10 Celebs Who Are Victim of Nude Photos Leak in 2017!

A friend posting an embarrassing picture of
you on social media, that’s irritating, we know because we have all been there! You can convince your friend to take down
that picture if it is really horrible, a privilege! OMG how can we call it a privilege? After all people saw a not-so-good picture
of you and that’s disgusting. But step into the shoes of celebs who had
their intimate pictures leaked, all thanks to hackers! You won’t want to be there but you can feel
the trauma they went to right here at our channel. Number 10. Blac Chyna
Blac Chyna, former fiancée of Rob Kardashian has faced the agony of leaked intimate pictures
just recently. The most shocking aspect of the entire episode
is that it was Rob who leaked her private pictures and videos because Chyna was cheating
on him with 8 men in one month! That might not be right but revenge porn is
punishable in California and a case has already been filed against him. Whatever be the situation, it must have been
traumatic to have your privacy breached! Number 9. Angela Magana
The fighter who starred in The Ultimate Fighter season 20 has confirmed that her icloud was
hacked which resulted in her nude pictures to be spread on the internet. Angela was not ready to stay quiet about it
and took to twitter to show her displeasure and even opened a case with the FBI to investigate
the privacy intrusion. Go girl, we are with you! Number 8. Vera Sidika
This Kenyan television star had her nude picture leaked on the internet, very unfortunate. She accused her former boyfriend, OriYomi
Johnson to be the mind behind this disgusting incident. As per the Kenyan beauty, after she officially
broke up with Yomi he had threatened to ruin her life. But Johnson denies even having any nude of
his former girlfriend and texted her after the accusations, screenshots of which were
dutifully uploaded to Vera’s Instagram account. It is getting uglier by the day! Number 7. Alexa Bliss
Alexis Kaufman, better known as Alexa Bliss in WWE Raw brand is the current Women’s
champion but it seems that was not enough to protect her from a traumatic privacy invasion! This April, images showing a woman in different
intimate positions were leaked which were quickly spread across social media claiming
they were of Bliss. The angered 25 year old took to twitter and
made her message clear that the pictures were bogus and should be taken down immediately. We wonder where the world is heading to with
such acts! Number 6. Emma Watson
The leading lady of Beauty and the Beast had faced a case of picture leak which was said
to contain nudes of the British actress. Watson decided to shed light on the issue
herself and revealed that the pictures were from a swimsuit fitting with a stylist years
ago and contained no nudity whatsoever. The other images with a woman in her bath
with her face cropped were not of her. Her lawyers have been looking into the matter
but such acts are definitely a black spot in the face of the society and should be condemned! Number 5. Paige
Born as Saraya- Jade Bevis, this beauty is a British wrestler and actress who performs
for the Raw brand under the name Paige. She went through a lot of trauma when a sex
tape was leaked that showed Paige with two male wrestlers. If that was not enough, more recently a series
of nude pictures were also uploaded on the internet for everyone to see and enjoy. One episode of such atrocity is more than
enough and she had to undergo two, indeed sad! Number 4. Sienna Miller
The 35 year old Hollywood actress had her cloud storage hacked and intimate pictures
were stolen and spread on internet without her consent. The pictures in question showed Miller being
topless, wearing a mask over her face. As per a trusted source, Sienna is devastated
at the incident of leaks that showed her fooling around. We are sorry for you Miller! Number 3. Maryse
The WWE diva married to The Mitz performs in the ring with her husband in mixed teams. This 34 year old Canadian star might have
had her intimate pictures leaked online. Pictures of a topless blonde in just her knickers
have been uploaded online and claim to be that of Maryse but she is yet to confirm if
they are legitimate or not. If they really are hers, she will be another
WWE girl to fall prey to this trend, how shameful! Number 2. Amanda Seyfried
The Hollywood actress who has recently embraced motherhood for the first time had to undergo
the trauma of leaked personal pictures while she was pregnant. It’s rather unfair how she had to face the
worse in her moments of joy. The pictures were of her intimate moments
with ex boyfriend Justin Long, whom she dated from 2013-2015. It has not been clear as to from where the
images were stolen but it definitely is unfortunate! Number 1. Raquel Pennington
The 28 year old American UFC star, Raquel who is dating one of the highest rank fighters,
Torres also faced online humiliation. Pictures of her in the bathroom and other
nude pictures were leaked on the internet without her knowledge. Does being successful puts you at a higher
risk of online bullying and leaks? Well, that’s totally unacceptable! Share your thoughts about the shameful picture
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80 thoughts on “10 Celebs Who Are Victim of Nude Photos Leak in 2017!

  1. LOL! You expect me to believe that ALL of these weren't supposed to get out?!

    You're an idiot if you take nude photos with your phone.

  2. It's funny because most of these people(females)dress like whites at public functions on stage etc…and the outfits aren't far from nudity anyways…smh…

  3. Sorry, but anyone who takes or keeps photos this "intimate" has a lot more problems than just hackers. I don't feel at all sorry for any of these people.

  4. You act like all these leakers are so shameful, and you are some social justice warrior fighting for the greater good… and then you post a picture of Racquel with just a red TRANSPARENT box over it in which you can see everything anyways…

    By the way, Blac Chyna is hardly a victim.

  5. Oh please….Blac Chyna is a whore.

    It must have been traumatic for Rob Kardashian to spend millions on her while he thought they had something real.

    She's hardly a victim, and the charge is just the last way to extort more money out of him.

  6. The entire tone of this video is such liberal trash….if someone doesn't want nude photos of themself "spread on the internet"

    then they shouldn't first take nude photos of themselves, and then UPLOAD THEM ON THE INTERNET. None of them are "victims", and they all skyrocketed in popularity as a result.

    Every woman on this list uses her sexuality as a marketable skill and poses half naked already.

    PS – who the hell says "knickers" anymore.

    You'll never reach 1M subs compared to other top 10 channels with this tone.

    Keep it light.

  7. i have actually seen Paige's vdos on net. but i wana ask something instead.
    WHY THE HECK WUD U TAKE OR SEND NUDES TO ANYONE ? having said that, taking pics or making vidz is your own act and you want others to see it, that is the reason you take or make it. so stop whining .

  8. This is nonsense. Don't blame the hackers. Blame hose girls who do naughty things in the bathroom. Why the hell would they take nude pics of themselves?

  9. Oh paige tapes wasnt leaked she didint care. Theses are celebs looking to be talked about. Who just keeps nude pics of themselves

  10. Victims! Really. People who take nudes of themselves don't take it for themselves. By taking nudes you are agreeing on being embarrassed one day or later. These celebrities are just fools.

  11. This is so fucking retarded.
    Like why are you even taking these pictures?
    And by the way they're already sluts so this video shall not exist.

  12. way I see it if you take nude pics or videos and store them on your comp, phone, the cloud or whatever, you not only deserve to have them put out there, but secretly you want them out there for the world to see.

  13. these stupid women take their nude pictures and intentionally publish them in social media and now saying they are victims of injustice? what the f…? . now i began to wonder about all these women claiming sexual harassment by a man is not all ways true because these women did it intentionally and now playing victim

  14. Blac China deserved it for what she did, I can tell you are biased towards women. Why do they even have nudes anyway.

  15. If you don't want embarrassing pictures of yourself all over 'social media', don't take embarrassing pictures of yourself, or have them taken.

  16. if these women are shameless enough to take the pics and videos to begin with they need to deal with the fact if you have ot on your phone or computer it can be found by anyone if its that big of a deal to you then i guess you should keep the nudity to the bathroom or bedroom and away from tech for the world to find

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