17 Tips To Manage Your Anger And Feel Calmer

as humans we can experience a whole
cornucopia of emotions in the run of a day it’s totally normal and of course
some days are better than others but there are those days when you just wake
up on the wrong side of the bed and it can be hard not to take your anger out
on the rest of the world it’s hard to admit when you might need a bit of help
when it comes to controlling your anger you want to be the one in the driver’s
seat and not end up doing something you’ll regret later but before we go
ahead and share our tips why not click that subscribe button and ring the
notification bells so you never miss our new videos now here are some great tips
and tricks you can use to help manage your anger and feel calmer tip number
one count from 10 we know this seems a little silly and may have been something
your parents told you to do as a child but that’s because it works during the
time it takes to count down from or up from 10 your heart rate will slow down
and you’ll have had a moment to breathe which can really make all the difference
if you’re really angry try counting down from 100 tip number 2 just breathe we
mentioned this a little bit in the first tip but now what we want you to do is
simply take a breath it’s amazing how much a deep breath in can give you
clarity and help control your emotions your body naturally speeds up breathing
when you experience anger so reversing the process and slowing down your
breathing should help reduce feelings of aggression plus taking a moment for a
deep breath in and a slow breath out will help drop your shoulders and give
your whole body a sense of calm that you were probably lacking a moment ago even
if you’re not upset at the moment taking slow deep breaths in through your nose
and out through your mouth does a world of good go ahead and give it a whirl
we’ll wait tip number three a change of scenery it doesn’t have to be very far
or for very long but getting up and taking a walk when you start to feel
angry can really make a world of difference whether it’s a walk around
the block a quick bike ride or taking the dog for a stroll removing yourself
from your situation will not only make your body
feel better it’ll take your mind off whatever it is you’re stewing about and
will help put things into perspective tip number four relax your muscles
according to the folks at health line there’s something called Jacobson’s
relaxation technique it was invented in the 1920s and people are still using it
today and the experts say it does wonders for relaxing tense muscles when
you’re angry everything is tense so this type of
therapy will come in handy plus it’s really easy
basically you begin by slowly tensing and releasing various muscle groups in
your body one at a time all the while taking slow deliberate breaths
this not only relaxes tense muscles it’ll occupy and relax your mind to tip
number five talk to yourself we’re not joking if this actually helps we don’t
mean silly mumbling we mean repeating a mantra pick a word or phrase that you
find calming a good example would be you’ll be okay once you have a phrase
chosen in times of stress or when you’re upset try to refocus and repeat that
word over and over again tip number six stretch it out humor us for a moment and
take stock of your body are you hunched over your desk if so take a second to
stretch out your back and fix your posture are your shoulders as high as
your ears lower them down and unclench your jaw doesn’t that feel much better
it’s amazing how we stiffen up even when we’re not necessarily upset it doesn’t
have to be much but taking a moment to stretch and get the blood flowing can
work wonders when emotions are high something as simple as a few neck and
shoulder rolls works wonders to loosen up tense muscles to tip number seven
transport yourself unless you have teleportation technology you’re not
sharing with us who we don’t mean physically transport yourself we mean
mentally if you can get to a quiet space and close your eyes visualize yourself
in a relaxing scene and focus on the details of that imaginary place what do
you see what do you hear what colors are around you you
this simple practice can help you find calm when you need it plus the more you
try it the better you’ll get at finding serenity amongst chaos tip number eight
crank up the tunes seriously music is great for the soul and sometimes jamming
to your favorite song can bring you back to a happy place so slap on those
headphones or dip out to your car and kick out the jams eardrum that anger
away tip number nine don’t speak this can be a really tough one when you’re
feeling mad all you want to do is express yourself and talking is one of
the easiest ways to get your point across but are you thinking clearly when
you’re mad are you going to regret something you say in the heat of the
moment sometimes the best thing to do when
you’re fuming is to take a moment and collect your thoughts without words tip
number 10 give yourself a timeout kind of like when you were a kid except
you don’t have to punish yourself this one is more about taking a moment and
removing yourself from the situation that’s got you steamed it’ll give you
time to process the situation or events without the risk of snapping at someone
else giving yourself a moment is actually pretty nice and you may enjoy
it so much that you’ll start scheduling it into your day tip number 11 keep a
journal we’ll admit this one may not be for everyone but even if it’s just in
the moment writing it instead of saying it can really help you get to the bottom
of how you’re feeling writing what you can’t say can really help you to
reassess the situation and help to not only make you feel better but it could
help uncover why you got upset in the first place knowing what set you off can
be a great tool to have and can help you avoid another event where you find
yourself getting angry tip number 12 find the quick fix did your roommate
leave a huge mess in the kitchen after you told them not to or did your kid
draw all over the walls if you start to feel your blood boiling because of
something you see why not put it out of view it might not be the final solution
but if it helps calm you down in the moment why not give it a try
out of sight out of mind tip number thirteen phone-a-friend
no we’re not talking about who wants to be a millionaire
remember that show we’re talking about actually speaking to a POW when you’re
feeling mad sometimes the best solution is to talk it out with someone you trust
someone who will be real with you and tell you if you’re being silly or if
you’re justified if you confide in a friend they can help you find a new
perspective tip number 14 laughter is the best
medicine we’re not trying to be facetious here laughing can really
defuse a bad situation nothing turns that frown upside-down faster than a
good belly laugh find someone or something that always makes you laugh it
could be a friend your kids or a good old silly meme the Internet is full of
those tip number 15 be grateful this one sounds like a
no-brainer but when things get heated it can be hard to remember practicing
gratitude is a great tool when it comes to remaining calm taking a minute to
focus on everything you have as opposed to everything you don’t have can really
help you gain some perspective and remember what’s truly important tip
number 16 the power of empathy you’ve probably heard this phrase before but
walking in someone else’s shoes can really help defuse anger seeing the
situation from another point of view can help you see the other side of the story
that you may have missed and help you gain a better understanding of what’s
really going on tip number 17 lastly find an outlet we
recommend a creative one finding a way to channel all that emotion can be
tricky but when you’re full of emotion that energy has to go somewhere why not
put it into something you could be proud of later painting writing poetry or
learning how to play an instrument after all some of the best songs ever recorded
were written in a fit of rage and that’s it did we give you some ideas on how to
manage your anger in a healthy way are you inspired to learn something new in
order to channel your emotions what are your best tips and tricks that help you
when you’re angry why not share it in the comments below so we can all feel a
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9 thoughts on “17 Tips To Manage Your Anger And Feel Calmer

  1. Did we give you some ideas on how to manage your anger in a healthy way? Are you inspired to learn something new in order to channel your emotions? What’s are your best tips and tricks that help you when you’re angry? Why not share it in the comments below, so we can all feel a little more relaxed, and calm.

  2. Nice informative video.. Anger should be controlled by everyone.. For better relationship and decision making.. Well done… Great work!!!

  3. It actually made me laugh. And that's on the list so… Yeah. I'll watch it again when I'm counting down from 500

  4. Trump drives me crazy everyday and I get angrier and angrier at all his lies, distortions and his unethical, disrespectful attitude to the US and world. The things you suggest do nothing to quell my anger 😢. The things you suggest work for a minute or two but then I read, see, hear, think about what he is doing and the anger and helplessness returns. I was never an angry person.

  5. Tip#1.. count from 10
    Tip#2.. Just breathe
    Tip#3.. Change of Scenery
    Tip#4.. Relax Your Muscles
    Tip#5.. Talk to Yourself
    Tip#6.. Stretch it Out
    Tip#7.. Transport Yourself
    Tip#8.. Crank Up the tunes
    Tip#9.. Don't Speak
    Tip#10.. Give Yourself a Timeout
    Tip#11.. Keep a Journal
    Tip#12.. Find the Quick Fix
    Tip#13.. Phone a Friend
    Tip#14.. Laughter is the Best Medicine
    Tip#15.. Be Grateful
    Tip#16.. The Power of Empathy
    Tip#17.. Lastly, Find an Outlet
    have a great day everyone

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