9 thoughts on “2 girls hypnotized a pizza guy with pocket watch hypnosis

  1. It's such a wonderful, sexy scene – although the brunette who is watching looks very serious (and almost, at times, uncomfortable), the pretty blonde woman who actually carries out the hypnosis is very smooth and assured in her delivery; very effective altogether as a hypnotist; and also seems (judging from her somewhat arch and mischievous facial expressions) to be having a lot of fun with her subject/victim. One suspects that there might be some very naughty plans being hatched for what happens to him later – it's just a great pity we don't get to see the realisation of those plans in this clip 🙁

  2. This is from KismetVideo. There isn't much more to see aside from this as the shooting it was intended for was never finished. The "full" clip just features the girls using him as a footstool at the end and talking about how they should hypnotize each other.

  3. Hypnothings 2 or 3 i believe is the title of the whole thing, its still purchable on their site (google kismet video). Why purchase a video that is already for 50% on the internet you ask? To show support to these kind of studios. The reason all their stuff gets shared is also the main reason why they cant fund future videos. So support these kind of companies if you want to have more content available in our hypno fantasy world.

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