✅Top 10 Worst States for Stress. (Most Stressed States).

What is going on everyone? Do you have
stress you probably do 90% of us have stress and about 60% of us have
unhealthy levels of stress the good news is these days they have therapy pills
weed yoga massage exercise and meditation to help us deal with stress
in my grandfather’s day you had to suck it up and have a drink that was your
therapy a little stress is good and a lot of stress is bad some people
actually believe that zero stress is the worst it makes you lazy makes you
accomplish nothing and then later on you have even more stress because you’re 40
and you’re living in your parents basement
kinda like Winnie the Pooh that honey eatin weirdo has zero stress and hung
around with a little ball of stress called piglet never understood that
anyway I guess opposites attract there has been study after study on
stress what causes it how to deal with it and even what locations have the most
stressed-out people and that’s what today’s list is all about states with
the most stressed-out residents so if you’re looking for a new state to live
in and stress is a major factor in your life you should watch my top 10 most
stressed-out states number 10 Arizona among Arizona residents the major stress
they seem to have is family related stress but they stress the least about
their work it seems that Arizona does have some major issues with families
since the position for family and marriage therapist is supposed to grow
by 23 percent over the next several years they also have seen an increase in
divorce lawyers moving into the area you know I’d be stressed too if I lived
in the Grand Canyon state extreme heat makes me stressed I’m sure somewhere in
stress research they’ve looked at heat factors heat makes people angry which
leads to more stress fact number 9 Oklahoma Oklahoma’s among the top states
with the most uninsured residents about 14% of adults and 8% of children have no
health coverage they’re also one of the top States for work-related injuries per
capita obviously this may be why they’re top stressor is about health and safety
when you have health concerns it’s bad then you add not being able to pay for
the treatment on top of that it’s just getting really bad you’ll probably be
adding sleep issues to your laundry list of how the universe screwed you real
soon next thing you know you’re standing in
open prairie with a quart of Jack Daniels clutched in your white-knuckled
fist screaming at the rain because now you have hemorrhoids to go along with
your kid nice tones and you have no way of paying
for it number eight Alaska Alaska has the worst unemployment rate in the
country at 6.2 percent the national average currently is 3.7 and that’s the
current rate please look at the upload date before you comment two years after
the fact and tell me that the numbers are wrong no the numbers have changed
since the upload that’s how it works being unemployed is very stressful and I
tell you that in case you’re 15 or 16 and you don’t really know how all that
stuff works it is because if you don’t have a job you could lose your car your
house not eat things like that not all of us have a parents home to go back to
Alaska is also the worst state when it comes to work-related stress they have
some extremely dangerous jobs in Alaska so it’s no wonder they have work-related
stress and then there’s also the stress of worry about being trampled by a moose
while you’re working or fallen overboard and freezing to death before anyone can
pull you out of the water yeah that moose stuff is real people worry about
getting attacked by a bear in Alaska and that’s stressful enough but if you talk
to the locals they’ll tell you it’s the frickin Moose you got to worry about
they outnumber bear three-to-one the number of moose attacks spike in
September and October during the mating season and in their early spring when
the mothers are protecting their young calves
however most often don’t confront people unless they’re provoked for that reason
it’s really important not to throw things at him or make bad Bullwinkle
jokes things like that don’t provoke the moose and keep your dogs away from they
hate dogs dogs run up and bark at them I hate dogs when they run up but bark at
me then you have to worry about hitting one those things run onto the road every
single day and get hit and I promise you that airbag it hurts when it smacks you
in the face and yeah moose all over the front of your car number seven Nevada
Nevada is the state with the most divorces nearly 14 percent of all
marriages in nevada and in divorce this is higher than the US average of nine
percent oddly enough Nevada is the number one state to stress the most
about family related issues theoretically the stress should be over
once you get a divorce nah that’s when the real stress starts for a lot of
people you got to pay the lawyer child support alimony bail money because one
of you is guaranteed to call the cops on the other at least once during the whole
procedure and then on top of it you got to pay for your trip to go to the
casinos and she thinks she’s in a romance novel decides to take off to the
Greek Isles to find her self and that never works out then she
comes back home to Orange County and starts thrown in a little accent
whenever she talks about her week in Greece
she tells her friends things like I discovered who I was in that Greek
island her friends want a grabber and scream I discovered who you were in high
school your Karen a BC student in high school who rarely came home from high
school parties with her undergarments you spent six years of the Community
College and you claimed to have a gluten allergy but you eat gluten all the time
and you drink far too much wine by noon every single day number six Alabama Alabama has been
known for its restrictions on women’s health care since before we were a
country just this year they passed a bunch of new restrictions way to go
Alabama this is a very likely reason the women of the state are stressed about
health and safety Alabama comes in first place for residents having stroke stress
is one of the leading causes of stroke when you’re under constant stress you
have high levels of cortisol and other stress hormones this causes a retention
of salt which leads to high blood pressure you know all the things you
need for a good old fashioned stroke basically people in Alabama are stressed
and they don’t need to be number five West Virginia this is a state that’s
been through hell over the last decade or so it’s been reported that typically
West Virginians tend to stress about money health and safety issues the most
this isn’t too much of a surprise if you know what’s been going on in the state
the coal mining industry has been dying for years which was a major employer
throughout West Virginia this has led to a lot of unemployed people in the
mountain State as we discussed before unemployment is stressful and if that
wasn’t already stressful enough West Virginia became ground zero for the
opioid crisis it was bad and led to even more stress on this state then you have
the Charleston West Virginia Airport Yeager Airport is one of the scariest
landings you could make in the u.s. I landed there and felt like I needed to
do some heavy drinking just to calm down so I can get my rent-a-car it was that
bad one shining light in the darkness that has been West Virginia in the last
decade or so is WTS cute the greatest radio station on planet earth and home
to my friend Josh Gavin and my future ex-girlfriend Maya Ross I’ll leave a
link for the radio station below number four Kentucky Kentucky is the fourth
most stressed out state in the country they ranked 13th for work-related stress
and that’s the good news Kentucky is another state that has a lot
of workplace injuries and it’s still only 13th Kentucky residents stress out
more about their families their health and their safety and I can tell their
stress by the comments I got in the last Kentucky video I did these people have a
problem with numbers they don’t like them because they normally are
associated with stats and the stats for this state suck I’m sure another stress
they have is how far away they are from the nearest payday loan place number
three Arkansas Arkansas is another
stressed-out state there’s about three million residents who fear for their
health and safety every day between money family safety and work-related
stress safety is what stressed these residents out the most some of the
cities in this state are horrible I did a whole video on Pine Bluff Arkansas
this is a small city of 50,000 residents that’s considered to be one of the most
dangerous places to visit or live in the country the place got to be swimming in
stress the good news is at least up in the northwest section of the state
they’ve got some jobs and people are lived a little bit better but the
majority of this state is just stress to the gills because of poverty crime and
everything else number two Mississippi Mississippi is
the second most stressed-out state in the country however mosquitoes had a
category as a valid stressor then it would probably be bumped up to the most
stressed state Mississippi is the poorest state in the u.s. which is why
the biggest stressor is money related money always seems to be a big stress
factor in anyone’s life Magnolia State has had a serious poverty issue since
the Great Depression in a lot of ways they’re still living like they’re in the
great depression about 21 percent of the state lives in poverty about 75% of
those residents they live in what is considered extreme poverty if you watch
this channel or Nick Johnson’s channel on the regular you already know that
Mississippi is thick with poverty we’ve done at least a couple videos each on
the Magnolia States money problems they have crime which is always another big
stressor but other than in Jackson the state capital it’s not terrible in the
rest of the state if it was I’m sure they’d be number one and number one
Louisiana Louisiana has about 4.7 million residents who are incredibly
stressed out the leading stressors are work-related stress and safety related
stress and it’s pretty clear why when you look at the unemployment rate and
the crime rate some of the cities Baton Rouge Shreveport and parts of New
Orleans need to be torn down and started over or something I don’t know about 4.3
percent of the population is unemployed making Louisiana the ninth most
unemployed state there is no yoga pose that will fix this kind of stress not
even a double downward dog with a zoloft chaser it’s not gonna happen
people need employment and people need to feel safe or they’re always going to
be stressed and that leads to bigger problems then you have things like the
weather the weather in New Orleans and the rest Louisiana is horrible and
there’s always the fear of hurricane they’ve had some pretty serious
hurricanes in the past actually one of the most devastating we’ve ever seen and
they have to worry about that type of stuff all the time and that’s why
Louisiana is the most stressed-out state in the Union but it is the best state
for gumbo so they got that going form alright so that is my top 10 most
stressed states I hope you guys got some information out of it hope you enjoyed
the video don’t forget all the links below give this video a big thumbs up
hit that subscribe button everybody have a great day be nice to
each other

100 thoughts on “✅Top 10 Worst States for Stress. (Most Stressed States).

  1. Right on😆! Absolutely correct about Arizona. Folks brains are literally fried🍗🍳!! Lived in Phoenix for 8 yrs. Arkansas is a beautiful state but crazies roam.
    Lived in N.W. AR 6 yrs and graduated from UA. Both states are STRESSED 🤯😭🥵😱! Wait a sec. Am I attracted to stressed out states???? Am I supposed to know??? Is it me??!!🤪😴🤔 Thanks so much for another thoughtful video😃❣️

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  5. I live in NV n yes
    It is stressful here because car insurance is so expensive
    Also food is expensive
    And we have scorpions

  6. My fiancee used to live in Yuma, AZ & he definitely stressed over work because of lack of job opportunities.

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    I raised 6 kids. They are all grown now. Nobody went to prison, nobody had a surprise baby. All of them went to college and 5 graduated.
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  8. “Screaming at the rain” 😂 Interesting list. Seriously thought I had #1 & #2. Thought it was California & New York, but nope! I got them all wrong again. Keep up the good work!❤️

  9. Another big cause of stress for us Arizonans is roadwork/construction EVERYWHERE. Seriously almost every main road I have to take I find myself in a backup because of construction

  10. Small town is Montpelier, Idaho…like 2800 residents, 2 traffic lights, two gas stations, 1 grocery store (small), no Wal-Mart, No fast food….lol. And you can only get a job, if you are related to someone owning that business…lol.
    I only mention this, as small to most is 50,000 people…lol. That is a town……Montpelier is a village…lol. Everyone is related to everyone, in Montpelier.

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  13. I can't believe Arizona is one of the least in job stress. The unemployment rate is bad and the companies here are fire crazy because of the pro-business laws. Example maximum unemployment payout is $242.00 per week. Second worst in the country on unemployment payout. Making businesses not worrying about letting you go. I think it's the most work worrisome state to work in.

  14. Obviously you don't know much. You should seriously pull your account because you just blabber.
    I lived in California and know people who live in Illinois and New York. All three states are taxed extremely. They have little bang for their buck, yet you did not mention them.
    To me, I think you have biased videos. Research more and perhaps, you'll be more believable.

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  16. How the hell is California not on this list CA has the highest cost of livimg everything is so expensive you almost pay 2,000 worth of rent for a freaking broom closet and lets not talk about the never ending traffic. I much rather live on any of the states mentioned on this list and probalbly live happier and with lest stress.

  17. I saw a study that ranked Minnesota dead last in stress. As a resident, I'd vouch for the accuracy of that. You might think our winter weather would be a great source of stress, but no. That's something between us and god, and our winters help keep the riffraff out.


  19. Alternate List Title: 8 States Without Recreational Cannabis, A Tourist Hell, and A Place Where You’re Likely to Die by Moose Attack

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    Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma are included. Remember certain Texas areas are related to their neighboring state.

  22. Again its the usual suspects. Low taxes, poor healthcare, lots of guns, lousy school system and yes they will continue to vote red, yes who needs a good quality of life when you can have open carry and right to work, which is code for low wages.

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  32. Lived for over 21 years in Wyoming and moved to Mississippi due to a work transfer. Talking about stressed. Been in MS for over 10 years and things are not and will not be any better.

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  38. I agree with Ky I have live near the border of Ohio and Ky on the Ky side it is stressful trying to switch to another insurance from one state to another even it is the same company. plus the poverty keep in back in time in some places The laws are stupid too

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  40. IDK I now live in Louisiana and I have lived in MS TX CA AZ Ca was the most stressful place because of high rent , traffic , that gd helicopter flying around in circles having to drive 10 miles to get to a grocery store because the morons burned down their shit and more. Today they have power outages wildfire smoke and earthquakes that popup and make lots of work.

    I live in 70380 a Town with population of 10K we are over an hour from any over 100K population cities. That is why we have such low crime. 70380 is easy living. Low taxes no traffic and laid back. My monthly home cost are ~$80 a month average for taxes utilities , that's it for water sewer power trash and garbage you can't beat that.I bought the house 3/2018 for $12K. Not paradise but I'm not going to complain it's peaceful.

  41. Interesting to find Arizona on the list. I lived there from ages 9-23 and enjoyed it as a kid and young adult. I wouldn't have guessed it was stressed; however, I do enjoy the hot weather. Im typing this as I sit in Minneapolis. It is not hot here.

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