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of all purchases only one is a
launching what’s going on? Hi! How about crazy kids? welcome to a
Haul video because I really haven’t never done, never and ever, but I don’t know
which video I told you about the idea and I you said pull ahead that
interested so nothing here I come to you show the perfumes that have come
with me so far in 2020 you advance that there are a few
advancement that seeing them together has been like a Wooop Anyway, finally I have divided them by
categories and now you will understand me because we start with the first in
spare parts category first because this is like when you
finish the juice and point it to the list of the purchase of hey I need it then
basically special perfumes perfumes of which I go for a second third
fourth I don’t know which pot anymore and which ones have been? well, on the one hand the “Acqua di
Gioia “by Giorgio Armani, this one gave my sister, you asked me
where did she get it and she got it for there one shop in Madrid but really
I was looking for it and I can’t find it the old one ok? I mean, the new bah, the new one is everywhere
parts so I don’t know I don’t know and regarding buying it online
I already told you it’s a … let’s see, as we say soft … it is very difficult
it is very difficult because many times the photo does not correspond to the image
So either you speak directly to the website of “hey, ok, which one do you have?” or else
I would not risk it I would try to continue looking for it by some store and how
are we looking for? by the Batch Code which is the most easy all of 2019 back
well the first months of 2019 seems to me they were still the ancients
but good with the Batch Code, all old, if it is from 2008 sorry 2018 towards
back goes ok from 2019 we already played it a little if it’s 2020 forget about it because
then it’s the new one, that’s it, basically so good of this one logically
I needed a replacement and I’m sorry because surely this is my last
vial my last 50 milliliters of “ACQUA DI GIOIA” you already know that for me it is a super super super special perfume where there are so once again I give
thanks to my sister who remembered me because oi oi oi oio oii
and well, what was the other one? another of who has talked about what is “Hypnotic poison”
from Dior the same an old edition, because yes because
new we already know what happens, it happens the same that with the “ACQUA DI GIOIA”, it is the same as 2018
backwards all ok the older to see … there is already what to play
That you also asked me in the in the video that tells you about the
search by batch code and such, let’s see logically the older the
perfume the more chances you have that the perfume is no longer in good condition
but perfumes hold up much longer time that we put the boxes.
well preserved, I have perfumes that they are 15 years old
and they are fine, they are perfect then well there … well that … if you tell me that
you are looking for one of the first the same there no longer, but from 2013 2010 such
and which … there there;) is that they smell good … is that it has nothing to do, so
it was worth it and after the spare parts let’s go to chicha apart from “Acqua di Gioia” also another gift because let’s see, it has joined me
kings on the one hand and my birthday then well well some got together
how many presents. Another one my sister gave me It was the “Burberry her” that mmm … What am I going to tell you about this one? that is, you have the complete review, I leave it here because it really is from
these perfumes that are worth it, is super versatile, goes for everything and smells like
you pull back also in this one … it’s going to be like a comment comment
because it is so, I asked you if it seemed “Baccarat” you already told me many that you
happened like me, who had a certain DNA so hey if you want a little bit of that
essence at half price or less well hey with this at least you do
also an idea of ​​what the famous one smells like “Baccarat Rouge 540” by Francis Kurkdjian although good, we must be clear the “Baccarat” is much more TOP still, it’s divine but hey to take away the tension, this and really it has a trail and a … come on … brutal the
another day I wore it and it was like my mother of my life and I, well, be careful not to
bathed in it, my mother of my life that is really from the best releases in
the last few years has got me super happy and good another gift was
the “vanilla remix” of the body sprays of Victoria’s Secret are these worth it
body sprays? well man the truth that they smell great, they perform quite well
also to be body sprays, with these about 2-3 hours I do take them out,
most body sprays on time they are gone, this one lasts and on the
I smell the truth that it is a vanilla pretty good and so for a use well
especially this one I use more to be at home or for very relaxing plans or things
well very day to day, such a message well what are you going to buy … well hey, for such a very calm thing the “Vanilla Remix” of Victoria’s Secret performs very well
and we continue with the failures … the failures … because not everything has been beautiful of course with
blind shopping also gets the leg and these are an example of it the
first I’m going to talk to you I don’t I have
it’s over there in another closet living happy and I already told you about it is the “BRONZE GODDESS” by Estée Lauder, the Eau de parfum, it was a blind purchase of these
to say … Noup … that is
Total Face Palm I also mentioned that to you in the video of the “Fragrantica made me buy it” that I did with Gaby Pedroza, if not have you seen please it’s not just
you see mine is to see hers because I laugh a lot with Gaby we have
a super similar taste or I think that if you were closer
we would make some very good exchanges because what she likes is me
usually likes me and vice versa so hey stop by his channel and give him a
cheers from me and well what was the another, the other blind purchase … well one that
I made a review of it, well of these I have made review of several
and it is the “VANILLA CAKE” I have continued testing it and such and that is what
I was telling you in the video Is that … let’s see, a Montale perfume that
it lasts so little and with such a wake slight … I don’t know … it didn’t just conquer me or
be no no … I think I made it a little brown with this perfume but … you had to try it
and hey if it had turned out as well as I got “SWEET VANILLA” because I would be
super happy but it was not the case but well not everything is like that because also
there have been blind purchases of these that they make you smile And what do you buy from
Blind people have made me smile? good Well, to start one of these that I
very excited was the Muse of Angel Angel’s Muse? to see the “Angel
Muse de Mugler “the Eau de toilette version I already had the Eau de Parfum version before but well, as I was saying also in the review I made of this
perfume the same as I leave it here to except I leave the description box
so I have everything I talk about I leave you down with hair and signs
so you know what perfume I mean but well yes it is true that I had
Eau de parfum and I like it okay? I mean it’s a perfume I like a lot about
everything It is a perfume of open air, really
that perfume to me is to go give a I walk a rainy day, in the park, whatever … ask me that. my skin of anyway i don’t know if i ever have
commented, my skin does not tame perfumes, opposite usually amplifies them then
when they are very beasts, with me many sometimes it’s like ohhh you have spent you have
past… that’s noises from my house, that’s my father whistling … Dad, you’re going to be on YouTube … we have a soundtrack … + that you are going out + you can hear it in the background Do you want to say hello to the camera? – Do not + Don’t you want to say hello to the camera? -I’m in love with this house (TV commercial) and after the interruption of a
spontaneous hallway and a helicopter and stuff is being
very difficult to record these days like this with so much noise so many people so much life that is
life is like it’s hidden but still alive still alive I don’t know why
where was the case with Àngel muse … Ah ok yes, about the uses such and such
ok this is much more wearable then if it happens to you like you have that
ease of amplifying notes you’re very well because they last a long time
perfumes compared so with my friends and such, I usually break more records … me.
Not all skins work the same There are skins that are that they really dominate them, they eat them, they catch a monster, they they put and it’s like “my gosh my life
but where did you put it girl? if it’s not there anymore ” I don’t know things that happen, well this it would be a much smoother version. yes you
that happens, you are looking for monsters, go for the the Eau de Parfum version without place
to doubts but if you want something a little bit more bearable, more for day to day or
than simply the EDP “The EDP …” Eau de Parfum was very hard for you very
stiff, very aaaahhgg “Very stiff?” what kind of definition is that for a perfume … I do not know, it is how much noise stuns me Well, go with him Eau de toilette, which is sure to
like a lot although in Spain in the Mugler’s official site not found
at the Mugler stand of the Corte de Castellana I asked and they told me that
the moment nothing had actually removed from Eau de Parfum, which in
airports and yes … I don’t know, the truth The boy didn’t even know how to say,
look they don’t understand each other neither they I know things like this … “AURA” had also been
removed from the last day I was in the Stand, I don’t know, they are doing a lot
changes with Mugler many many many since they bought it they are there like
remodeling is like Mugler in renovations, closed for renovations but well we continue with these blind purchases that went very well another of
these well loves of the last months has been Britney’s “NAUGHTY REMIX”
Spears, I mentioned it to you the other day in the tag and the truth that has the note of iris
very pretty but it’s a very gourmand iris, here we have the iris accompanied by the
note this cupcake’s note the white chocolate and in the end they make
be like a mature gourmand, does not become Gooey doesn’t become a gourmand with
a very clear cupcake aroma very pastry chef ok? is very balanced with the
iris note then ends up being from an elegant on a par with the point
this sweet, I don’t know I like it a lot I think which is one of Britney Spears is the
sexiest and most mature of all that I have smelled of his collection, in truth I have
had 80% of Britney’s collection Spears in the closet, I drop
so sexy jacket in the end I freeze … Well, that would be
much more mature but not quite mature by ages and things of these not a
perfume that you say oysters here have put time and they have been mixing it well
and they have left it, that is, they have bothered to do something nice and well
done and they haven’t thrown three ingredients in fashion they have moved it and that’s it, there
is where I’m going and well the last one discovery so blind has been the
“VANILLA BLOSSOM” by MONOTHEME this I have for nothing and less, uh … week and
half, 10 days … before it all started the week before it all started
this, that is to say I have really received them like this as if by hair it is a vanilla
beautiful floral that is if you like floral with a touch of vanilla
that it never becomes sweet doesn’t become gooey this doesn’t
is gourmand these are flowers with a background of
vanilla and woods super pretty super feminine I love it, I mean I’m using it a lot now to be at home because it is a super soft aroma
but it lasts a long time, is it an Eau de toilette? yes it is an Eau de Toilette, by the way the bottle is very cute, the bottle It is very old-fashioned, isn’t it? It is
plastic and that is not a big deal either but it’s cute. It is an Esu de toilette with a
very soft but long lasting trail good in clothes, in clothes about five hours
such a thing and well the other day I threw it like this well … No, I put it on, I left, I talk to you
from when I received it ok? before all quarantine and all these things that I
I have not left the house again, that is me when i go out again i will be more
white that the daughter of Dracula or is this being out of the sun and stuff is horrible
but well, what was going for you, what was I put out and when I got back at
hours there was no scent nor room
impressive … That I said jolín … An Eau de Toilette like this … nutty also worth less than ten euros so hey I don’t know where you see it but I see this very well but well we continue we have advanced to the cravings category for a long time and it is that a year ago
that I first tried this first and only perfume ok? a spray on
the doll well chin pum and that’s it and I put him in
wish list so far wish list no wish list “TINHARÉ” by LE COUVENT DES MINIMES hey … how glad I am to have you in the
collection but I have to say that the aroma I like it a lot but the wake and the
duration leaves me with a lot to be desired everything else good has been like a
buy semi blind because at once thus, one cannot judge a
perfume and much less buy it and talking about it … now I tell you …
but good the aroma the truth that I Like very much
it’s very cute, it’s very me, it’s a mixture of mandarin vanilla … rich rich and good
another one I had on the list for a lot of time and it has me crazy lost
I’m using it a lot these days to be at home because it gives me
peace, it gives me tranquility, it is a perfume ays … I have a rebellious shoulder …
MANCERA “WILD CANDY” the leopard type bottle and what do you think?
I don’t know if I like it or don’t like it I have I have my doubts but the aroma that it has
it’s super pretty it’s kind of fragrance that from the notes seems more
summery has lots of fruits it has chocolate it has vanilla but what
then when you put it on it really is like “I’d wear it all year”
in that sense is I would wear it all year round the projection…
the duration … worthy of a Mancera or this is monster, monster monster and
has a chocolate drying with vanilla that has me crazy lost
that’s why I’m using you so much Although I know there are people who will be
thinking “My goodness Marta, are you seriously using this to be home?” Well if I use what the body asks me not I stay in if it is … I also tell you that I use the “VANILLA BLOSSOM” come on is that it depends on the day but I don’t stay in “ay
As it is very expensive, I keep it for special occasions such … “not long ago I stopped doing that, I use what the body because with the amount of things
That I have here… Well, that has to be used there is
to use them, maybe there are times I use it three days in a row and then I
I leave abandoned for a week I don’t know things that happen but well I tell you
that this deserves a review is not how do you see it but I think this one deserves a review of its own because mommy this is how it is and well let’s go with him
last of all that’s why I was laughing of “It is not that at once you cannot
buy “ok then things like this happen I already showed it to you, I gave you a review … this
it was a love at first hurt gentlemen this was that I stopped by there I was
thus testing the new such, I was made with the exclusives and I turned around and saw
this one and I said “come on! because this one had not seen me such … “I tried it, I gave myself a
walk through the English Court, I took a walk and I went back “hey, I’m taking it” because well
large size 100ml (3.4 fl OZ) so full of power vanilla rose coconut all soft all
quiet, that is what I was saying is a very calm fragrance, not a monster
but to me the aroma … has me crazy so nothing after showing you all
you are ashamed because it’s my mother lifetime
go montonera in recent months I don’t even know what to tell you right now, I don’t even know what to say … Anyway, after teaching you my shame
the truth that these months have been many ok? I know They have been collecting many things, okay? he has
been there like a pum pum pum pum pum I know, there are months … there are very crazy months and
there are very relaxed months for example March is going to be a very quiet month, with this quarantine going to be the month of savings because I’m not going to buy anything
because for what? Not at all… so tell me nothing now you
what have those last purchases been they have come to you like this to the potatoe (heart)
recommend me because when it’s all over this i plan to hike perfumil
like this for everything big because really what a ganitas, what a ganitas to leave but
well see you very soon already you know that if you are subscribed to the channel you
notification arrives that during all these weeks we will continue to have
extra content so nothing idiots idiots take care a lot a lot a lot and
instead of a hug, a shock like that of these so they are carried now and we
see super soon take care huh! Until another! 🙂 CIAO 🙂

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