10 Stress Free Tips For A Road Trip

Hi Welcome to Stressed Out Stress Free dot
com, my name is Vincent Woon. In this video I’m going to show you 10 tips on how to achieve
a stress free road trip. Tip #1 is to have your car checked, make sure
maintenance is on schedule, have your oil checked just to make sure your car is running
good and if you are traveling in the winter time make sure the heater is working and if
you are traveling the summer time make sure the air-conditioning is working. You don’t
want to spend summer/ your vacation at an auto repair store. Tip # 2 to have a GPS & copy direction of
where you are going to and make sure it’s kept in a pocket like this when you need to
look just grab it instead of grabbing a piece of paper from your dashboard or your side
panel. Tip # 3 Make sure you have your chargers for
your laptop, your iPod,iTouch,iPad,iPhone and most importantly don’t forget your adaptor
for your cell phone just incase your battery runs out or you need it at the time of emergency. Tip # 4 Have a bunch of DVDs for your DVD
player. If you do not have a DVD player in your car make sure you get a portable DVD
one if you travel with kids, it will keep them occupied. I remembered before the DVDs,
before they have the DVD in the car I used to have the big VHS video cassette recorder
and the TV together and I put it between the passenger seat and the driver seat and that
actually keep the kids real quite. I remembered 2 summers ago we drove down to
South Carolinas and it takes abut 18 hours. I
rented a set of Chinese TV series about 28
DVDs and by the end of the trip my kids learned a little more Chinese and they are much better
of now. Recently my friend John Cow (from JohnChowDotCom) recommended MiFi which is
great because we have an iPad and we stream movies on the iPad so now we can run the movies
on the MiFi and WiFi for the iTouch and my older kids will not give me a hard time looking
for WiFi. Tip # 5 is to make sure you have a first aid
kit like this. Let’s look what’s insideů. OK! let’s see what’s insideů.Always make
sure you have hand lotion all the time just in case your hands are dry. I always use the
Utterly Smooth also know as Utter Cream It’s really good for hand and soften your hand. Let see what’s inside the kit.. we have the
thermometer for fever just in case anyone has fever. Of course bandaid is always important,
bag of bandaids, alcohol wipes, Motrin for fever, Advil for pain especially the ladies,
hand sanitizer, Neosporin antibiotic just incase they have a cut. Some Chinese medicine, this is the Tiger Balm
good for pain, stomach aches and headaches. A tweeter just incase something pokes their
hand. This is call Mopiko it’s good for mosquito bites and itch. this is one of my favorite
in Chinese it’s called “Teah Ta Chiew” or “Teeth Ta Chow” in Cantonese,
it’s good for pain, strain, sprain, ache and muscle pain. This bottle is made specially
made by my friend’s uncle’s secret ancient Chinese recipe. More bandaids and this is a phenomena ointment
and is very very special ointment, it’s call “Lup Mui Yal” in Cantonese it’s good for insect/
bug bites and itches, I remembered once I was barbecuing at my friend’s place and I
got stung by a bee and my finger was pounding really really hard and crazy and as soon as
I put this on it, in 5 minutes the pain is gone and the swell goes down. This is what’s
in our first aid kit. Thanks to my wife, she did a real good job having these together
and we always have this when we travel and it comes handy in times of need. Tip # 6 Have snacks like chewing gums, coffee
candy to keep you awake healthy snacks like gra no la bars, nuts,
fresh or dried fruits, box juice and water, water is the best thing and
helps clean up the system and will not make you as thirsty as you are. Tip #7 Don’t forget to bring a camera or camcorder
and take a lot of pictures and videos. Why? your kids willů
you will have something to remember on about your trip and later on your kids will appreciate
and bring back memories. I have picture when my kids were little and when we went on road
trips they still remembers till this day. Tip #8 Have blankets and pillows ready so
that they can take a nap and in the summer time the ac is on and the car is going to
be a little cold and during winter time of course it’s a little cold and plus the blanket
keeps them comfortable and you might save some heat too. Tip #9. Is to leave early because when you
leave early in morning there’s less traffic and have whole day ahead to enjoy. Like when
we do trips to Maine during summer time, we’ll wake up about 4 or 5 AM get ready and we’ll
be on our way, less traffic, no traffic and we can just zoom right through and when we
get there it’s about 10 or 11 AM. So we’ll have brunch and enjoy the beach. Oh the last tip is don’t forget to have your
car cleaned before the trip. Because thing will piled like the snacks that you brought
into the car also the wrappers from the fast food along the way. So just clean it and if
not it’s going to get really really messy and it’s going to ruin your trip. So Don’t Forget clean your car before the
trip. Those are the 10 tips and have a Great trip! Don’t forget to visit my blog at http://StressedOutStressFree.com

53 thoughts on “10 Stress Free Tips For A Road Trip

  1. @Si737 Simon don't quite get question…. there's nothing about bird flu in this video πŸ™‚

  2. Good tips I'll use some when I go with my sister in November ( yes I no I'm an early planner) when we take a two and a half hour trip!

  3. You are welcome! Have a nice trip πŸ™‚
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  4. Unless its cross country, I'm pretty sure u don't need a thermometer. And have you ever tried having quality time with your kids on a road trip? It wasn't long ago when kids would try to make the trip miserable, but all it took was some paper and a pen with a bit more one on one time than a DVD would create?

  5. I remember my gps broke down in the middle of europe , so thanks for the tip of keeping a paper-route of my trip

  6. My husband and I are taking a road trip to Utah, Wyoming and South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore. We're excited and have been planning our trip. Although we're not traveling with kids, the rest of your tips were pretty helpful. Thanks for the useful tips!

  7. Great tips! In summer I used to half fill the water bottles and then put them the night before in the freezer, so as we travel during the day, the water keeps cooler and refreshing. Thanks for the tips. πŸ™‚

  8. You really need to upgrade your first aid kit. Things to stop bleeding and mend burns. Also need car supplies. And where is your firearm?

  9. Here's a tip to avoid both stressΒ and an earlyΒ death on the roadΒ – don't travel on a two way road in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. Your chances of having a head on prang with some lunatic overtaking at the wrong time are just too high.

  10. Thank you. Ive also seen a physician on You Tube recommend Tiger Balm. I'm going to pick some up and try it.

  11. Its been a while since I've done a long road trip. Glad i found your vid. Thought i was well prepared. I totally forgot about the emergency kit. Thanks for sharing. Great video.

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