry?” “Well, I have this reference right here.” And so the reference is like a ladder to the problem and each rung of the ladder represents an emotional aspect, you start tapping on this, this problem whatever it is, you’re using the tote, until you get down to zero. And then when you get to zero, you can’t have a problem this way, because first of all, it doesn’t bother you anymore. And then I say,”Well, can you get this problem back? See if you can get angry again?” And you said,”Well of course I can. I drove my way over here and this guy pulled out in front of me. I’m really angry.” I said,”Okay, how does it make you feel? You start to feel the emotions. You start tapping on the process, the emotions, get down to zero. Of course now you have a different perspective. And then you just start trying to find every way to have a problem. And so now you can’t have a problem because you have changed all your internal references. Okay. But that doesn’t mean you all your abilities to be angry is totally gone because you have plenty of references. There’s a lot of roads to Rome, you know. And so, and since you have a lot of experiences, what you’re going to do is, you go out in the world. And everything is a test. So that you can clear it out and clean it up. So you may have something bad here in the background. And as you do, I want you to just continuously working healing and releasing whatever the stressed emotions are. And of course, say for example, when I work with somebody and they have ten, I have two, five memories here. And all the memories basically have the same basic emotional driver. And each one of them, they go to it and it feels like a ten. If any one separately they go feel it. But what I’ve noticed by working with individuals, as you start tapping on the emotions in one memory, the next memory usually the emotions dissipate, they lessened. And each time you do this and eventually it’s real hard to have this problem. And that definitely your world begin to change. The tote is very powerful. The most important key about using this process is, when you feel it, stop and feel it. Then tap it and release it. Then make sure it’s completely gone. This is the most powerful thing that you could do for the rest of your life. When you feel disruption, where you feel upset, when you feel hurt, don’t run from it. because if you’re running from it you take it with you. But if you face it, you feel it, you tap it, you release it, you become free. Actually you gain personal power and control. In order to get what you want, it’s important to let go of what you don’t want. And that’s, and that is so important because whenever I have clients come in, the first I say,”Hey what do you want?” “Well, I don’t want this. I don’t want that. I don’t want this. I definitely don’t want this.” I said,”Okay, what would you like to have?” “Well, you know, I would like to have this, but I, but this Rover here really bothers me. And I don’t want this. And I don’t want that. And I don’t want this.” What drives your bus, is what you don’t want. And here’s the craziest part. Now that I had a young girl today. Now this is really, really amazing. And she’s, she’s really good at worrying. I mean she’s an expert at worrying. Matter of fact, she said,”This is what I do. This is who I am. I worry.” And of course I said,”Well, what are you worrying about?” She said,”Well, I’ve been having nightmares of my dog dying and my mom’s dying and my dad’s dying and, and, and I have this worry that I’m not a good enough daughter.” I said,”Okay. So, so when you’re around your dog what do you do?” “I just cry when I’m around my dog.” I said,”So in your mind the dog’s dead, right?” “Yes.” I said,”Now if you’re the little dog and, and your owner comes to you and they start bawling because you’re dead and gone. How would you feel if you were the dog?” And, and, and then she’s worrying that she’s are not good enough daughter. All right. And then I said,”Well, okay somebody’s gonna die what’s, what is your, what’s the big deal?” “Well, I have this fear. I’m gonna be alone. And they may not think I was a good daughter.” And I said, “Okay, here it is, let’s say you’re the mother. And you had this daughter in the bedroom. And she’s got this horrible headache. And she’s miserable and upset and all this stuff. What kind of daughter would she be? I mean, would you be making her feel good? Would you be doing things to help your mom feel like she’s a good mom? “Well no, because I’d be in there worrying and creating these problems.” I said,”Here’s the interesting thing. What you fear drives your bus.” And say,”Here’s the credit, if you don’t want, if you don’t want to be a bad daughter, but you keep focusing on how bad you are. How good of a daughter would you be? Not very good, will it?”
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  1. Eventually you get tired of the "professionals" who seem to know it all- but are primarily interested in taking your money while inflating their egos.

    Robert's a straight shooter. He "shoots" from the heart- and you can sense he's "been there, and done that" .

    He has, successfully, resurrected himself from his own pain and suffering, figured out how the whole thing works, and is now helping others do the same thing.

    Right on Robert!

  2. depending on who's crack you are smoking…. there will be a pay off and may not be a good one for you…

  3. I suggest don't try to do them all but only one at time. Do one the make sure you changed it then move to another one. I suggest loving you where you are and what you currently have. Let go of the hurt, shame, anger, and anything else. Address your everyday emotions by tapping them until they don't bother you. Do it until it's gone or until you pass out either way your life will be better. Peace Robert

  4. Most depression has a lot to do with crappy experiences and not releasing what they hold inside their minds.

    Depression is an internal process which create depressing chemicals just like happy thoughts do create happy chemicals.

  5. You are presuming something that isn't true. Nothing is preventing me from finding new love.

    I am in love with my life and I am dating. Which is a new thing for me, so I am discovering what I want in the next relationship/marriage. It will be better than what had in the past because I am better and my Picker is better. I am now picking that which is in alignment with my inner self. She will show up I am ready and willing. So, I am dating until it occurs. I am happy with or without.

  6. The mind expresses itself physically and when you addressing pain you are really addressing emotions. When the pain/emotion is released it will open up for you to address other area of you mind/body of emotion. Tapping releases and reviles things.

  7. wow i started watching ur videos 5 days ago. and for the first time i have been able to breathe and relax. i even found im so much happieer, and im trying to get all my family involved in it. we are going camping in a couple weeks so its gonna be a tapping frenzy lol anyways, what do u do when u dont feel anything negative, i have these problems but i dont seem to be stressed by them. should i tap on those feelings of guilt for not feeling bad? and i need more info on the happy journal

  8. @laurie21789

    I do suggest tapping on all feelings that you would not want to give to a baby which will include guilt and the happy journal is around video 254 plus or minus a few videos. Yes, keep up the good work and heal. Robert

  9. I'd love to be able to do this, tell people obious stuff and use pier presure to get them to agree the problem or pain isnt as bad as it was or is totaly gone. Do you accept cash, CH CHING.

  10. I've been doing EFT for 5 yrs off and on, Too often it didn't work for me so I lost interest for several years. I know others are having results. So I found your videos and I am tapping again. Right now I have a sinus infection for the first time in my life and it hurts to tap on my forehead. So I am experimenting with "rubbing" instead of tapping. or gently pressing on the points. Can you say something about using those methods? (Also it looks a little less crazy when doing it in public.)

  11. my question is how we to do deal with that problem which u are facing from several years its in your mind i mean depression how to deal u do every thing but its remain in this condition what can one do please answer me i will be very thankful to him

  12. trying to look for a sequence to your videos ..they are numbered but it doest look like they are in order…. would like to start from the beginning …thanks really good info

  13. Hey Robert, I notice some peeps came up with tapping around the ear and affirming feelings they want a certain person to feel while imagining looking thru their(targets) eye's of the individual they want to seduce or persuade, ALSO, someone else is using it as an additional to their tapping, but I don't recall any primary chakra's mentioned around the ear.
    Whats your say in that if you have any, just curious?

  14. Thank you Robert I hope all the good you have done for me comes back to you in waves of good health, success, love and joy. May allah bless you and may ur destination be, after a long healthy life, heaven.

  15. This is a superb teaching Robert..easy listening..so much detailed information.. Many thanks to you..
    Great accent..hugs X

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