🤢Sensitive Skincare Routine • How To Calm Down Irritated Skin

I’ve never, ever felt this raw and sensitised after using a mask. This is almost like a chemical peel burn, but it… So a few months back, I completely burned my skin by using a really, really harsh, strong acid mask. And it just left my skin super, super red – like a tomato! My skin was really sensitised, it was inflamed, and it wouldn’t really agree with any other skincare products that I would put on. But, this is the routine that was really effective in soothing down my skin, and bringing my skin back to a healthier state. And I highly recommend you guys to do this routine if you have hypersensitivity! I think a lot of times, we get too excited with new skincare products, so we tend to overdo things. So, this is the perfect routine for you! If you are new to my channel, hello, welcome, and my name is Liah Yoo, please hit that subscribe button and the bell button right down there, so you guys can get notifications for skincare tips! And yeah, let’s move on to the routine! Rule number one is to cleanse less, or skip cleansing if it is possible. Cleanser inevitably, it does have surfectants; detergents in it which does kind of compromise your skin barrier. What our strategy here is to protect your skin’s natural moisture barrier as much as we can! I would totally skip cleansing for about two days, and if I really, really, really have to cleanse my skin with a cleanser, I would reach for something that’s gentle, that I know that it’s not going to compromise my skin barrier, like my little baby right here from Krave Beauty (Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser). But even then I would just cleanse it as quickly as possible, like in less than fifteen seconds, so that I can minimise the contact that the cleanser stays on my skin. Now cleanser is the most aggressive skincare product out there, so it can be very irritating when you do have hypersensitivity. So water wash instead if you need to, and using the right water is really, really important. Please avoid the tap water during this period, because it can also aggravate, and trigger the sensitivity, and all the minerals, and all the other substances in the tap water, especially those of you guys who live in Europe, where there’s hard water. It is going to irritate your skin, like the water itself, so what I like to do is that I either wash with distilled, purified water, or either colloidal oat. This is super duper easy; you just need to soak some oats into purified, or drinkable water, whatever you like, that doesn’t irritate your skin. And let the oats sit and soak for about thirty minutes or so, and you can use that water part to wash your skin, you can use it with your hands to wash it off, however what I like to do is use a really, really gentle cotton pad and saturate the water part, then slowly, and very, very gently, swipe it all across the skin. The choice of a cotton pad is super duper important, so just make sure you’re not using anything harsh, abrasive or that has an exfoliating texture. Use a very smooth, very soft and gentle, preferably hypoallergenic, cotton pad. And the Etude House Round Cotton Pads are my favourite at the moment, it’s so soft, it feels like a baby butt, and I just really really like it. Colloidal oat wash is something that I highly, hundred percent recommend to any friends of mine, who are going through like rashes, or getting hives, or like just eczema and whatnot. This is something that really, really does help relieving that irritation and sensitivity. So after washing your skin with that oat water, what I like to do personally is just pat everything in, and just absorb every goodness, so that the colloidal oats can keep relieving my irritation, and keep my skin more sane. But if you prefer to wash it off, that is totally fine. You can use purified drinkable water to slightly, gently wash the residue off. Now, moving onto the actual skincare routine; just skip everything, stop everything, drop everything, and use a moisturizer! You just need one, basic moisturizer to do its job. The reason why you need to moisturise your skin is that your skin regenerates, rejuvenates, heals and recovers way better in a very moisturised environment. So your aim is to create that very moisturised environment for your skin to heal better. Now if you do have a moisturiser that works very well, without aggravating or sensitising your skin, even on the very hypersensitive days, that is great A lot of times, a lot of moisturisers; they have a very long list of ingredients, which means that your skin is exposed to a lot of more chance, higher chance, to get sensitised by like fifty different ingredients So, what I really really love and adore, in this period specifically, is Avene Skin Recovery Cream. The reason why I love it, and the reason why I recommend it, is because it is a super basic, boring, simple moisturizer, that does the job. First of all, this does come with very, very short and simple ingredients, that’s what makes it so, so boring, but so, so perfect for hypersensitive skin. You’re really lowering the risk for your skin to be sensitised to a possible potential allergens, inside a random moisturizer. I think they only put very well tolerated ingredients in this. Second of all, this doesn’t have any preservatives. Don’t get me wrong; I love my preservatives in my skincare products, I think they are much needed, and I don’t really buy into all of these ‘natural’ cosmetic brands claiming they are ‘preservative free’, and they have a packaging that is very exposed to the air, that keeps the micro-organisms growing, and that flourishes the bacteria. However preservatives can be a little bit irritating to sensitive skin types. That’s along with fragrance, that’s along with other sensitising ingredients like essential oil. But, the way that they make this product preservative free is that their entire facility dedicated to making this range is one hundred percent sterile, so they have a patent on this entire packaging to make it preservative free. Also it doesn’t have any bullshit ingredients, which I really like and appreciate. If you don’t want to use a moisturizer, but you want to just slightly moisturise your skin and nourish the skin with an oil, that is completely fine as well, just use a drop of two and add it in very very gently. The next tip is probably to skip sunscreen until your skin is healed. I know that just came out of my mouth, and this goes against my entire sunscreen every day preaching, whatever, but if you do have hypersensitive skin and your skin is just healing and recovering, just focus on that, I think that should be the priority. Sunscreen itself can be a little bit too much in this period for your skin, your skin can not really handle it; it might be too tingly, it might be too stinging on the skin, it might be quite irritating, depending on what sunscreen you’re using, so just cut it out of your routine for a while, get back on it, and use it every single day after your skin is healed. And this also comes with a premise that you are staying indoors, and also you are not staying in direct sunlight, because UV exposure itself can be very, very, very irritating to the skin, so keep your skin away from direct sunlight. And you can still do this by doing… this! Yeah. Physical blocking all the way. You can use a visor hat, sun umbrella, this is an umbrella but you can use an umbrella too, sunglasses, mask, anything like a light scarf. It’s the way to live in 2018! The next tip is to avoid wearing makeup at all costs, until your skin is completely healed. I don’t know what your priority is, but I think your skin should heal first. I don’t need to give a reason why you should skip makeup, since I think that it’s pretty straightforward! If you do have to wear makeup, go for mineral makeup over liquid foundation, because mineral makeup sits on top of the skin, instead of going into the skin. So, mineral makeup can be less irritating to you guys. Now, in the case that you wore makeup, don’t remove it with cleansing water, or any other form of makeup removers, because it can be irritating. As I told you, there is a lot of surfactants in there, so what you want to do instead is to remove it with just 100% plant oil; like jojoba seed oil, whatever oil that you have, even olive oil is fine if you can tolerate it. These are the oils that don’t have detergents, so it’s not going to strip away the skin. If you’re not 100% comfortable using an oil as a cleanser, just use a cleansing oil – that will do, but don’t follow it up with a second cleanser because you’re really over-cleansing your skin at this point. But the best way to avoid any kind of hassle of this is not to wear makeup. Do you know what’s also important guys? It is stress management and sleep management. Those little stress hormones called cortisol inside my body, those are the bad ones that you need to stay away from, at least for this period. So, stress can really do a lot of things to our skin; it can inflame your entire system inside, and then the inflammation can be shown inside-out, it can aggravate the redness, and it can weaken the skin barrier. And sleep management is very linked to stress hormones, and also rejuvenation of your body, and once your mind and body is more relaxed, your skin rejuvenates way better, without any kind of interference inside your body. I hope you guys found this video informative, and somewhat helpful; if it was, please give it a big ‘thumbs up’ by clicking that thumbs up button down below! I hope you guys try this routine, it really does save my skin, by a hundred percent. My skin gets better in probably a day or two, I wish you good luck if you are struggling with hypersensitivity! I’ll talk to you guys on my Instagram (@liahyoo) and I’ll see you guys next time! Bye!

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