Headache Migraine Pain Relief Final Tips? Hi, this is hanmam tv. For this time, a lot of people are suffering from this, HEADACHE & MIGRAINE, I’ll show you tips to get rid of the pain on your head. Headache/Migraine can result from poor blood
and ki(氣 vital energy) circulation, mental stress, brain tumors, viral infections, head injury, etc. I’ll let you know ways of massage and acupressure, breathing technique, workout, a usage of a device
for ease your headache/Migraine! I drew the front and the back of our upper body,
especially the facial part. The red points are acupuncture points on our head
which are related to treating headache. On top of head, Baihui (百會 One Hundred Meetings), on the meeting point between ear line and hair line, Touwei (頭維, Head’s Binding), the collar bone, more importantly, the blue line above it, SCM (sternocleidomastoid muscle) is one
of the key muscle to resolve headache. The SCM connects the three different parts :
the sternum, the clavicle, and mastoid process below your ear. See the back of our head. The base border line between head and neck, from the center Fengfu (風府, Wind Palace) to one side, Tianzhu (天柱, Celestial Pillar), Fengchi (風池, Wind Pool), Wangu (完骨, Mastoid Process), Yifeng (翳風, Wind Screen) are located in sequence. They are symmetrically on both sides. On shoulders, Jianzhen (肩井, Shoulder Well), and not in this picture, but an important for headache, on the back of our hand, between the bones of thumb and index finger, He Gu (合谷, joining valley) is located. The points in the picture will help you more understand massage and acupressure techniques later in the video. HEADACHE & MIGRAINE
massage and acupressure, exercise,
a usage of a device, belly breathing You need some time to cure your headache caused by
tumors, infection, and injury, but if your pain on head results from mental stress, poor qi and blood circulation, massage and acupressure techniques, exercises, and breathing technique will relieve your pain a lot. 1. Hair Sweeping Sweep your hair from front to back with your fingertips (especially with parts of fingerprint ), 10 times From front to back, like combing your hair. Sweep your hair from front to back with your fingertips (especially with parts of fingerprint ), 10 times 2. Head Tapping Tap the whole head with your fingertips (parts of fingerprint and also nail), 30 times On our head, all the meridians come and go. 14 meridians like 12 standard meridians, conception and
governing vessels are on our head, with a lot of acupuncture points. Without complicated differences
between massage and acupressure, just following my tips, you can easily treat your pain. When tapping head with clear sound, like mine, it means you are healthy. Whereas a spongy, soft scalp could mean unhealthy. If your scalp is soft, tap it much more, and your headache will be relieved better. 3. Baihui (百會 One Hundred Meetings) massage Massage on the point with both of your middle finger
(fingerprint) crossed each other, 10 times 4. Temporal muscle massage On the meeting spot between the vertical line above ear
and the horizontal line of your hair, Touwei (頭維, Head’s Binding) point is located. And, on this part there is a acupuncture point, and the part is called temporal muscle, on which lots of arteries pass through. Massage softly on temporal muscles in each side with your fingers open, 10 times 5. SCM Massage From mastoid process behind your ear all the way
through the clavicle to the sternum, the SCM connects them. You need to relax the muscle. Massage up and down on SCM like plucking,
10 times for each side 6. Scalene muscle massage With your middle/index finger, press firmly the deep spot
just above the clavicle bone and massage while rubbing,
10 times for each side 7. The base line of back head acupressure The acupressure points are also said to prevent stroke. Lean your head back,
support your forehead with one hand, and press the points with the other hand. Lean your head back and support your forehead with
one hand. Move the other hand from the center of your
back head to one side, pressing the acupressure points
up 45 degrees. You don’t have to memorize the name of points,
just slowly press moving to next points. There are deep spots right below the bone,
about 45 degrees upward. Press them to the extent to which you feel pain a bit. Head backward a little and support forehead with one
hand. Move the other hand from the center to one side,
pressing the acupressure points up 45 degrees. The other side is the same as before. 8. Jianzhen (肩井, Shoulder Well) point acupressure Bend your fingers and put them on your shoulder. Not with your fingers but with the weight of arm, with middle finger in the center, put fingers on shoulder. Not with your fingers but with the weight of arm,
like pushing your elbow downward. Fingers are just for holding, so press
the shoulder with the entire arm. Bend your fingers, put them on the shoulder,
and press the acupressure point with the entire arm. Rotate your shoulders slowly, 10 times Raising your elbows and keeping them to parallel, you can squeeze various muscles from the trapezius,
the rhomboids to those at the lower back. Trapezius muscles, rhomboid and lower back muscles, At the last motion, press elbows tightly on lower back. The slower, the better. And, one of the important causes in headache
is bad digestion. 10. He Gu (合谷, joining valley) acupressure On the back of one hand, cover it with the other hand like wrapping. So, it’s in between thumb and index finger, but more toward the index finger. Wrap the back of one hand, press, and roll the point. More to the index finger, rather than to the thumb. Pressing the point can help improve your digestion, and relieve pain on your face including headache. 11. A usage of a wooden pillow (gyeongchim) A wooden pillow (gyeongchim) is a good for neck pain
caused by forward head posture and straight neck,
as well as for headache. How to choose a suitable gyeongchim for you? Choose a wooden pillow that is the same size
as your fourth finger or a bit smaller. If your finger is 6.2cm, then choose a 6cm gyeongchim. If your finger is 5.7cm, then choose a 5.5cm one. Why do I recommend using the wooden pillow? Using gyeongchim enables your neck to keep
C-shaped curve with the weight of head, and to resolve your headache with massaging
the acupressure points at the base of your back head. So gyeongchim is a very good for headache. Lay your neck (C4) on it for making a C-shaped curve. Tuck your chin in to stretch the base line of back head
and try to touch the back head as much as possible. Turn your head from side to side. With stretching your back neck,
massage the acupressure points at the base line. To get the most stimulating effect,
do it more than 30 times. 12. Belly Breathing One of the causes of headache is mental stress.
To resolve stress, breathing could help. The key is, when you breathe,
breathe out two times more than breathing in. It will help lower your anger and calm down your mind. Breathing in, push your belly forward.
Breathing out, let it return to the initial position. Breathe in through the nose, and out through the mouth,
two times more than breathing in. With my hand, I’ll show you the flow of breathing. Breathe in through the nose, and out through the mouth,
two times more than breathing in. Through your nose, breathe in briefly, one two. Through your mouth, breathe out longer,
one two three four five. Belly breathing to get rid of headache and anger
caused by mental stress! HEADACHE.MIGRAINE tips so far, like
massage, acupressure, workout, a pillow, and breathing. Doing all the tips at a time would be good, but
doing a few things that suit you would be also fine. Press the ‘like’ button and subscribe to hanmom tv!
Keep healthy~;-)

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