Got to do something with these guys! Whoa!! Cool! I’m being chased by some Bad Asses! If I go this way I could like destroy like much more stuff, right!? You know, I’m forced to like super game playing lots of stuff recently! I hate doing so much stuff! I’m sick of this bullshit! Huh!? What? Angry Man!? Heh!? I can goon a rampage!?? I can become a smasher!!???? I can be Smasher Nobuhime!!??? Oh yeah, I’m in!! I’m completely in the dark about everything else! It’s alright as long as I destroy stuff, right!? You know, right now I’m like in a bad mood! So I could’ve smash the X$#$$5 out of Earth! You got off this time, EARTH!
I was about to chop it in half! Just a bit further and I would’ve chop.. Just joking!
START Crap! Go on a 20 secs all out rampage! Yeaaaaah! Damage Compensation! Got to back pay it back!? My eyes are shooting out beams! Oh my gosh! I wanna break more stuff! I’m gonna destroy lots more! This is nothing! It went off the spike!
I wonder what did I break!? I broke something big!
Stop… Don’t stop! I want more! Damage going up! I can do better then this! I can aim the future! I wanna go there! Got to get them under control! Damn! I’m beeing chased by some madmen! If I go this way I could like destroy lots more stuff! Yeah! I did it! Yoohoo! Damn! I can’t stop myself! No one can stop me! You wimpy bunny! Damn rabbit! Alright! All is good! This muscles.. Who the heck are the machos!?? Oh, damn! My I couldn’t beat my Highscore! You know, these machos.. are like useless! This gorilla..!??
Wait what?? Don’t they love Gorillas too much!? BTW I’m the same! Why is it Game OVER!?? Huh!? Is there like Game Over thing in this game!?? This is so crazy!
The blue beams are like those of New Gozilla! This is so freaking cool! What’s this!? There’s no way to beat this guy! Oh, I won! These guys wearing silver suits.. are like crazy!
They’re like super characters. Hell yeah!!
I hit the best high score so far! So close… Make space!! Common! Don’t cross my path!
It’s distracting! This is so like in the way! Damn! MACHOS!! Don’t get in my way mom!
This is the good stuff! Get off my back mom! I’m doing my best to make more damage! I’m getting an unfair compensation request, you know! It’s an unfair compensation request. To be honest, I have no memory of what happen earlier. I was like surrounded by lots of machos biting the ground, before I could notice it! You know, it’s like when I get out of my mind memories just get lost on the way! Anyways.. if you don’t wanna face the same fate.. Join the Oda Army, right now!! Got it!? Yey! I had so much fun, this time! Go no memory of it, though! Okay then. See you on next times video! Bye Bye!! Watch the next one! Subscribe here!

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