3 Best Home Remedies For MIGRAINE RELIEF

Hello and welcome. In this video we are going
to show you home remedies for migraine. Have you experienced a headache that only effects
one side of your head. It could be migraine. Depression, irritability, pounding pain, nausea
and vomiting are symptoms of migraine. Flashes of light or black spots, numbness or weakness
in arms, legs or any side of the face. Migraine may result from a variety of causes
such a low blood sugar, allergy, infection, excessive intake of drugs, weak constitution,
low energy, improper sleep and rest, excessive smoking and drinking. Home remedies for migraine, remedy number
1. This is a very simple remedy. You take half a cup of spinach juice and then you add
a cup of carrot juice. Mix this well. Drink this to get relief from your migraine. Remedy number 2. In this we take a quarter
cup of cucumber juice, lets add a quarter cup of beetroot juice and finally to this
we add a quarter cup of carrot juice. Stir this well and our home remedy is ready. Drink
this to get relief from migraine. Remedy number 3. This is a very simple remedy
that you can do at home. What you have to do is take a lemon lying at home. Put them
into a mortar, grind them very well and then take that paste and apply it to your forehead
as a plaster. This will give you relief from your migraine.

49 thoughts on “3 Best Home Remedies For MIGRAINE RELIEF

  1. When are you going to change the 4 to a 3? You offer 3 home remedies, all juice, not 4. They seem like they may work though. Has anyone tried them?

  2. question, for the carrot juice and the cucumber juice. would you make it out of natural fruits or it is already made and buy it at the store and mix it? im curious 😔

  3. You don't know much about migraines spinach carrot and beet juice are all causes of migraines.  This remedy may be ok for the occasional suffer but one such as myself it would send me to bed for days.  I use peppermint oil on my head it dulls the pain but does not take it away and I use hot water bottle.  Please be careful and do more research those drinks looks good for general health but not for migraines.  fruits and vegetables that are ok to use are Kale, romaine lettuce, blueberries, melons but not watermelon no strawberries or citrus fruits or bananas nothing Red anything that is high in tyramine.

  4. Could be cause from the food you are eating, stress, lack of sleep, low iron, toxic liver , your time of the month etc.

  5. Are there any good places to buy these different juices? Will I have to go to a specialty stores to purchase? Thanks! Very informative video.

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  13. Okay wtf?! I have a migraine rn. And after I read about what causes them in the beginning… it went away? And as I paused the video, I felt more alive for atleast 3-4 seconds until it came back again…

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  15. U don't have complete information about migraine..spinach is something that triggers migraine,I have experienced it

  16. Please refer this article where they explained some simple home remedies to reduce the pain caused by migraine – https://mitvanastores.wordpress.com/2018/11/15/home-remedies-for-migraine/ hope it will help.

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  21. To b honest if your life routine is not good or planned than u not get rid of this migraine
    1.Don't miss breakfast
    2.Left your stomach empty for 6to 8 hour (8pm to 4am)
    3.Don't sleep on belly and try to sleep on back bz it reduce weight on stamach
    4.Don't b stressed .Do some relaxing things like yoga
    5.Don't use mobile and like this before bed(before one hour) read some book ,write a diary ( bz it reduce stress when u planned your day)or give some family time it also reduce stress and also help in fall sleep
    6.Put some milk ball on your eye if u have pain in your eyes and sunglasses too(if u can)
    Guys I improve my migraine with these things
    And these juices improve your memory (strengthen ur Brian muscles)
    It's bz when I read commends so I realize how bad is this
    Best of luck guys

  22. Years of suffering medication doesn't even help anymore. having headache for last 5 days so i will surely try this

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