10 ANXIETY symptoms you NEED to know (2018)

In this video we’ll be covering 10 anxiety symptoms so that you’ll be able to identify the condition quickly. Hey I’m dan I have Asperger’s syndrome, OCD ADHD dyslexia and anxiety, I make weekly videos on autism and mental health so consider subscribing to learn more So we’ll be covering 10 of the most common anxiety symptoms and right at the end of the video I’m gonna’ give you three facts about stuff that you didn’t really realise about anxiety. Hey everybody Welcome back to the Aspie World, so anxiety is a pain in the butt, now I should know this because I do suffer from anxiety. Having Autism I’m actually susceptible to anxiety and it exists comorbidly with me so mainly I get social anxiety but somtimes I do have the anxiety were it kind of comes on all of a sudden and you don’t know what to do you don’t know how to help it and it’s kind of like, you get an anxiety attack and you think where did, this come from? How is this, and it’s just you know it is exhausting I actually use this fidget toy called Klixx I’ll leave a link in the description below so you guys can get one for yourself and it really helps me when I’m getting feeling anxious or feeling like an attack coming on I get to play with this thing and it’s just super cool I really enjoy it. So I thought I’d share that tip with you. So a lot of people don’t know what anxiety disorders are or or what anxiety is and some people actually suffer from the condition but don’t actually respod to the symptoms that the body is telling them and they may have not know that they have anxiety so we’re gonna’ cover 10 of the most common ones within this video. So first up we have headaches now when people are experiencing a panic attack or an anxious attack or feeling anxious or having an anxiety attack they feel a presure in their head like a tension in their head and it’s the band that goes around the head here and they become very overwhelmed by this it can feel like their head’s about to explode it could feel like there’s a lot pressure building up in their head, and this is very very common for people who are experiencing anxiety related disorder or an anxiety attack about to come one next up is quite an interesting one a lot of people will feel dizzy when building up to an anxiety attack or having anxiety they’ll feel dizzy where they may feel light headed like they’re gonna’ fall over their head spins a bit, they’re feeling a bit light headed and it’s a really interesting one because your body is trying to breath in oxygen maybe it’s taking too much in maybe it’s taking in too little and it’s upsetting how your brain is functioning to the fact that it’s thinking, oh am I going to stand up, am I going to fall over? and it’s very difficult this is something to note because if you’re experiencing this and you have these headaches then if you keep watching you may may actually realise that you suffer from an anxiety disorder so the next one is weakness of legs or (jelly legs) you find it because like adrenalin pumps through your body so with anxiety and stress it simulates the fight of flight simulation within your body where basically you’ll have a you know if your in imminent danger will cause your body to react in a certain way so of course a shot of adrenalin from your body into your body it’s kind of like useless if your not running away from danger if your not ready to fight something or hunt a bear with your bare hands I dunno’ that was a bit stretched but still this kind of adrenalin into your body causes all crazyness and it actually hits your legs and your body a lot so you may shake a bit but your legs will become like jelly and loose and stuff and a lot of people think that if they sit down and do nothing this will help but actually the way to help it is to actually kind of go with it, walk your legs, move your legs ad burn up all of that adrenalin that you have actually just had expelled into your body, because that’s the best way to over come it, but this is something to always remember is that if your feely very anxious or having an anxiety attack you may experience jelly legs syndrome and that’s what it is. ok so the next one is kind of obvious I guess if you’re familiar with anxiety which is heart palpitations now a lot of people will feel like they’ll get heart palpitations on their chest and then they’ll be like, I’m not sure why I’m getting these heart palpitations and they may be quite worried from it and again the heart palpitations are just your body getting it’s self ready for an adrenalin rush to go and fight something because again anxiety simulates the fight of flight scenario where there is no fight and you’re just getting all this adrenalin ready to pump and do something crazy and you don’t do it ok so the next one is sweating the body produces sweat when you’re in a fight or flight situation sweating is a crazy one when you’re having an anxiety attack because you’ll start sweating your body temperature will raise but you may feel cold it could be like a cold sweat or a nervous sweat the sweat you get sometimes when you are really nervous and again it’s the whole adrenalin thing and it’s just something to look out for because if your getting really really sweaty in a situation were there is no imminent danger ad there’s nothing crazy going on but you’re having this attack it’s something to look out for so sweating is a symptom so having a sore neck tender muscles like if you have a lot of stress and anxiety will cause the neck and the back of the neck here and your shoulder blades to kind of become quite tense and your muscle will become really really tense and you’ll tense up a bit and this is a typical common characteristic of an anxiety related issues or a symptom of anxiety disorder so kind of massage your neck a little bit yourself or have somebody massage it for you or if you are having this issue then go and rest and just lay down but it’s a really common one and a lot of people negate this and they go oh well you know my neck is just sore and they don’t really realise that it’s part of this anxiety symptoms that’s occurring in their body it’s pretty interesting. Ok the next one is chest pain and shortness of breath so a lot of people feel like there is an elephant sitting on their chest sometimes and like a lot of chest pain and they get short of breath because they cannot take in enough oxygen and again this is part of the panic attack and it’s because of the respiratory part of your body here and your lungs are trying to take in oxygen again because they are nervous or they are getting anxious because of the fight or flight situation and it turns out that the chest feels pressure and really heavy and you find it hard to breath this is an interesting one, the best way to over come this is to just take in a deep breath and slowly breath out and take in a deep breath and slowly breath out do that three times and you should get rid of some of that pain around your chest. Ok so the next one is stomach issues or IBS and digestive issues. A lot of people who suffer from anxiety disorders and comorbid disorders with anxiety related disorders will get IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or they will have some issues with their digestion and it’s because the body it effects the brain responds to anxiety with stomach pains and this is quite an interesting one if you’re feeling really stressed or anxious or your having an anxiety attack you may feel like you have a really bad stomach ache and it could cause things like diarrhoea or constipation or cramping and these are always something to look out for because if you are not somebody who get’s these types of stuff but you do when it’s like you have some of the other common symptoms of anxiety so it’s always worth noting that if you have a few symptoms together it could be an anxiety disorder ok so the second to last one here now is increased heart rate a lot of people experience heart rate increase and feel like they’re having a heart attack or they are having some issues or they’re having like a heart issue right then and there and it’s not really that it’s just a raised heart rate happens because again the fight or flight thing you have adrenalin going through your body your heart rate will increase and you will feel that, you may actually feel that in your neck here as well and the sides of your ears and your jaw here and down this part here of your neck because of the vain’s that carry the bloody to the brain are here and of course if you have an increased heart rate then these will start to pulse a bit so you may if you have come across this before then it’s part of this condition the last one is fatigue and exhaustion a lot of people find that they are feeling very tired and that they have no motivation they are completely exhausted they get up and they can barely get out of bed they feel like they can’t get on with the day it’s because the body is trying to do all this stuff and is fighting the anxious feeling and it feels like it’s running a marathon it thinks that it is fighting something all the time but it’s not you are getting all the triggers as if you are fighting off evil monsters but your just sitting down and having an anxiety attack or a panic attack caused by an anxiety disorder and this is something that is very common and needs to be dealt with you need to rest and stay calm stay focused eat good foods that are gonna’ give you energy and maybe some exercise will defiantly over come that tiredness, and I know that kind of seems like an oxymoron because if you are tired how are you going to exercise but it will help build energy and get you feeling a bit more like yourself so I promised you that I would tell you three interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about anxiety disorder and I’m gonna’ do that right now, but before that I’m just going to ask you a question and I want to know what d you think the best method of staying relaxed is when you have an anxiety disorder, is it like yoga and exercise or would you say that it’s reading a book or doing something creative or like playing games and stuff? Let me know in the comments below, I’d like to know what you guys think is the best way to relax or overcome the symptoms of an anxiety disorder ok so fact number one is that anxiety disorders are commonly comorbid with other conditions like I have Asperger’s syndrome and I know people with ADHD with anxiety or bipolar all of the neurodiverse classifications of conditions maybe comorbid meaning they could have anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder or anxiety disorder and autism and this is so common I did a video on autism and Asperger’s and if you are interested in checking out the symptoms of Asperger’s and autism, please click the card above here to check that out. Fact number two is anxiety disorders are the most common mental health issues in the United States of America and this is crazy because it out weighs depression and all sorts so anxiety disorders are the biggest ones facing America right now. Fact number 3 women are actually at a higher risk than men for getting an anxiety disorder or developing an anxiety related disorder which is quite interesting concidering I know a lot of males who have an anxiety related disorder which means that it’s going to way more common in women so there is going to be a lot more women out there who suffer with this. Thanks for watching guys give this video a thumbs up and I’ll see you next time, PEACE!

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  1. The best thing for me when I'm having some kind of anxiety attack or increased heart rate or sth is to take a couple of deep breaths, eat and drink a little bit and try to calm down in a comfortable position maybe even with relaxing music or sth you like if it's really bad.

  2. Great video. I’ve been suffering from GAD for the past 20 months and it’s a daily struggle. I’ve had all these symptoms plus tingling feeling in hands and feet. Dizziness and fatigue have been my main symptoms and I do daily deep breathing exercises for 10 mins.

  3. I, too play music: piano, violin and flute. Sometimes on a performance I can actually enjoy myself and other times I get anxious and then panic and I don't knoe why. 2 weeks ago I played a flute solo with a choir and missed three notes. No one else noticed, I cried for 8 hours and wanted to be destructive. It took a few days to cpmpletely recover. This is so hard. Thanks for the info. Maybe if I could short circuit the anxiety before it gets too much I could win this

  4. I used to have bad anxiety, especially when I was a teenager and I have social anxiety (although I have done several public speaking events and once helped run a stall for butterfly conservation at a fair which meant interacting with people which I didn't find that bad)), but now nowhere near as bad as I used be as I used to get very uncomfortable in social situations as much that I could barely speak to people I didn't know as I felt unable to get the words out and would often go home felling quite upset at times as I felt unable to properly talk to people with out feeling shaky with an upset stomach.

    In the past year I have taken classes in stress management and mindfulness which really have helped me learn to deal with my anxiety and also boosted my confidence with meeting new people. I had alopecia once around 10-11 years ago as I was quite stressed then and it caused a part of my hair on my left side to go balding a little and grow back in white, and I used to have a pencil thin beard, but now can't even grow a beard like I used to as it just grows in brown and white and very patchy.

    I always find that listening to music helps me and I have a playlist of over 1700 of my all time favourites I like listening to, especially country, classical, orchestral, jazz, folk, TV show theme music and soundtracks, movie soundtracks and 60s, 70s and 80s music to name a few. I also making my own music and I play different musical instruments including Irish whistle and flutes, concert flute, recorder, panpipes, harmonica, piano (well keyboards as I have never played an actual piano), and have a violin that I want to start learning to play and I find when I play those I feel relaxed. I also find going for a walk in a more wild places surrounded by nature really helps me relax more than anything.

  5. I have all of these. Been to emergency room at times because the anxiety was so bad it resembled heart attack. Was evaluated for heart attack each time. Last time it turned out I also had pneumonia. I have to stim, and do distracting tasks, such as watch educational videos or read text books (have to be careful, as new ideas I want to try but can't due to finances or inertia, backfire and make anxiety worse), sleep, food (hard sometimes to know what is soothing that time) and if its really bad have to use a fast acting medication. Sometimes I have to let it blow up into a meltdown to reset. Will usually take days to recover from a major event, but they do happen quite often for many unknown reasons and sometimes I know what caused them too. My anxiety is usually pretty high always. The wind the past two days is really bugging me. Keeping a good sleep schedule that keeps you sleeping at night and awake in the day helps. I have to get back to that, for a few weeks now I'm sleeping half the night thru noon.

  6. I've never heard of point 3 before about watching something inspiring, I'll definitely try and remember this one when I'm anxious about university assignments 🙂

  7. I suffer with anxiety but I didn't know how most of things you've said relate to anxiety disorder. You've opened my eyes a lot dan, thank you

  8. Love the video…you should consider subscribing to my blog anxietynorm.comI plan to discuss how I deal with my every day anxiety and all the of anxious bodily sensations I experience on a daily basis. I find it very comforting when I  hear about other people dealing with the same thing I deal with

  9. I want to thank you sincerely for your wonderfully informative videos. I have helplessly watching my daughter suffer from depression, anxiety and panic attacks since middle school. The doctor's misdiagnosed her with a bunch of things and then tried to medicate her into zombiehood. By chance I came across a TED Talk by Tony Atwood. Suddenly her whole childhood made sense to me. Then I discovered your videos. Now the world makes sense to her. You have helped us both understand and cope with any difficulties that come along. Keep up the great work! You are providing great information and a helping hand. Thank you.

  10. If I've got a customer giving it large at my till, I do tend to cave alot. Although breathing deeply helps and I kinda mask behind 'professional Dave' to try and control it how it should be done if you get me? It can be stressful n tiring tho

  11. First time watching you and first off I want to say for all you have been delt you are really motivated and you seem to have your self together! I have really bad anxiety and you nailed the most important ones good video ! Keep it up

  12. I wouldn’t really say that I have anxiety disorder but I have had a couple of anxiety attacks when under extreme stress. I am a shy person and day to day activities are thankfully manageable. But weirdly enough I have never had the sensation of chest pain but it always manages to start with my throat closing on the inside out. It’s almost like there is a fist in my throat followed by someone choking the breath out of me. The abdominal pain, dizziness and decreased energy usually come after that. Maybe my body is just weird like that🤷‍♀️

    On a side note tho, I’m pretty sure I also have SAD and I actually have been recently been diagnosed with ADHD.

    I really don’t have interesting quirks to cool me down but drowning my ears in mind numbing music as a distraction generally helps. But I don’t really think it’s a feasible thing for the long term. 😭

  13. Hi 😃
    Just stumbled over your channel… I'm currently in the process of self diagnosis of ASD… which shocked me to find out… Before going to my doc I thought I'd check the internet… found this video and I got 10 out of 10 of your anxiety symptoms… did an online test now… well yes… So it's ASD, anxiety disorder, mild OCD… hmmm… to he honest, a little to kuch at the moment… thought I was just different…

    thank you for your videos… I can relate to most of them 🙏

  14. Every single time I'm anxious I get diarrhea. I went zip lining & I had to clinch my butt cheeks extremelyyyyy tight because I thought I was going to shart everywhere!!!!

  15. Anyone else get the infamous brain fog as well from anxiety, that affects memory, concentration and other things, not forgetting the feeling of a dreamy state like you're in a bubble

  16. It's strange when people call it "fight or flight" .. because neither you want to do or capable of doing during an attack lol .. and after it's over all you want to do is sleep ..body and mind exhausted ..oh and wish people would stop saying anxiety and panic attacks .. their not the same .. anaxity attack is way worse ..

  17. I have these symptoms but mostly it's like a mixture of feelings I feel depressed tired dizzy faintish and I tell my parents but they just tell me to exercise I exercise but is not helping I just feel sad btw im 11

  18. I fucking love this video, I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder two years ago, and rn my anxiety is acting up a lot while I have the flu at the same time rn, this video was really comforting. Great video bro.

  19. What about eye issues? Blurred vision, difficulty focusing, sensitive to light/difficulty in dark seeing, floaters/dry eyes?

  20. I think the best thing to keep me calm when I have an anxiety attack is probably listening to music very loudly just to kind of distract my mind from the panic

  21. Having anxiety sometimes makes me think I’m crazy…. the best way I could describe this feeling is like having every bad memory I’ve ever experienced and constantly played in my head, on top of that the negative thoughts and “what if” scenarios start playing in my head. Finally there’s this sort of weird gut feeling, almost like when you’re about to drop in a rollercoaster, or fall of a chair… except you never end up dropping in the rollercoaster, and you never end up falling from the chair. Anxiety is seriously the worst. Anyone have any progress stories?

  22. I get asthma attacks because of my panic attacks oof that really sucks happened to me last week, I almost fainted multiple times.

    anyways hope that everyone with anxiety and depression gets better, good luck everybody!!!

  23. Sometimes I just find myself driving to the hospital and just relaxing in the lobby on my phone helps me get rid of my anxiety

  24. I’ve been having anxiety attack symptoms

    Heart palpitations
    Chest pain – stinging – shoulder pain and neck

    Shortness of breath
    I’m hopefully gonna get medication 😭been so worries about my health and my mental health lately thanks for this video ❤️helped me a lot to understand I’m not alone ❤️❤️❤️

  25. I've been stressing alot lately over school and out of school clubs in the weekend, and since around August last year ish I've been going down hill alot, and I'm not getting any better, my therapies say its anxiety but I don't know, I do t want to believe them. The fact that I have all of these symptoms is worrying me and I'm scared for what the future may bring.this is the first video I have watched of yours, and no one has ever explained it as well as you have here, so thank you for posting this

  26. I myself have aspergers and my anxiety has gotten terrible since I had my daughter and gotten married! But literally have everything I have ever wanted!

  27. I suffer with general anxiety disorder and panic disorder and my main symptoms are the horrendous dizziness and jelly legs. The jelly leg attacks scare me more than anything as I always feel like I'm gonna fall over and find it so embarrassing. Good video mate and good luck

  28. chest pain and short of breathe and feeling some one choking me that i can not swallow and also i feel like i wanna vomit and i can not even eat this is happening to me almost every day and i really hate it it

  29. Best way to overcome is me relax in quiet by myself. Noise and people asking me questions and relying on me to tell them what to do next is overwhelming. If im trying to do something or say something and someone interrupts me it sends me straight into anxiety attack.

  30. Huge question: How many individuals on here also suffer from high blood pressure? I was diagnosed when I was 135 lbs. and a teenager in high school.

  31. God I hate panic attacks it feels like I’m gonna pass out every time people keep telling me to breathe with only make me think about NOT being able to breathe it’s so annoying

  32. I think when I get anxious or something when I have my phone I pull the thing open for my headphones then close it then open it then I repeat it.
    But I think when I don’t have my phone I think I just bite my nails I think

  33. my hand,finger,my legs feels cold from the inside.. Head also cold from the inside.. if you touch it,feel warm,the cold is from inside.. And ofcourse the pressure in the head really bad.

    whenever i going to workout,i will feel like heart attack gonna come.. everyday is the same

  34. I have been taking klonopin for my anxiety. I need to get off it because of the side effects. Writing seems to help sometimes.

  35. Taking CBD is the only way I can get through certain situations. It feels like the CBD contains the adrenaline in a bubble

  36. Does anyone else have twitching all over (especially in calves) but eyes, fingers, shoulders…no weakness but achy.

  37. what you all need is allah in your life , if you ain't got the GOAL ( hereafter ) then this world going to batter you , yet when you have true believed that this life is nothing the you will 100 percent conquer it with God's.will .

  38. Thank you. I'm hanging my first panic attack of my life today. Your video helped me know for sure that is what I'm experiencing. Much appreciated.

  39. I’m lightheaded 24/7 for the past six years…..: some days are worse than others but it never goes away sadly

  40. I have had every symptom known and all the ones he mentioned. I have suffered this since a teen. I don’t wish this on anyone . I have body trembling, heart racing , headaches, body aches , weak legs , nausea,night sweats , stomach issues , eye problems , tight chest like I’m trying to catch my breath, it’s worse with pms and if i get sick it’s bad. Now my son suffers , he has chronic constipation .

  41. Earlier this year I went to the hospital. I thought I was having a heart attack, but in fact it was having a panic attack. I would try to sleep and I couldn't. As soon as I would lay down, I'd feel my heart palpitations. My chest would be sore from the tightness. It still gets sore a bit, but I've been doing walking and eating a little better. I'm still trying to deal with it.

    I dont have blurred vision, or any of that. But I have noticed a drop in my energy. I'm 30, and I definitely didnt expect to feel this fatigued at times. Sometimes I do feel like I have shortness of breath.

  42. He says he has anxiety attacks every so often, while I'm over here having an anxiety attack, which I do every day. I also have about 5 panic attacks a day. I'm a 6th grader with severe anxiety and depression and I'm only in typical classrooms, unfortunately. My mental health is so bad that It's debilitating. I can't get my class or homework done on time, I can't be in crowded areas like being at a special event or even just being in the halls between classes, I can barely go to the lunchroom. I can relate to everything in this video. "What do you think the best method of staying relaxed is when you have an anxiety disorder?" Hm… I'd say practicing breathing techniques every day. The one that works best for me is the "Inhale, 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.., exhale." Repeating that 20 times.

    Thanks to whoever took their time to actually read this, I normally don't like making big comments 🙂

  43. IDK if I have anxiety but one weird things that happens to me is I get really nervous and anxious before I have intercourse with new people.

  44. I get nausea when I'm anxious. going for walks somewhere quiet helps, unless I'm hungry. Then eating helps. Sometimes music helps. 😀

  45. Iʼm not sure I have anxiety, but I do get overly anxious a lot and I can get overwhelmed easily. I have a hard time socializing, because I am stressed constantly about what others think of me. I get stomach and chest pains, my heart rate increases quite fast when Iʼm nervous, I get dizzy and I get exhausted even if Iʼm just sitting. But I donʼt think Iʼve ever had a panic attack. I do have high chance of having ADHD, but Iʼm not 100% certain. So, yeah

  46. When I'm through from one symptoms I will get another one and now I'm suffering from frequent going to pee and this is making me feel bad

  47. 😂 Cute doggie in background tunnels thier way into the covers and hides themselves while your trying to talk. Too funny!!😄 1:20 But I AM still listening , just a funny moment there! 😊

  48. I've never heard anyone talk about the rubberband around your head thing.. I actually never experienced it until recently, though I have suffered from anxiety since I was about 16 (I'm now 29) .. it has become so much worse and has manifested itself into completely different ways than ever before (due to changes in my living situation and being harassed by my neighbors on a daily basis) and the rubber band feeling has been freaking me out.
    Aside from high blood pressure, I was recently given a clean bill of health but I kept telling myself this isn't anxiety because I had never experienced these things, nor did my attack ever used to start off the way it does now. My chest and lungs also feel tight and constricted and my throat feels like it closes up too. I had never dealt with these things before, and I am so glad I came across this video.
    I have found that while going through an anxiety attack (which has been 6-7 days a week for the last 2 weeks) exercise or just walking around or talking outloud to myself, even driving and going to a store to get out of the situation, keeps me grounded. Dissociation is probably the scariest part of the attacks for me and keeping active helps with that, plus the horrific dizziness. I suffer from vertigo already and the anxiety makes it absolutely debilitating, especially if I'm sitting in one place, so it helps with that as well

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