2 Year Old makes Angry Birds push-up cake pops ❤

Welcome to FunPlayTV Today we are going to make Angry Bird Push Pops Push Pops! and what do we have here today? So we’ve got our push pops here that we have just used craft paper and made with googly eyes and we also have gummy lollies We have, what are these? Cake. So we make mini cupcakes and what do we have over there? Icing, to decorate the push pops We have to put some cupcake in We put some icing We have to put another cupcake in put some icing well done! We take some jelly lolly and decorate it Can I eat it? If we don’t have cupcakes, then we can put some jelly!! So you can put some jelly lollies instead and use it as party favors And now…we have Angry Bird Cake Push Pops that are super yummy and easy to do. can I eat it now? Thank you for watching FunPlayTV. Don’t forget to subscribe

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