[opening theme playing] [car engine revving] [car engine revving] [narrator] Why! Hello there!
We haven’t seen you in a while.
-[maniacal laughter]
-You must be going to visit your friends!
-[maniacal laughter]
-[narrator] Oh, I see.So you want to take over the world again?And just how do you plan to do that?[maniacal laughter] -[narrator] I’m afraid I don’t understand.
-[Angry Alien grunts angrily]
[narrator] Ah!Through the use of a complex device,
you’ve managed to create
a remote control that,
when you activate it,
exchanges everyone’s mindsso you can ruin their fun
and so dominate the world!
-[Angry Alien’s maniacal laughter]
-[narrator] Well…That doesn’t sound very nice.[louder maniacal laughter] [Angry Alien] Hiya! [maniacal laughter] [maniacal laughter] -[speaking gibberish]
-Hello! [screaming gibberish] [laughs] [narrator] Oh, my! That thing works!-[laughs maniacally]
-[narrator] You’re really the Angry Alien?Oh, dear![continues laughing maniacally] [warm laughter] [laughs maniacally] [narrator]
Well, that’s a lovely painting, Pato!
[maniacal laughter] -[maniacal laughter]
-[Pato quacks] [squeals happily] [narrator] Yes, thank you.You’ve made Pato’s painting
a thousand times better!
[pouty grunting] [giggles] [flirty] Ah! [narrator] Uh-oh, Pocoyo,
Caterpillar thinks you’re the Alien.
And it seems she fancies you.I’m sorry Miss Caterpillar,
but that’s not who you think it is.
[Caterpillar] Oh? -[narrator] No, I am not joking!
-[Caterpillar laughs]
[narrator] That’s not the Alien.
It’s Pocoyo!
[Caterpillar sighs] [narrator, thoughtfully] Hmm…
It seems Elly’s lost in a good book.
[suspense music] [maniacal laughter] [crash] [narrator] Well done!Elly’s never gone so high!That’s another nice thing
you’ve done today.
[Elly trumpets] [Caterpillar, happily] Ah! Ah! [laughs] [narrator] Oh, I understand,
you want to switch your body back?
Quack! [quacking and trumpeting] [quacking and trumpeting] [screams angrily] [narrator] You want to fix this situation?Phew! I hoped you would.-Yay!
-[Elly trumpets and Pato quacks] [grunts angrily] [narrator] So… if you think about it,
I’d say you really did conquer the world.
You made everything better![smooch] [narrator] Well?-[giggles happily]
-[narrator] Wonderful!This calls for a celebration.[disco music] [robotic voice] ♪ Crazy invention

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