10 Psychology Problems Caused by Parenting Behavior

Ten psychological problems caused by parenting behavior. With most psychological issues the reasons are quite trivial: childhood emotional impressions. You should know that your low self-esteem and anxiety might be caused by certain parenting mistakes. Here are typical character trait of people whose lives were directed by the wrong behavior of their moms and dads. Number ten – lack of independence. Helicopter parents, also called cosseting parents, are always watching and scrutinizing their child’s life. They mean well enough, but such overprotection leads to psychological issues. If you can’t make a major decision without a call to your parents, you’re probably such a child. When we keep saying, ‘watch out! you’ll fall down!’ or ‘don’t touch the dog, it’ll bite you,’ a child only hears, the world is dangerous. It’s better not to do anything. Instead, parents can say it differently: ‘be careful,’ or ‘look after yourself.’ We should allow our kids make mistakes [sic] and draw their own conclusions. Let’s give them more freedom, and they’ll grow independent. Number nine – depression, feeling of guilt. If parents say, ‘we refused ourselves everything for you to have a higher education!’ the feeling of undeserved guilt will overwhelm a child. The same goes for threats concerning bad grades — the child is under constant stress. If you say, ‘how many times do I have to tell you?’ or ‘can’t you study better?’ your children will think you mean that they are fools and failures. To motivate your kid, simply say, ‘you can do it, try again!’ ‘think again – you’ll find the answer!’ or ‘let’s do it together.’ Number eight – inability to rest and relax completely. ‘Be serious!’, ‘Stop goofing around!’ ‘Don’t be such a baby!’ Such phrases will create an overly earnest adult who’s never fully relaxed, doesn’t understand children, and hates immature people. Let your child has [sic] the greatest time of their lives – childhood. Number seven – harmful addictions and extreme sports. If parents always tell their child how many problems he or she causes, the child will conclude that everyone would be better off without him. As a result, the child grows into an adult who subconsciously finds ways to destroy himself: alcohol, smoking, drugs, or extreme sports. You know what’s better for your kid? The simple phrase ‘I love you just the way you are.’ Number six – personal life issues. Directives not to trust anyone will lead to that: perceiving the world as hostile with traps everywhere. The essence of this that you think your child is too young to understand what’s good for them, so you decide every little thing yourself. You may be right, of course, but if your child lives with constant limitations, they will eventually rebel against them. Also, such grown-ups may have serious trust issues. Number five – search for a parent-partner. Saying ‘you’re too young for that!’ is the perfect way to raise a ‘kidult.’ This child will probably stay ‘too young’ forever, being dependent and needing a parenting partner. Number four – suppression of own talents and lack of Initiative. If parents frequently use such phrases as ‘don’t be smart with me!’ or ‘stop daydreaming!’ their child will have neither his own opinion, Initiative, or leadership qualities. As an adult, they will probably drown their ambitions and alcohol and ‘fun.’ Number three – closeness, suppression of emotions. A lack of emotions and sensitivity in parents can’t be ignored by their child’s subconscious. When frequently told to stop crying or complaining, the child closes in on himself. These suppressed feelings can turn into psychosomatic issues. Number two – extremely low self-esteem, desire to be like someone else. Parents who compare their child with more “accomplished” kids will get a self-critical teenager, then an adult with an inferiority complex. They always try to perform better while hating themselves for not being superior in the first place. Never compare your child with others. And avoid such phrases as ‘look how much better he does it than you.’ In this case, the kid only hears ‘you’re worse than everyone else.’ Number one – lack of independence, irresponsibility. There is a particular type of overprotective, paranoid parent who doesn’t let their child do anything. ‘Don’t touch the cat! It’ll scratch you!’, ‘don’t sit on the edge!’ These messages make the child afraid of making any decisions. Passiveness and irresponsibility also appear. Parenting mistakes are quite common, but their price is too high. With our own unrestraint, overindulgence, inconsistency, or over-busyness, we make our children nervous and naughty. You are capable of avoiding this. You only have to cherish, understand, respect, and love your kids. Do any of these situations sound familiar to you? Then show this video to your parents. If you’re still a child, they’ll probably change their behavior for the better. Don’t forget to hit the like button below the video and click subscribe to stay on the bright side of life.

61 thoughts on “10 Psychology Problems Caused by Parenting Behavior

  1. My parents they didnt allow me to marry the girl that i love more than my life due to which her parents married her with another guy…

  2. Wow, every single one of these applied to me. It took me literally decades to realize it. All summed up in a 7 minute video though. Please share this video to someone you know who may need it, at a young age!

  3. Baby boomer parents were somewhat neglectful…come back at dinner time. When kids were getting snatched off paper routes. It all about me. They overcompensated with helicopter parenting. It's all about the kid. It's like mentally ill extremes when there could be logical balance.

  4. My mom's favorite phrases
    Your siblings will be horrible because of you
    Why are you behaving like Americans
    You are evil
    You don't know how to respect
    If my kids marry Koreans I will hang myself
    You will never know the true intentions of a man until you marry him…
    You think money grown son trees
    You are so selfish
    You don't care about me
    You are manipulative
    I am a bad mom
    I am never good enough for you

    I am tired!!!!

  5. My mom constantly nags at me for being introverted. I hate it. She’s made me hate people. She’s made me want to stay as far away from people as possible.

  6. If i show this to my mom and dad.. they'll say "You're so dramatic!! 😂" and laugh. Or "So me and your dad are your problems!??" And get mad. So.. i won't show them because it makes me more sad.. 😢

  7. Ok so now we have 1 billion grown adults on the planet with all 10 of these parenting damages done to them… now what?

  8. I don't know how my parents have managed to stay together more than 20 years without loving each other and always fighting with each other.

  9. Some I agree and some I don’t agree in this video. What about parents who ve mental issues or alcoholic or drug addict?

  10. Why cant parents understand all this…..they think they are always right…whatever they think and do is superb whether that's about their children studies,dreams or marriage …why cant they understand from their children's perspective and especially from their daughter's point of view that she also want to reach a great height in career and make them feel proud, love someone and marry Man of her choice rather than marrying just when she has completed her postgraduate or at age when she is not mentally prepared…why don't they understand that how much can a boy or a girl can cause self harm to them with this behavior of them

  11. My childhood is almost over………. thanks parents and school for nothing I thought I have to work and earn when I was 10 ……

  12. My mom would say "we didn't raised you that bad! You didn't turn out bad! Some people got it worse!"
    Then they're confused why I never called them

  13. More tension is caused in the family if each of the parents have different rules. Trust me. I've lived through that cause of tension. That may also cause two or more children to have different life styles and possibly become rivals, trust only one parent or the other, or/and go into a phase of laziness or confusion.

  14. I want to become an animator, but my Mum says I should be a doctor, an engineer, or in the street just because she thinks that art would make me little to no money.
    At least Dad says that I can be anything I want.

  15. Parents are litteraly using us because they need us when they retire so we can give them money and we sometimes think The same

  16. I did everything i can….i didn't even complain about anything….but still i get hatred and discouragement by their side….i have no idea how to handle them

  17. my parents always say “look over there, they are much younger than you and they act better.” and they say that i do things wrong when I don’t.
    and force me to stop crying when I cry

  18. I lived in a emotionally,physically,abusive strict bubble. My parents tried to clip my wings and break my spirit so hard to the point of me cutting at 13. I’m fearless,strong and I WILL to break the cycle . It’s something I remind myself over and over .

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